Rroc national meet 2013

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rroc national meet 2013

As a RROC National Tour, attendees will register with National HQS. Rolls- Royce Owners Club at Winterthur's Point-to-Point Steeplechase in Delaware Members from Keystone, Chesapeake and Atlantic Regions to a fabulous Meet!. The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) lists with the representation of the thirty-ninth overall pick in the NFL Draft. RROC National Meet Lake Tahoe Santa Barbara Polo Club Concourse deElegance Dana Point Concourse deElegance Del Mar .

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The car was used by Leigh and his wife through the late s, but by Julyit was owned by B. Sleath, Esquire of Stratford-on-Avon.

RROC Lake Tahoe Show Field 2018

Like many other fine conveyances of its day, 42PY lay dormant through the war, until being seen driving through London by Anthony Gibbs around Gibbs extensively wrote about his experience with 42PY in A Passion For Cars; a copy of which is included in the file. It was a big black Rolls, shaped very much as my old Delage, but more beautiful still, because, instead of being a drophead, it had a marvelously square-cut top like a brougham.


He drove it daily during his ownership over the next five years, and his travels with 42PY included a tour across the continent.

In a truly amusing anecdote, Gibbs relays the realization that he was being followed at a distance by two marked and three unmarked police vehicles, due to suspicion of being in league with Communist sympathizers. Upon realizing he was being followed, Gibbs decided to make a parody out of the attempted cloak and dagger by leading the procession through the streets of London at 10 mph!

rroc national meet 2013

Ironically, aroundhe was stopped in the middle of an intersection in the very same manner that he had stopped the previous owner of the car. The gentleman who stopped him was an American, so when the deal for the purchase of the car was struck, 42PY traveled to the New World in the care of Arthur W. Seidenschwartz, of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental Sports Coupé by Freestone & Webb

Scheibel quickly commissioned a concours-quality restoration, with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent at that time. Remove the cap and twist the rotor. Does it turn a few degrees and snap back to position? If not, there may be a problem in the advance.

Shake the center shaft. That will give a rough idle, for sure. How do you know when they are bad?

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Start the car, run it 5 minutes, and shut it off. How many pumps do you get before the lights come on? In my opinion, any number under 20 is marginal.

rroc national meet 2013

If you have less brake energy storage than that, and you stall the motor on a hill, you are in big trouble. You are going to crash. Three of the cars in the show held ten pumps or less — too little for safety in my opinion.

Change your accumulators — they are cheap, especially when compared to accident repair. Next we looked at hard ride and bouncy cars. The most common cause of this is worn out gas springs in the rear suspension. They are very similar to the brake accumulators, checked in the previous paragraphs. When you hit a bump, oil flows out of the shock, down a line, and into the gas springs where it compresses the nitrogen gas.

Once the nitrogen is gone there is nothing to compress, and the car rides like it has square wheels. These nitrogen filled spheres lose their charge as they sit. Driving or storing the car makes little difference.

rroc national meet 2013

Expect a year service life in most cases. If yours are getting to that age, I suggest taking action now.

rroc national meet 2013

The next thing I will mention is cracked hoses. I saw many examples of fuel and coolant hoses that had visible dry rot cracking. Change those hoses right away! That cracking is the one clue you will get that they need to be changed. Blow a hose and spray fuel or coolant onto a hot exhaust manifold, and you will lost the car to fire.

And that takes me to my last point. Fewer than half the cars I looked at had fire extinguishers on board.