Prepare to meet your god pdf free

prepare to meet your god pdf free

It also should be a time of preparation and purpose for it is not enough to antici pate D. As Israel was warned to “Prepare to meet your God,” so is man today. each one would say to that blessed man, “Prepare to meet your God. saying to our heart, “Prepare to meet your God”; and we in spirit take our shoes off, and feel that the place whereon .. free so that you may be prepared to meet your God?. Prepare to Meet Thy God FOR every child of God the most important future event is the second . free interpretation of the Word of God, and nonrecognition.

You must assuredly meet your God whom you have forgotten all these years, your Creator, whose rights you have ignored, your Preserver, to whom you have rendered no kind of recompense; your King, whose name it may be you have blasphemed. You have denied his existence, but you will meet him; you have lived in open revolt against his righteous laws, but you will certainly meet him.

No exemption will be possible; before his judgment-seat you must stand. Prepared or unprepared at the sound of the resurrection trumpet, you must appear at his bar. No words of mine, however terrible they may be, can by any possibility equal the horror which the judgment to come and the wrath to be measured out will cause to the unregenerate heart. We are sometimes accused, my brethren, of using language too harsh, too ghastly, too alarming, with regard to the world to come; but we shall not soon change our note, for we solemnly believe that if we could speak thunderbolts, and our every look were a lightning flash, and if our eyes dropped blood instead of tears, no tones, words, gestures, or similitudes of dread, could exaggerate the awful condition of a soul which has refused the gospel and is delivered aver to justice.

For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Certain prophets of smooth things rise up among us, deluding the people with thoughts that the judgment to come will not be terrible, but will end in eternal sleep. Into their secret my soul cometh not.

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May God grant that you may not dare to sin under the notion that your sin is a mere trifle, for both you and it will soon cease to be. Nature itself teaches you that your soul will exist for ever, O make it not for ever a ruin, bring not upon yourself everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his power!

Thus have you rung the changes on the tones of these words, and I leave them with you. Secondly, and very briefly. He is everywhere, but you have managed not to see him. He has fed you, and in him you have lived and moved, and had your being; but you have contrived so to stultify yourself that you have never yet perceived him.

prepare to meet your god pdf free

You will perceive him soon. When the flesh shall fall off from your spirit, your disembodied soul will see without these eyes far more clearly than it now does, for you will begin to see the spiritual world which is now hidden from you, and chief and foremost you will meet your God. You could not sin as you do if you remembered that the all-seeing eye is in the chamber, nay, is in your heart itself. Remember you will not be able soon to shake off the thought of God, for you will meet him face to face.

Not the thought of God only, but the actual being of God will confront you in your dying hour; you will be compelled to meet him. It will be a close meeting, not as though he looked upon you from afar, or you surveyed him from a distance; but you will so meet him that all the glory of his majesty will operate upon you like the fire which devoureth the stubble, for our God is a consuming fire.

His holiness will become wrath against your sin, not wrath treasured up and removed far away, but wrath that shall come nigh to you to consume you. It will be an inevitable meeting, from which you will not be able to escape. From your fellow creature, whom you do not wish to see, you readily withdraw yourself, but you cannot escape from God. Neither the heights of heaven, nor the depths of hell, can conceal you from him.

You must meet face to face your God; and it must be a personal meeting. God and you will meet as if alone. God alone and you alone. What if there be angels; what if there be ten thousand times ten thousands of your kindred sinners?

prepare to meet your god pdf free

You must meet your God, you, you. But, unconverted as you are, no tidings can have more of horror in them than these, that you, do as you will and steel your heart as you may, must by-and-by confront your God. Think awhile upon who it is that you have to meet!

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You must meet, your God— your God! That is, offended justice you must meet whose laws you have broken, whose penalties you have ridiculed; justice righteously indignant with its sword drawn you must confront. You must meet your God; that is, you must be examined, by unblinded omniscience. He who has seen your heart, and read your thoughts, and jotted down your affections, and remembered your idle words, you must meet him; and infinite discernment you must meet; those eyes that never yet were duped; the God who will see through the veils of hypocrisy and all the concealments of formality.

There will be no making yourself out to be better than you are before him. You must meet him who will read you as a man readeth a bools- open before his eyes.

