Rhinebeck swap meet 2013 motorcycle

Strange Days: Rhinebeck, NY Swap Meet Tomorrow!

rhinebeck swap meet 2013 motorcycle

JANUARY S Augusta Expoland Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet X Rhinebeck Grand National Antique Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet. Many Great Cars For Sale in the "Car Corral".» Swap Meet Opens on Friday @ Noon.» Buy the 2 or 3 Day Pass for a great Savings.» Hour Security Patrols. Working exhibits of vintage tractors, engines, banjo music, antique tractor pull, pedal-tractor pull for children, one- cylinder engines. Photography display.

Dad managed to get the bike fired up, and we rode the 5 miles to the hotel, but the bike was running nasty We made a gas stop along the way, and he started it up again, scaring all the old ladies walking by.

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Back at the hotel, we began to pull the carb. What we found amazed all of us: The intake manifold was barely attached to the heads!!! I'm not sure how well you can see it in the photos, but 16ozPBR could fit his finger in the gap between the intake manifold and the heads. So all you guys complaining about minor intake leaks, take note! You never want to deal with issues like this away from home, but we were up to the task.

Every one got their tool bags out and went at it. Dad wanted to take the easy way out and just tighten things back up, 16ouncePBR wanted to take the whole thing apart and fix it the right way, and I just wanted to do something before it got dark and our favorite diner closed. We had to pull the intake manifold and re-install it with limited tools, and we had less than two hours to do it before the sun went down.

Papa Mag got his manifold off: It was a huge pain in the ass, and eventually we had to tear a lot of parts off to do the job correctly. The difficulty level on a job like this goes way up when you are working in a gravel parking lot and have no access to replace any hardware that you may drop or lose.

It took about 90 minutes, but everything went back together right and Dad fired the bike up and tested it - success!!!! We headed off to dinner. With Day 1 drawing to a close, we retired to the hotel and hung out in the parking lot.

A lot of our friends were camping at the meet this year, so we were forced to pretend we like Kawasakis so we could chat with some Jap Bike guys staying at our hotel. But all we could really think about was how great Day 2 was going to be We woke up bright and early to head back to our favorite diner in Red Hook, NY. It is about 2 miles from our hotel and halfway to the fairgrounds.

rhinebeck swap meet 2013 motorcycle

The food is outstanding, and the waitresses always remember us from the year before. After a terrific breakfast, we headed to the fairgrounds to see what Saturday had in store for us. We found a lot more cool Ironheads!

We stumbled upon this one and immediately looked around for Brucestoudt! Not sure what year these fit, but looks like an NOS set of sheetmetal? Not sure what year this is, but they are ripping off 16ouncePBR's style: It's not all about the bikes, but the people too. We ran into this cool old guy on Saturday and made fast friends when we saw his hat.

And he just so happens to own the orange custom XLCH in the photo above: I caught a nice old Sportster out of the corner of my eye while walking the fairgrounds on Saturday and snapped a photo of it.

Then I went out in search of it to get a closer look! It turned out to be a very original XLCH with the large capacity gas tank, and a bunch of other "H parts" like windshield, bags, luggage rack, etc. It was entered in judging. Another exciting thing on Saturday was that forum member Monte03 was supposed to be showing up on his fresh XLCH stroker monster-bike!

As 16oz and I were resting on a bench near Sportster Grove, we heard a nasty growl approaching and immediately knew it was Monte! Here's Monte putting on a "kickstarting demonstration" for the locals: Another cool feature at Rhinebeck this year was a huge Evil Knievel exhibit featuring tons of memorabilia including several real E. We were beginning to wind down our day and head back to the hotel when the loudspeaker system came on and said that someone would actually be doing an Evil Knievel tribute car jump on one of his bikes in front of the pavilion.

They didn't have to tell us twice It turns out that Evil used a Laverda motorcycle during before signing with Harley Davidson the following year. He used this motorcycle for 13 jumps, only 6 of them successful.

It weighs pounds! Here is the daredevil and bike: Here is the rickety ramp I wish he would have jumped the E. Around every corner or under every shade tree was a good story. Ernie and Mary Barkman's bikes were under such a shade tree. Ernie's period-modified drag bike features a '47 Knucklehead engine with dual carbs, built by none other than the legendary Pete Hill.

Ernie's only had it to about half throttle so far, but he says with a twinkle in his eye, "She flies. Pete and Paul Bergeron brought their original Excelsior to the meet. The Brothers Bergeron couldn't say for certain if the bike was a or Experts were still debating the model year, but nobody was debating what a nice machine it was in all its unrestored glory. The infield of the fairgrounds racetrack was home to the antique truck, tractor and machinery portion of the goings-on, as well as the Cody Ives Globe of Death show.

rhinebeck swap meet 2013 motorcycle

Bikes don't just sit at Rhinebeck. They ride 'em, too. One such examplewas Frank Westfall's Henderson Four. Westfall had inadvertently allowed too much oil into the crankcase of his gorgeous machine and, as a result, was fouling spark plugs. I was intrigued by the meticulous drill that Westfall and Dave Molnar went through as they checked each cylinder for spark and checked the oil level against the dippers and connecting rods prior to refiring the machine.

After an hour or so of fiddling, Westfall, was cruising the fairgrounds with a smile on his face that came as much from understanding the old machine as it did from riding it. A unique feature of this meet is the Motorcycle Timeline, organized largely by the efforts of Steve Barber. This year the Timeline was held on Saturday and Sunday and highlighted over motorcycles from to !

Capitalizing an the looks of the past were vendors Mike Merling and Brian Kohlmann.

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They are the owners of Golden Age Motorcycle Clothing and they really stand out in a vintage crowd. Dressed in high-quality reproduction boots, breeches, shirts and accessories, they offer that look to the owners who want to look as good as their vintage bikes.

rhinebeck swap meet 2013 motorcycle

They even arrive at the show in a vintage Ford pickup towing a genuine vintage trailer with an old Indian on it. Check them out at http: Various clubs, like the Indian Association, had shows within the show.

Joanie Walker, club treasurer and wife of club President Randy Walker, explained that the club has over members from 22 countries with the U.