Power rangers meet rocky

Power Rangers: Every Red Ranger, Ranked From Worst To Best

power rangers meet rocky

Once there, he and the other rangers meet Dulcea, who once learning of their mentor Zordon's plight, helps them tap into the power of the Ninjetti, where Rocky . I recently had the pleasure of meeting Steve Cardenas, whom any Power Rangers fan worth his salt will recognize as Rocky DeSantos, after. The Power Rangers theme song from the 90's is still a big hit. Joining us today is Steve Cardenas who played Rocky, the red ranger in the.

He has to learn to trust the Crimson and Navy Thunder Rangers, Hunter and Blake, but eventually does consider them true teammates and friends.

In addition to his capabilities as a Ranger, Shane has a lot of superpowers and skills he learned from the Wind Ninja Academy. He has superhuman speed, can leap high into the air, evade detection and use his inner energies in order to resist mental attacks and manipulation.

His power as a Ranger allow him to control the element of air. He's able to project gusts of wind and walk on air. He earns his Battlizer armor because he saved the alien woman Skyla when he was younger from a bounty hunter. Shane eventually becomes an instructor at the Wind Ninja Academy. He really wants to live up to his father's expectations, having always been overshadowed by his younger brother Marcus. Scott is the one who survives the Battle of Corinth, while his brother dies in battle.

The reason Scott isn't ranked higher on this list comes down to his personality: If you disobey his orders, you better watch out - especially if you're Dylan! At one point, he recklessly goes out into the desert, but he manages to correct his folly when he saves several prisoners.

His father offers him a medal for his actions, but he refuses to take it because he wasn't on a mission at the time. Scott may like his cars a little too much, but he does have his heroic moments. At first Wes is going to take over his father's company, but he joins the Rangers instead. He tries to save his fellow Rangers by sending them back to the future when he finds out they'll die if they stay, but his teammates are dedicated and return when they find out Wes will die trying to save the city.

After winning the fight, the other Rangers leave for the future. Wes keeps his Red Ranger powers and becomes the commander of the Silver Guardians, who protect the city. He also makes the smart decision to only accept the job if he can have Eric, the very capable Quantum Ranger, as his partner.

Mack has to convince his father, who is creating the elite Power Rangers team, to let him become the Red Ranger. Instead of convincing him, Mack steals his father's morpher and becomes the Red Ranger.

Mack's drive is adventure and excitement, but the most interesting thing about Mack is that he is actually an android created by his dad because he couldn't have a son. When Mack finds out he is an android, he questions his existence and becomes very reckless.

But he does ultimately overcome this identity crisis, a pretty great feat considering his whole life was under question. Mack's most heroic moment occurs during the season finale.

He uses all of his power during his fight with Flurious in order to destroy him. This causes severe internal damage, too severe to repair. He sacrificed his life and that does earn him a higher place on this list. But besides being a robot, Mack just isn't very interesting, and he is revived and becomes human at the end of the season.

His first line in Power Rangers Dino Thunder is to his friend, who is worrying about getting caught by Principal Randall. And women are just grown up girls. Need I say more?

So why is he on this list? He goes from being a jerk to someone who has earned the right to wear red. Conner's life used to revolve around soccer and nothing else. Zordan explained that I didn't panic and that I was calm and in control Rocky was impressed and I just shrugged my shoulders in response to his comment Adam got up and put his arm across my shoulders and thanked me that made me blush harder than earlier and the guys all commented on how cute I looked and I blushed even more then Zordan dismissed the guys and Adam suggested about going home and I agreed and we teleported back to his house.

His parents were both out and I helped Adam to my room as he wanted to help me put my stuff away so while I put my under clothes away Adam put my shirts and trousers away in my wardrobe he then noticed a black carry case and asked what was in it and I told him that it had my laptop and I picked the case up opened it took my laptop out and put it on my desk.

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Afterwards I turned round and saw Adam sitting on the bed that I went to my backpack opened it and pulled out a white box tied with a black ribbon I came and sat beside Adam and handed him the box. At first he looked puzzled but he took the box and started untying the ribbon which he commented on being his favourite he then lifted the lid off and gasped at what he saw in the box in the box surrounded by bubble wrap was a glass trophy which had written to the best Black Ranger and friend in the whole world Adam Park he looked at me and asked what he had done to deserve a gift like this and I told him it was for being such a great friend.

Then he told me that he had something for me and I followed him into his room I watched him put the box on his desk then he told me to close my eyes and I did as I was asked.