You must meet with unsullied holiness. You have not always found yourself happy on earth when you have been with holy men; you could not act out your natural impulses in their presence, they were a check upon you; but the infinitely holy God, what must it be to meet him? You will have, moreover, to meet with insulted mercy, and perhaps this will be the most dreadful meeting of the whole, when your conscience will remind you that you were invited to repent, that you were urged to lay hold of Christ, that you were honestly bidden to be saved, but you hardened your neck and would not be persuaded.

O sinner, by so much as Cod is patient with you now, by so much will he be angry with you then.

prepare to meet your god pdf free

They who slight the warnings of his grace shall feel the terrors of his wrath. To none shall it be so hard to meet God in justice as to those who would not meet him in grace— vengeance taketh the place of slighted mercy. God grant you may never know what it is to meet insulted love, rejected mercy, and tenderness turned to wrath! O sinner, if thou hast to meet thy God as thou now art, thou wilt find him everlasting truth, fulfilling every threatening word of his law and gospel.

Every black word that is in this book shall be fulfilled over thy head, and every dreadful syllable be verified in thy loins and in thy heart. Remember too, that thou wilt meet with him who has omnipotent power, against whom thou canst no more contend than the smoke against the wind, or the fuel against the furnace.

Thou shalt then know how God can punish, and thou wilt find him not a weak and trembling God, but an omnipotent God, putting forth his power to destroy his adversaries who have dared to assail against his majesty. Thus have I put a few thoughts together, in very feeble language I confess, but they ought of themselves, apart from mere words, to have power with you.

I pray God the Holy Spirit that thou, dear hearer, mayst prepare to meet thy God. You see who it is you have to meet, and what it will be to meet him. May God make you to be prepared for what must occur. The last point is this. How can a man be prepared to meet God? In the text there is an allusion to preparing for battle, but none of you would wish to contend with God hereafter. Who is he that thinketh that with a thousand he can meet one that cometh against him with a countless host of ten thousand times ten thousand?

O rebel, the warfare is hopeless, ground thine arms. It were worse than madness to dream of contending with God.

Submit, for resistance is vain. Better far is it to prepare to meet God as sinners. We are to-day like prisoners who are waiting for the assize, and the news has come that the judge is ready, and we, the prisoners, are to prepare to meet him.

Sooner or later it must be the lot of us all to come before the Judge. Now, brethren, what is the right way to prepare to meet a judge? We have sinned, great God, and we confess the sin. What preparation, then, can we make? Suppose we sit down and investigate our case. Can we plead extenuations? Can we urge excuses or mitigations, or hope to escape by promises of future improvement?

Let us give up the attempt, my brethren. We have gone astray wilfully and wickedly, and we shall do it again, and it is of no use for us to set up any kind of defence that is grounded upon ourselves. How, then, can we be prepared to meet our God? We poor prisoners lying waiting in the cells, send for Jesus the Son of God to be our Intercessor and Advocate. Will he undertake our cause? Oh, I pray God you may!

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Sitting in these pews, you may engage the services of the great Advocate. First he bids us prepare to meet our God by at once taking up our true position as sinners. Let us plead guilty. Let us make a full and penitent confession. The ending of one calendar year and the beginning of another is a time of both reflection and anticipation.

It also should be a time of preparation and purpose for it is not enough to anticipate the new year. To live a worthwhile life, we cannot live aimlessly. This time of year we make plans and preparation for the coming year. We review the past year and note not only the things we have accomplished but also those things we have failed to accomplish. We look to the future year and reflect on how we can achieve more, gain more, and make our lives more comfortable and happier. We make resolutions to do better and live better and to give up some bad habits.

Since we are already thinking along these lines, I would like to discuss a kind of preparation that is far more important than preparing for a new year—preparing to meet our God.

The need for this preparation is universal. It seems many are interested in going to heaven but few are willing to make the necessary preparation to go there. The text is a solemn warning to the people of the Northern kingdom of Israel. Though issued to those people in the long ago, its principle is one to which we should give attention because we must remember that what happened to the people of God back then can happen to us today. The date of the text is about B.

It was a time of prosperity and expansion in Israel because Jeroboam II was a powerful and able king. He regained much of the territory that had been lost to other nations bringing the kingdom near to its size during the reign of Solomon. As a nation they had forgotten God. Israel had an outward form of worship which had no influence on their lives.

They only superficially went through the motions of worship. Their religious and social conditions were very similar to what we see in our society today.