Orange county youth track meet

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orange county youth track meet

The city held its annual youth track-and-field meet Friday at Laguna able to compete in the Orange County Track Meet, planned for early May. This page is to provide Track and Field participants with basic information on the SCMAF Track and Events for SCMAF Track and Field include: 50 Meter Dash, Meter Dash, Meter Dash, Downey, CA Orange County. Nov 15, Description This activity is closed to further registration. Pre-Season Track and Field Fall training with Orange County Heat Track club. It is time.

He will be an assistant to Jamal, coaching the youth sprinters. Byron authored the book Re: Purposed The art of turning setbacks into success through letting your obstacles lead the wayand created the 8 part peak performance audio program Unleash The Unstoppable YOU!

He enjoys speaking at conferences and helps audiences reverse limiting beliefs on the spot and teaches them to use the simple power of personal narratives to quickly establish new habits and activate their God gifted potential, on call.

orange county youth track meet

He grew up in Sacramento and received athletic scholarships in Baseball and football. Coach Burns has 2 boys in the Storm program and has enjoyed watching them run for the past 4 years. In his spare time he likes to grill and spend time with his amazing family. He is the middle man coaching with the to meter athletes.

orange county youth track meet

Coach T is known for his energy and enthusiasm and he is loved for it, that he has returned this year to help the Youth group. He will be specializing in cool down.

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A former New Yorker and athlete in swimming, diving, football and basketball, Coach Marvin starting running track as a high school sophomore only to increase his speed for football. In his spare time, Marvin runs a national and international outreach program and lectures throughout the country and globally relative to his outreach efforts. Coach Marvin enjoys time with his wife, son and his two daughters, both of which are returning for their second year on Storm. He works as regional sales director for IBM and is excited for another incredible track season.

He was the Indiana state runner-up in the m dash as a high school senior. Following his strong desire to work in the entertainment industry, Will transferred to California State University at Northridge where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Television Arts.

Will recently started his own digital marketing firm where he helps his clients grow their online and social media presence. He is also an ecommerce entrepreneur with a few online businesses including Upstart Tees, where they specialize in sports, family and lifestyle-themed t-shirts. Will enjoys spending his downtime with his wife and two daughters, and pursuing his creative endeavors.

6th Orange County Youth & Open Cross Country Meet - Complete Results (Raw)

She is very excited to be coaching with Storm this year. He has completed his USATF level 1 coaching credential and has been preparing all year long to lead this years midgets.

Russell attended and graduated from the University of California, Riverside at 20 years old where he earned a BA in Sociology. Danielle grew up in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, where she studied aerospace engineering and also performed in the Michigan Marching Band for four years.

Danielle enjoys running with kids and is an avid runner herself, having completed fourteen marathons and many other races since taking up distance running while in college.

She works as an aerospace engineer, and when she is not working or coaching she enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, running, swimming, and playing the piano. She loves to volunteer for what ever sport they are in.

And is ready to tackle a new season for Storm Track Club.

On track for success

I was raised in Pasadena California where I ran track, and played football and baseball to the Junior College level. I also played some semi-pro baseball and A level softball.

orange county youth track meet

My coaching experience has been coaching youth basketball, baseball, and some adult softball teams. My mentor on coaching is John wooden whom I have met twice and have read several of his books.

CYS Orange County Middle School Track Meet 4x400 Relay

I use his Pyramid of Success and his focus on team, team spirit, team unity. So my contribution is to encourage the kids to encourage their teammates, Cheer for them, the more advanced help the beginners leadershipsucceed together.

Professionally I am an Information Technology Engineer. My interests are music I write music and play saxophone, piano, harmonica boating, fishing, martial arts. She coached with the Bantam last year. She has 2 athletes in the program and brings patients and expertise to our team. David Grande — Bantam Co-Head Coach David is a second year coach, and is excited to step into the co-head coaching position.

orange county youth track meet

The individual who makes the attempt is as much a part of the group as he or she who attains the highest level of achievement. The season will begin The Heat's 14th year of operation. Copies are available upon request only.

orange county youth track meet

During the spring we also compete in the following field events: During the months of September through February, several of our athletes also participate in road and cross country 2K, 3K, 4K and 5K races. During the summer, with the same disclaimer relative to availability and restrictions, our athletes compete in all the events listed above, with the exception of the softball throw and the m run.

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They also compete in sprint relays, 4xm relays and the m dash, Our athletes also have the opportunity to contest the 80m, m, m, m and m Hurdles; the m Race Walk and m Race Walk; Additional field events in which our athletes compete include the Pole Vault, Triple Jump, Discus Throw, and Javelin Throw.

For those who want an event more intense and rigorous track and field experience, our athletes also contest the following Multi-events: Triathlon, Pentathlon, Heptathlon or Decathlon. We have not yet had an athlete to take on the challenge of the m, Hammer throw, or Steeplechase; however we have only completed our eleventh year of existence and the season is right around the corner!

Coach Tony served as a coach for the team from its inception in until Although he does not actively coach the team, he continues to provide his service to the Club and to the youth of the Club in a variety of ways.

Although Coach Maury no longer actively coaches the team, he continues to provide this service to the youth of the club in other supportive roles. Coach Maury has many years of coaching to his credit. He has coached athletes in the following sports: For technical Issues with this site, contact Webmaster.