When he told me to open my eyes I saw a silver and black bracelet on my left wrist I looked at Adam and he told me that he and the others went pasted a shop that had pieces of jewellery and he picked this one out for me I hugged him and thanked him promising not to take it off. Then we heard his parents call out and we went down to greet them and his dad was glad that my stuff had been put away his mum suggested about doing dinner and I offered to help and I helped her cook my favourite spaghetti and meatballs.

After dinner I helped Adam clean up then he had to go do homework and he went up to his room while I went to my room. As I got to my door I thought I see if Adam needed any help with his homework I knocked on the door and waited for Adam to answer but nothing came I gently and quietly opened the door and found Adam laying on his bed surrounded by school books I guessed he fell asleep.

power rangers meet rocky

I picked up his books and put them on his desk but while I had my back towards him I didn't hear Adam sneaking up behind me he wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tightly he scared me and made me laugh when I realised it was him. He thanked me for putting his books away and I replied that I like to help others then I asked Adam if his friends could help me find my way around school the next day and Adam replied that he and the others are all going to be helping me.

The next day Adam and I walked to school soon we were at the school then we were joined by Rocky, Aisha, Billy, Tommy and Kim as the bell rang I took my schedule out of my pocket and looked and saw I had science Rocky noticed this and was excited then Adam explained that he and Rocky are in my science class.

We entered the room and I sat next to Adam and Rocky then the teacher entered the room first he officially welcomed me to Angel Grove and started with his lesson while I was taking down notes of what the teacher was saying I looked over and saw Rocky staring at me and it made me blush and when he saw this he smiled before taking down notes. After science was finished we exited the classroom and sat outside as it was a nice day while we sat there I didn't notice Rocky looking in my bag and when I turned round I saw him holding my camera.

Ethan laughed about the infamous incident from his first day of senior year. O mentioned to me that you are like a child prodigy. Seems that all of us Blues have a vast intelligence. The two guys kept speaking about computers and the themes in Power Ranger teams.

power rangers meet rocky

All the guests shook their head at Jason. Conner headed to the food tables, and his mouth salivated at the barbecued food. He was famished and having to act as taxi driver, and making it easier on his friends by taking one car, he wasn't able to stop for a bite to eat. He made a stop by the cooler, and realized there weren't bottles of apple juice. Jason turned to him. Brennan finished up the bottle last night.

Without hesitation, Conner walked towards the gate. He needed to get some. Kira watched as Conner was about to leave. She got up from her chair and headed towards him. This wasn't like him to just leave the group for an unknown reason. He continued to his car. Once she got back in her chair, Kira resumed her talks with the female rangers plus a civilian. All eyes were on her, and she wondered if there was a piece of hair on her face, a bee in her hair, or if her lips were chapped.

Tanya shook her head and giggled. You guys have been dating for about 5 months or so? As her husband put down his tongs, he turned to her direction. He mouthed 'I love you', and Trini did the same. I went to high school with the originals, and I always go to the reunions. O used to go out? I thought his eyes were only for Kim. Kat laughed at her priceless expression. Besides, you are right about one thing, his eyes were always meant for Kim.

I moved on, and I have this guy, right here. How is it I'm the last to know my 'sister' and my best friend are about to have a baby together? You were supposed to tell him. You are the one that's pregnant! The two kissed in front of everyone. Despite the catcalls and whistling coming from the other adults, Aisha had to put a stop to this. DeSantos, trust us, we've seen more. He became small in his chair.

Justin had to know what the hell was going on now because Jason, Trini, Kim, and Tommy's face were so bright, they rivaled a Red Rangers' suit. He needed to ask them about that.

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He was starving after being in traffic for what seemed like his whole morning. Especially after her battle with Anorexia and Bulimia, she wanted to make sure no one went down that path. She went to sit with Tommy. I don't want him to eat by himself. Kat smiled at the fact that her boyfriend was so helpful.

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Kim was able to see that little twinkle in Kat's eyes. He had a bag in hand, and he placed it in the back of him. Kira hoisted herself up from her seat and she greeted Conner with a swift punch to his shoulder. From their place by Brennan's swing set, Brennan, Ahmad, and Naddy whispered among themselves.

power rangers meet rocky

Conner bit on his lip to prevent his voice from exiting a soft hiss. The impact of Kira's punch was bothersome, but he wanted to remain tough in front of his predecessors. He continued to look down. Kira grabbed the bag, and she opened it to find some bottles of apple juice and two packages of Twix. Those were her favorites.

