Pomona swap meet movies online

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pomona swap meet movies online

To answer the question, “What, to you, makes the perfect swap meet . Now their vendors can even do the whole process online. Gary Williams, operations coordinator for George Cross & Sons-promoters of the Pomona Swap Meet for . Paramount Movie Ranch Destroyed In California Fire Once Hosted. What a perfect pairing: classic movies with classic cars! For an enjoyable evening , check out one of these Pomona Swap Meet. Hollywood has done some pretty good car movies over the years. Movies with nice looking cars, nice looking gals, great car chase scenes, and.

As with housing, location is the key to what a vendor looks for in a swap meet space. Once inside the event, the swap space should be on a main drag-a corner if possible-and if your merchandise is specialized, it helps to not be placed next to another vendor of that same type of merchandise. When the spaces are too expensive for the number of potential buyers, the return-to-expenses ratio is too low and the vendors will not return the next time.

When the swap meet is well advertised and promoted, a better turnout is likely, and this attracts both buyers and sellers.

Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show ‑ Pomona, CA Show

The event should be advertised well ahead of time, and in the few weeks just before the event to remind everyone. Most buyers have trouble enough getting around a crowded meet with their little wagons, but put yourself in the position of a seller. This must be done while jockeying with his peers who are also trying to get into their spaces. Experienced vendors will go out of their way every time to attend a swap meet where the spaces are large enough, marked clearly enough to be located-even with a flashlight at 3 a.

It just developed from there.

pomona swap meet movies online

It really distracts us from unpacking and setting up. If the spaces are assigned, you know where to go and no one needs to wait in a line. The ability to come and go from the fairgrounds after everything is set up is also important to the sellers. At some events, the gates are locked at 6 p. Finally, vendors grumble considerably about the clog of wagons, bicycles, golf carts, scooters, and motorcycles in the crowded byways of the swap meet because they impede the flow of buyers.

A simple, small, club-run event in a parking lot is pulled off only by first jumping through a number of hoops, such as insurance, dumpster rental, notifications to the local gendarmes, and perhaps hiring of security, signage, rental fees for the property, advertising, laying out spaces, and cleanup duty at the end of the day. The work of the professional swap meet promoter is tougher than one might think.

Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show - Pomona, CA Show

Hot rodder Marshall Topping runs Topping Events, which hosts 15 events annually in Southern California, nine in Northern California, and 11 other shows for either collector bicycles or motorcycles. Unfortunately, we have to pass these costs onto our vendors.

Now their vendors can even do the whole process online. This drastically reduces the lines of last-minute sellers outside the gate.

Swap Meet Guide – The Perfect Swap Meet

He comes over here to buy finished replicas of Porsche Speedsters to bring home, since the old Porsches in Europe are completely rusted out. To really appreciate the many sides to the perfect swap meet, the really expert swappers have done time as both buyers and sellers. Weather is another huge factor.

pomona swap meet movies online

While we have no control over Mother Nature, she does exhibit some predictable behavior. If the geographical area of the swap meet is prone to violent thunderstorms in March, for instance, that would be a risky month to schedule an outdoor swap meet, especially if the ground is dirt or grass instead of pavement.

pomona swap meet movies online

Most areas of this country have some local weather phenomena, such as rain, lightning, wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, or extreme summer heat that would be prudent to schedule around. Have you ever followed a set of signs to a garage sale, winding through lefts and rights down 18 different streets, only to lose the thread near the end because a sign was missing?

We attended one club-run swap meet advertised as being from 6 a.

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They had excellent, professionally painted signs, but the tired club member in charge of them had been up early that day, so he collected all the signs into his truck at about 10 a. It is home to the Fairplex, the site of the L. More than 20, students attend California State Polytechnic University, also known as Cal Poly, located on the edge of the city, which surprisingly is not the home of Pomona College, which is actually a few miles away in Claremont.

pomona swap meet movies online

The annual Chalk Art Festival every November keeps its sidewalks colorful in the fall. Barring congestion, it's about a half hour drive into downtown L. It is connected to both downtown Los Angeles and downtown Riverside by Metrolink.

pomona swap meet movies online

Rush hours are typically rough, as Pomona has an average commute time of about 29 minutes, longer than the U. Live traffic cams and maps can be found online at www.

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Unique Laws in Pomona With an election inPomona became the center of what is known as the Blue Law movement, outlawing movies, dances or formal public entertainment on Sundays.

The state also bans motorists or cyclists from wearing earphones or earbuds in both ears while driving.

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Pomona Crime Statistics Crime rates in Pomona are higher than the national average. The chance of being a victim in Pomona is one in 28, according to the research site Neighborhood Scout, which reported that the city has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle theft in the nation with one's chance of getting his or her car stolen at one in