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Wiccan Meetups in Seattle - Meetup

pagan wicca meet up

The Wiccan Family Temple creates a space where witches can learn, share and gather We enjoy to learn which is why we formed the WFT Academy of Pagan Studies Charmed By Starr Witches of New York Meetup Group - Wicca Studies . Find Meetups about Pagans & Witches and meet people in your local community who share your 2, Witches Wiccans & Pagans | London, United Kingdom. We offer an open community intended to foster public ritual, support, education and social events for all those who identify as Pagans, Wiccans, Witches.

We honor all genders and all families, recognizing the inherent Divine within us all. Originating in Southern California inwe are happy to now also be part of the Kansas City Pagan community. Find us on FaceBook at www. We celebrate the living Gods and ancestors through direct spirit communication and immediate divine experience, endurance rites, dramatic representation, ecstatic dance, prophetic utterance and all forms of art.

We focus on educational outreach and reject misogyny, racism, homophobia, Lokianism and all non-Lore beliefs. We are members of the Lushede Grove. Heart of the Bear Grove is an American Eclectic Pagan organization of pagans based in Kansas City that focuses on celebrating community, diversity and inclusion of all peoples regardless of gender.

pagan wicca meet up

We welcome many different beliefs and practices, embracing a wide variety of pagan paths as an cornerstone of community and family.

Public classes are offered on a regular basis as well as open circles and get-togethers.

pagan wicca meet up

We welcome our members to bring their children and their non-Wiccan family members to share in our open celebrations. We love to chant, sing and dance. We believe in healthy living, taking care of the Earth, our communities and the environment.

The Wiccan Family Temple strongly believes in becoming politically involved and aware. History of the founding Witches of the Wiccan Family Temple: Has been a practicing Eclectic Solitary Wiccan Witch since Student of the Cabot Tradition at Enchantments Inc.

pagan wicca meet up

Starr has been organizing and serving the New York City Pagan Community for over 17 years providing lectures, classes, workshops and festivals related to the Pagan Community. Luna Rojas HPs Elder: Local Contact for the Isle of Man Postcodes: IM - David E-mail: Local Contact for Fylde Postcodes: FY - Kiel E-mail: Various courses running, wise advice on groups, events etc.

Regular courses taught by Rufus Harrington. The Hermetics system teaches spiritual techniques of meditation taught in western schools of magic for the last years, combined with methods derived from modern psychological science. Hermetics teaches you how to understand the inner world of your thoughts and emotions, and how to harness the power of your magical will to achieve your life goals, along with methods of healing.

TAWN – Tucson Area Wiccan/Pagan Network

You will be guided upon a journey of spiritual awakening, learn magical and psychological techniques, and be taught to build an inner temple within which to commune with the sacred and to awaken the divine potential of your soul.

You can also study Hermetics and qualify to teach the Hermetic system.

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Psychic Development Annual courses Blackpool, Lancashire, taught by Maggie Hindmarsh Maggie is a Wiccan High priestess who also used to be a practising medium who trained at Stansted hall, she scrys in the Temple of Flame, the Enochian lodge within the Temple of the Phoenix.

She will teach the arts of scrying and divination, as well as how to develop one's psychic abilities for magical work, and to complement our mundane life. A one day workshop, date to be confirmed, probably a Sunday.

Wiccan Meetups in New York - Meetup

This Eastern system has much in common with magic and is becoming very popular in the west today. Here Maggie Hindmarsh, a long term Reiki Master, teaches you about Reiki, and how to channel its life enhancing energies for yourself and others, and how it can be integrated into Pagan practice.

pagan wicca meet up

This workshop initiates you into the Reiki system, and can be followed with further training towards becoming a Reiki master.

Please call for any additional information Pam or call into the shop Camps Wolfstone Camp Blackpool 15 - 17 July Wolfstone Camp has been run for several years by Maggie Silvermoon and is a great place to gather and get together with other pagans in the region. There will be workshops, group rituals and time spent in a beautiful place as pagans. If you'd like to book a spot for your tent or find out more about this year's camp then call Maggie on or contact her via facebook.

Woodspirit Lammas Camp Silverdale 5 - 7 August Woodspirit is a community pagan camp that takes place every year around Lammas time.

Wiccan Meetups in New York

The weekend is packed with workshops, activities, ceremonies, rituals, barbecues, music, drumming and fire play. Many people have attended the camp from the very beginning and are now part of the organising committee. Set in the beautiful woodland with our own stone circle, ritual space and sacred cove looking out onto Morecambe Bay, you are guaranteed a special weekend you will always remember. For more info, please go to: Lancashire Druidry in Blackpool: Obod members only Seedgroup meets for rituals and moots in appropriate venues including the beach.

Obod Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids is a long standing and very highly respected Druid Order with a lot of events and training programmes, anyone is welcome to contact the Seedgroup to talk about Obod or Druidry, and can contact Alison Jayne or Gillian Kavanagh via Face Book. HeartSongin Lancaster is a twice monthly Meditation and Scared Singing group, linked with Moon cycles and the energy of nature focussed in Celtic festivals.

The group is a space of healing and transformation for people, taking the participants beyond their sense of themselves and their abilities, and putting them in touch with voice and a sound that is bigger and more powerful — rising out of a deeper sense of silence.

It is really ritual work, linked in with the power of the full moon, reminding us of our connection to the Earth, to Spirit and to each other, and focussing energies for Earth healing. We connect with sacred sites across the globe as suggested by the Mayan people at each Full Moon.