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We love Red Lobster and realize it's a gamble ordering crab legs. But the . I ordered the ultimate feast, $30, the lobster was undercooked and the scampi as well. . The so-called lobster meat wasn't lobster but dried out crab meat and not very much of it. . Sorry case of a high end restaurant or at least what I thought was. Red Lobster's "Endless Shrimp" promotion is a yearly phenomenon. Surely Red Lobster wouldn't want you to gorge on shrimp for hours on end? . We were shocked to learn of Vince's inclusion of shrimp Alfredo in his feast. . We met one of the kindest servers to be found in the world, in the form of Red. Red Lobster celebrates the return of Crabfest with launch of three new crab Crab Linguini Alfredo: Crab meat in a creamy garlic Parmesan.

However I was extremely disappointed with the decor, atmosphere, and lack of table setting. There were no drink coasters, no cloth napkins, no table caddy with vinegar, etc Just none of the added details that used to make dining at Red Lobster something to look forward to.

It seems the only thing that has moved forward is the pricing.

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We were expecting crab when we cracked the shells but came up empty. Over a couple visits we could have spent 20 dollars at Sam's Club and received four times the crab we spent for meals at Red Lobster.

The king crab is the most meatless of them but the most expensive and the snow crab is just as bad. I had a bad experience a while ago and wanted to give it another try.

After our dinner we went to Lowe's across the street and working 20min I was in the ladies room sick. The service was slow and the food helping size was very small for the amount of money you're charged. This is the first time we were very disappointed. We had decided a few years ago to forego Red Lobster when choosing a restaurant because of the failing quality of food and service we were witnessing at the ones we visited. Just before we got into Grand Rapids my wife suggested we stop at the Red Lobster on 28th street and give it one more try.

The fall from grace we experienced prior to swearing off the restaurant chain a few years ago had unfortunately continued and, apparently, fully manifested itself at this location.

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Not only was the food quality less than stellar, but the service had reached a new low. Our server was the worse example of customer service my wife and I had experienced since we both could remember. She was brash and dismissive, mostly reminding us of Omarosa.

Her style was to deliver clandestine character attacks while simultaneously posing as a legitimate waitress. It was obvious that she was purposely trying to make us feel small merely because we were requesting that she actually serve us what we wanted.

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Unfortunately we were so hungry that we decided to bear the insulting treatment as long as we could in hopes that we could just get something to eat.

She smirked at every request from us and made no attempt to assuage our obvious mounting fears that we were being treated unfairly. Obviously the manager had collaborated with our server prior to the table visit. To our complete surprise, she immediately began to defend her waitress and, by default, suggested that we were out of line in our decision to complain.

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