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Update: Tropical Cyclone Luban in Arabian Sea Could Threaten Oman, Yemen

"Once a tropical cyclone reaches maximum sustained winds of 74mph (km/h) or higher, it is then classified as a hurricane, typhoon. What is the difference between "hurricane", "cyclone" and "typhoon"? Hurricane, cyclone What is the connection between tropical cyclones and wind speed?. Tropical Cyclone 1A, which developed late Wednesday between Yemen and Somalia, could become one of the first tropical storms on record to cross the entire.

If they are north of the equator they rotate counterclockwise. If they are south, they rotate clockwise. The Atlantic and central Pacific hurricane seasons are June 1 through Nov.

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May 15 to Nov. The cyclone season in the south Pacific and Australia runs from November to April. The northwestern Pacific where Typhoon Haiyan has just hit. A normal year there involves 27 named storms. Haiyan is the 28th named storm and there has already been a 29th.

By comparison the Atlantic averages 11 named storms a year and this year there have been 12, none of them causing major problems. The lists are maintained by the World Meteorological Organization; the names are ones that are familiar in each region. Names are taken off the list and replaced to avoid confusion if a hurricane causes a lot of damage or deaths. For example, Katrina was retired after it devastated New Orleans in The Philippines has its own naming system, so Typhoon Haiyan is also being called Yolanda.

During an El Nino - when the central Pacific is warming - there are fewer Atlantic storms. El Ninos shift where storms form, but not the number, for the northwest Pacific and the southwest Pacific.

What is the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?

The central Pacific gets more storms during El Nino and the year after. This year has neither an El Nino nor its opposite, a La Nina. It is a neutral year.

Weather forecasters give each tropical cyclone a name to avoid confusion. Each year, tropical cyclones receive names in alphabetical order. Women and men's names are alternated. Nations in the western North Pacific began using a new system for naming tropical cyclones in Each of the fourteen nations affected by typhoons submitted a list of names totalling The names include animals, flowers, astrological signs, a few personal names are used in pre-set order.

For more information, see WMO website on storm naming: How are tropical cyclones predicted? Meteorologists around the world use modern technology such as satellites, weather radars and computers etc.

Tropical cyclones are often difficult to predict, as they can suddenly weaken or change their course.

Update: Tropical Cyclone Luban in Arabian Sea Could Threaten Oman, Yemen

However, meteorologists use state-of-art technologies and develop modern techniques such as numerical weather prediction models to predict how a tropical cyclone evolves, including its movement and change of intensity; when and where one will hit land and at what speed.

Official warnings are then issued by the National Meteorological Services of the countries concerned. The WMO framework allows the timely and widespread dissemination of information about tropical cyclones. As a result of international cooperation and coordination, tropical cyclones are increasingly being monitored from their early stages of formation.

Their role is to detect, monitor, track and forecast all tropical cyclones in their respective regions.

Rare Tropical Storm in Gulf of Aden May Affect Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti

The Centres provide, in real-time, advisory information and guidance to the National Meteorological Services. Where did tropical cyclones occur recently? The worst cyclone of that year in terms of humanitarian impact was Washi, which caused extreme flooding in northern Mindanao in the Philippines in December, resulting in over 1 deaths and the displacement of almost people.