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The effort that Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins puts in to entertain its audience from beginning to end is something marvelous to behold. in the action sequences and especially in the relationship he forms with Chiun. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more And then there's the water-walking or running toward the end of the film. . the master / pupil relationship played for both laughs and oriental mystique. Directed by Guy Hamilton. With Fred Ward, Joel Grey, Wilford Brimley, J.A. Preston. An officially "dead" cop is trained to become an extraordinary unique.

And about that secret organization. The organization that more or less kidnaps him is run by Wilfred Brimley, who sits at the computer for the whole film and assigns missions to Williams that seem more than a little sketchy here in post-Snowden America.

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Something tells me Remo Williams in would feel a little bit more like a bad guy than a hero. But in his working class James Bond vibe is absolutely wonderful. Also wonderful are the action set pieces and hugely, bombastically entertaining score by Craig Safan. These elements send Remo Williams into the stratosphere for pure entertainment value.

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One set piece on the Statue Of Liberty is mids Hollywood gold. The crew got permission to film on the real Statue during a time when it was surrounded by scaffolding. Shots of Fred Ward hovering perilously off the sides of the Statue with Manhattan in the background are priceless.

The movie magic behind it all is that a replica statue was also built in Mexico so that the statue itself could be touched and blemished. As a set piece, it is pure magic. The true icing on the cake of Remo Williams: There are story beats that are outright bad.

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There are cultural and gender politics at play that are positively cringe-inducing. Remo Williams is anti-boredom. Chiun is the most powerful, competent, intelligent, and witty character in the movie.

There is also the pleasant story line of Chiun passing on to Remo the legacy of his Shinanju wisdom and knowledge People have also criticized Kate Mulgrew Star Trek: Voyager for her performance of Major Rayner Fleming. Overall, her performance is very good, and appropriate for the character, especially before her character meets Remo at Mount Promise. I am still somewhat disappointed, however, to see Major Fleming change from a competent military career-woman into a bewildered character smitten by Remo and Chiun and carried along in their wake.

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In the role of the army major, Fleming is competent, witty, and believable: The directors could have let the character carry that competence through to the end of the movie. The movie does have some great action sequences, especially the chase around the scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty remember when they were remodeling it, back in the 80's?

See the "memorable quotes" page. If you watch the movie expecting to have fun and to be entertained, if you suspend your disbelief just a little and don't take it too seriously, you will really enjoy it. It has just enough action, just enough "buddy movie" dynamic, just enough tongue-in-cheek humor, just enough spoof, just enough comic-book type fantasy elements, and just enough enigmatic and amusing martial arts to make it terrifically entertaining.