Peterbilt 377 hood swap meet

Peterbilt Aftermarket Hood: Set Back Axle

peterbilt 377 hood swap meet

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How about the first year for the PCTA?. The changeover years from A to B to C?. The 12V71 ran till '79but what was the first year as a factory option?.

How about the 8V71 or the 8V92?. The silver became an electronic shortly after the series 60 came out, but what was its last factory install year?. How long did the V run?. How about the VT?. What year did Cummins go up to cubes on thier sixes?.

When did the small cam start and end?. Did the small cam and big cam get an overlap production period when you could order either?. What were the changeover years from BC1 to BC2, ect. When did they go from the BC4 to the N14?. What was the last years for the Mechanical N14 and C before everything went electronic?. For the Mack guys, how about first year E7 and last year Mechanical? First and last E9?. Progression from to ,, E9?.

Dont need to try to answer all these, just pick one that you know, or pick one that I didnt mention, and share what you know. Use youre books or just youre memory. Extra points for info on overlap production and info on what truck builder had the engine before the others or installed the last one.

Alot more interesting for a long thread than politics, lol. Previous discussion thread Next discussion thread Re: I just did'nt want to perpetuate stuff that I've seen the last 6 years as Ohio RVP at board meetings. I'll take a guess on some Detroit trivia. The last electronic Silver had to be in some brand of firetruck bacause emergency services loved themquick starting and fast acceleration. Not sure if anyone ever ordered one since electronics were still new and the 8V92 was losing most of its following by then.

I think it ended the same year that GMC Generals did. Seems like that electronic was only a one or two year deal before the 8V92 ended for highway tractors, though Oshkosh used it for another decade. I was pretty sure that the crackerbox was first with the 8V71, seems like I remember seeing an old advertisement on Hank's site that announced the " new " 8V71 exclusivley in the crackerbox, but I cant remember the year.

I think the crackerbox was around for a few years before the 8V71, but I could be wrong. Any idea what the last year was for the 8V71 in a highway tractor?. Did it make it into the '80s or did the 6V92 take its place in the '70s?. A couple of years ago someone scanned an article from WOT and posted it here. The article was very well done and was about how Cooper-Jarrett had Hendrickson build them two COEs with 12V71s for pulling the "new" turnpike doubles.

Im pretty sure it was in the late fifties '59? They were the Hendricksons with the Emmeryvill cabs. If anyone has that issue of WOT and can scan it and post it here or email it full size I sure would appreciate it.

I had saved it the first time it was posted but I didnt back it up on disc and lost it when my computer melted down last year.

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Nice article with good pics, even had pics of the tractors after Cooper-Jarrett sold them to a heavy flat hauler in Mich. Makes you wonder if either one survived or if they got scrapped after the engines were yanked. Kinda makes you want to start poking around the back yards of Mich.

They did not make any in I think I maybe wrong but Raiders were started in 74 and built into 75 then the Finacial problems took affect. Please correct me if i am wrong. I think that was about the last year they were both offered at same time. JH Previous discussion thread Next discussion thread Re: Only thing I ever really heard about them was the problems with the manual variable timing set up.

Bruce Mallinson wrote a little about that in his articles at the Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh site. Seems like most of the ones I saw were early to mid '80s, not sure if they would have been BC 2s or BC 3s.

John Previous discussion thread Next discussion thread Re: They sound absolutely wonderful through a set of 5" straights The boss always said they were both original. Always kinda wondered about that one, the owner said it was all original and I had always thought the rating was for small cams only. I am also curious what were the changes between the E-6 engines and the E-7 Mack engines. I know the displacement went up from or cid to cid and a lot of aluminum parts were put on to reduce weight, but that's about all I know about the difference between the two.

peterbilt 377 hood swap meet

As far as the Cat engine we had a Cat A loader that had that engine, called a D in earthmoving equipment. I believe it had been around for a couple of years before that, but I don't know when it was put in trucks. I have a woodworker friend who was a manager of Cat engine design who may know. He retired about 10 years ago and I don't see him too much, but I will try to talk him about the He seems to know more about 's than the older engines.

Ive seen a few hot rodded E6s, one that put at the tires. A common problem always seemed to be stress cracks up the side of the block starting were the cross bolts went thru for the main caps. It didnt happen overnight, that one that made at the tires made it almost two years before it cracked. The engine may have come out of an '85 F Model Mack, but it was an E6. The guy I bought it from said he changed it out because the "83 engine threw a rod.

If I remember right, when the E6 came out it had the first four valve head. Everything prior to the E6 was two valve, I think. For the first years of E7 production it was availible as a mechanical or electronic option, like C production. The first series elect. Not too hard to swap back to mechanical.

The dealers really pushed the elect. I remember alot of the Mack guys thinking how great it was going to be now that Mack had finally added some more cubic inches, but they were all dissapointed when they finally drove one. Had a freind who bought a brand new CL model with a E7 hp the first year. Had alot of problems. At one point he was at a dealership trying to solve a pulling problem, the shop foreman had the computer hooked to it while it was idleing and according to the computer it shouldnt have been running because the ECM was dead!.

He traded on another CL with an E9 the next year.

peterbilt 377 hood swap meet

Does he like old trucks?. Sign him up and show him this forum,lol.

peterbilt 377 hood swap meet

He could probably give the first and last run down on the whole A thru C series. They were only around for a few years. Last year for the B model, first one or two years for the C model. The rating was also availible as an electronic version in the C model, but the mechanicalespecially the B version, is one of the best engines Cat ever built. I'd love to pick his brain on some of the industrial versions of the Im not sure what the major differances were between the E6 and E7, but I know they feel like an " apples and oranges " comparison when you drive them back to back.

The E6 actually feels stronger even though its smaller. The E7 will edge an E6 out on a really long grade just because the low rpm torques a little stronger, but thats only when theyre both right at the bottom of the curve, 1, - 1, rpms and pulling theyre guts out to hang onto that gear over the top. Every where else the E7 just feels softer. I would guess that the camshaft specs are alot different and probabley the pump cam and timing as well as a lower compression ratio.

The E6 had a real snappy throttle response and stronger acceleration than the E7. Another noticable difference is oil psi. The E6 s that I drove used to push the psi pretty high on a cold winter start and held pretty good psi even on a hot summer day. The E7s were about 25 psi lower across the board, more comparable to an average Cummins than an E6.

At a guess I would say they either enlarged the block and crank passages without going to a bigger pump, or they just lowered the psi for some reason. Theres been alot of CB benchracing over the years about using an E7 bottom end to get the cubes with an E6 cam, pump,and timing to get back the snap and acceleration, but I havent heard of anyone actually trying it.

Found this site a while back http: Be fun to stuff the hp version in an R just to see the looks from the " big trucks " when you out pulled them,lol. He is a very friendly guy, so who knows. I met a guy two weeks ago who worked for Peterbilt in their sheetmetal shop in the San Francisco area in the 60's.

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Peterbilt 377 Aftermarket Hood: Set Back Axle

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