She really had stolen his heart, as he had done with hers. The two former rangers went to grab their food and joined everyone at the tables. With the barbecuing accomplished, the little kids playing, and the former rangers, a technical advisor, and two reformed villains eating and talking, this get together became one of the most stress free days all of them have encountered recently.

They enjoyed exchanging quips, catching up with one and another, and relaxing. Of course the day wasn't over… yet, and they were wondering what else was in store. Xxxxx An Hour Later After there was a mini food competition between Rocky, Naddy and Conner, Naddy won by the way, she got out of the chair and was still able to skip to the porch door.

She was ready to play with the plenty of toys Brennan had in his customized playroom.

power rangers meet rocky

Mom, I need to play! Can I go now? Aisha laughed from her chair because her daughter was definitely the perfect mix of her and Rocky. Rocky's appetite was very much apart of Naddy and of course, the mild bossiness was all Aisha. He was holding onto his chest after the rib contest. Rocky had been eating since Trent arrived, and he wanted to know more about the bottomless pit. Our metabolisms work wonders, and not only that, I do work out regularly.

He burped out loud. After I told Nadia not to do that. O and Kim are the Falcon and Crane? O is like super ripped. Everyone at the table wondered where his observation had come from. No one else knew about the infamous recording of Tommy and Kim's session inside of the Dino Thunder lair, so they looked at Ethan, basically egging him to continue.

The former Blue Dino Thunder ranger wasn't ready to speak about how he knew about Tommy's body, so he came up with a lie. Tommy let out a breath of relief and Kim placed a comforting hand on his knee. Trini returned to the table with Tums in hand, and she handed the bottle to Conner. No one wants to see that. She blushed at that. Every time we go to the gym, and he takes his top off… he makes me say chow! He looked at everyone to top that expectantly. He rolled his eyes at that one.

Great legs, great arms, nice abs, chest, everything about Tommy is my Adonis.

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She smiled at that. He felt left out. His soccer body is really to die for.

Rocky DeSantos

Not to mention he has strong calves and a great ass. Jason scoffed at that. Tommy's face became disgusted. I'll let you know his body doesn't disappoint.

He kissed her on the lips. Eileen grinned at Anton. Jason snorted, and he nudged his wife.

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Dad, you and Eileen have had sex? Anton laughed at his son. O was the only one getting some action, now did you? Tommy and Kim became smaller in their seat, while Trini and Jason felt the heat coming from their friends' stares.

O and Kim did. I still can't get the mental picture out of my mind, so I'm gonna play with the kids. The two shrugged and walked into the house. With the teens gone, there were only adults, ages ranging from about 22 to 40, and they gazed at each other with ample inquisitiveness.

After Anton and Conner's statements, there was definitely something that needed to be talked about. Hayley remained quiet, even though she added two and two together. Get over it, you know now. Hayley laughed internally, and she was ready to raise some hell. She did know everything.

Tanya and Aisha are mad that Rocky was watching, and by the way, Adam caught a glimpse. Kim and Tommy were caught having sex on the Dino Thunder lair's cameras and we all saw it. And Tommy became irate when he thought that Kim and Jason had sex after the karate tournament. The revelations caught the guests off guard.

Justin, Zack, Kat, and Mike began to laugh at the secrets being revealed. When we were fighting Zeltrax, he took a hit meant for me and blacked out.

Obviously it's not the truth because Jason is my brother. I felt bad about it. No, Jason can't handle me. Jason became heated with the lie. Billy would've taken Aisha from under you.

Hayley laughed out loud. Rocky clapped his hands together. Aisha smacked him upside his head. Adam and Tanya laughed at that. Kat slapped his arm. There was some comfort form this experience, and it was because of her time as 'Elsa'. Being cold blooded, hateful, rude, and most of all spiteful, she was hated due to that personality.

However, that wasn't her at all. Before her time as an evil henchwoman, she was very sweet and caring, and this was her time of redemption. They transported the outside food to the inside, but not before, Jason and Trini got to work on sanitizing the kitchen counter. They angrily looked to Aisha, Tanya, Rocky, and Adam, while they did so. After that was done, the adults found their rightful places on the living room couches.

Pretty soon the kids and teens came down the stairs. He wasn't trying to criticized their parenting skills at all. He was intrigued by Rocky and Naddy's appetites. Billy nodded from his seat with Hayley.