Rita coolidge nice to meet you

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rita coolidge nice to meet you

"I would like for you to meet my wife Ollie," Ellison said with great formality and obvious pride. with long dark hair, and high cheekbones that reminded me of Emmylou Harris or Rita Coolidge. "It is nice to meet you, Mrs. Ellison," I said. Rita Coolidge, and the refrain from her recording of "(Your Love Has So when I had the opportunity to meet Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett at Stax, expect Bob to be very nice or even acknowledge that you're there. Rita Coolidge (born May 1, ) is an American recording artist. During the s and s, In November , she met Kris Kristofferson at the Los Angeles airport the Temptations' "The Way You Do The Things You Do", and Marcia Hines' .. Rita Coolidge · Nice Feelin' · The Lady's Not for Sale · Fall into Spring.

Booker is the mellowest guy, and he always has music playing in his head.

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I like what you said about your friends Delaney and Bonnie: Their worst rehearsals were better than most people's records. They were so good. The musicianship of their bands set the bar really high for me. You were there when the whole singer-songwriter genre was unfolding in Los Angeles in the s.

Not everyone is equally both a great singer and a great songwriter. The men have to deal with Dylan. The women have to deal with Joni Mitchell.

What's your take on her? She's the most brilliant female musician alive. There's no one like Joni. You can't put her in a category.

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Tell me a funny Bob story. He's so totally unpredictable. I was invited to a party at the Dylans' house in Malibu.

rita coolidge nice to meet you

He had no idea of continuity. It was, "How are we supposed to sing this with you when you don't sing it the same way twice? There was a lot of that going on. We would have the studios locked for two or three weeks, and sometimes we wouldn't even show up. You specifically mention the L.

rita coolidge nice to meet you

You've spent a lot of time there over the years. I've recorded in every room at Sunset Sound. It really does feel like home. They've maintained the quality of the studio. It changed everything in Los Angeles. And they barely were alive then? Some musicians, particularly singers, don't like hearing their own recordings. Where are you with that?

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I enjoyed my new record. And I was playing the music live. In the past, everything was live. She was a music teacher, [and] she worked very hard to be sure that her students could have the opportunity to get to state competitions. And she would very often drive them herself. Mother had such a generous heart. Mother and Daddy were absolutely passionate about each other their entire lives. They were truly one body, one mind, and one spirit.

She was my best friend and someone I really looked up to. I was constantly amazed at the way she could put words together, the way she could write letters and songs. She was gorgeous; she was a real room-rocker. She was always dressed to the nines, and she would never go out — even to the corner store — without bring fully made up.

When the police and coroner talked to me after she was killed, I asked them how they had found her, did she have on full makeup? When they told me that she had on just night cream, I knew it couldn't have been a murder-suicide but that it had to have been a madman, someone from the outside, who killed her since she never would have been sitting around without full makeup.

What will readers be most surprised to learn about you from this book?

rita coolidge nice to meet you

Gosh, I'm not sure. What were you most surprised to learn? I was surprised to learn about the physical abuse that you suffered from the hands of Jim Gordon and Kris Kristofferson, even though both incidents, as you point out in the book, were very different. That got me to thinking just how much abuse women suffered in the late '60s and into the '70s in spite of it's being a time of "peace and love. Kris was drunk and whirled around and struck me when I was trying to help him walk down the hall.

He didn't know until the next day, when he saw my black eye, that he had hit me, and he was very apologetic. Even so, no woman should be hit. When I shared with Bonnie [Bramlett], who's been my best friend all of our lives, the part of my book about Delaney's violence toward her, she said, "Thank you so much for telling the truth in this book. People need to know the way we were treated.

rita coolidge nice to meet you

I think readers will also be surprised to learn that I and Jim Gordon wrote a song called "Time Don't Let the World Get in the Way" that we played for Eric Clapton, who then appropriated it as that now-famous piano coda, without lyrics, to "Layla.

What's your vision of music? Music is a universal language. We all have music in us; it's the voice of the soul. That voice is always related to love and storytelling. I like what Booker says: Some of the songs I've been singing for years take on new meanings to me when I sing them in different places and see audiences engage in them.

You know, when I first started recording, I thought it was absolutely fabulous that a record label wanted me to make an album.

Over the years, I've realized the depth of music and the way that it flies into people's hearts. I take none of it for granted. Choosing songs is still sometimes a challenge.

Rita Coolidge

There was no momentum lost between albums and tours. Coolidge and Kristofferson combined both their touring bands into one extremely versatile outfit, perhaps the best performing backing band on the road today. As a duo, Kris and Rita have recorded two albums: We wanted to reach people personally with the songs, rather than just go for hits.

The response was immediate. More self-assured than ever, she has risen to the challenges of her mega-stardom with grace and power. Rita Coolidge continues to keep it all in perspective, devoting most of her on-and-off road time caring for her four year old daughter Casey Coolidge Kristofferson.

I love to sing, though.