S12 nissan swap meet

Car Spotlight>> Colin's Sleeper Of An S12 Nissan - Speedhunters

s12 nissan swap meet

Car Spotlight>> Colin's Sleeper Of An S12 Nissan . awesom job to those guys that made the engine swap very clean one! Share. The Nissan SX is what we North Americans called the Silvia between and This is also more commonly known as the S12, and. now: it's an S12 Nissan SX, the precursor to the venerable Nissan When the stock motor died Henry decided to swap in a KA24 from an While in San Francisco I was fortunate enough to meet some of the other.

s12 nissan swap meet

We're talking shakotan street scraper low that means "low car" literally. The tire-to-fender clearance rivals that of valve lash tolerances.

Nissan SX Turbo - S12 Silvia - Super Street Magazine

I thought to myself "Jesus, how does this kid drive the car without the fenders eating the tires? Perched less than a millimeter above the tire, the front fenders have been thoroughly burned by the tires and have become a beautiful brownish color with bits of rubber decorating the very edge.

Engine Assembly - S12 Build Part 2

Just getting an S12 this low is a feat in and of itself. It takes more than a credit card and a trip to an online parts store to put one of these in the weeds. As Henry confirmed "there's absolutely no aftermarket for the S12" so he had to pave his own path. Using an array of S13 parts Henry began to piece the car together hacking, cutting and welding his way to a lower car. As a matter of fact it was suspension work that had kept Henry up the night before.

He was installing a set of SPL tension rods for an S13 onto his car; problem is the S12 tension rod has a stud on the end that secures through the bracket with a nut while the S13 tension rod is an eye-type connection with a bolt and nut combo to secure it.

1985 Nissan 200SX Turbo - Heart Breaker

About halfway through the explanation of his troubles he disappeared into his garage and immerged smiling and holding a jagged piece of metal that he had cut off only hours before.

The coolest part about this car is that the owner didn't give up in spite of all the odds against this car.

s12 nissan swap meet

When the stock motor died Henry decided to swap in a KA24 from an S13, a motor most owners would gladly throw away. But as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Making custom mounts using hockey pucks for bushings, Henry was able to shoehorn the KA into the S In order to utilize the 5-speed transmission from the KA without making a custom driveshaft he mated the front half of an S13 driveshaft to an S12 tailshaft.

This inventive thinking continues throughout the car.

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While the inside looks fairly spartan there was a lot of work involved to get the car where it is. Take the Bride seat fixed in the cockpit that's worth more than the car itself.

s12 nissan swap meet

I didn't know anything about cars at the time, so for the most part it all escaped my attention. Luckily for me, it was a solid driver, fit my budget and had that '80s look I wanted. But that's the ZX engine!

s12 nissan swap meet

Well, since my S12 is an SE model, which in the U. The VQ was a bit more expensive than it is now, so it didn't fit my budget, not to mention it'd also be a very tight fit.

The Definitive Guide To Nissan's Forgotten S-Chassis Cars

This left me with the RB, an inline-6 that meant easier access throughout the engine bay. I couldn't afford one of the higher model RBs, but knew that if I set myself up in general for one, I could upgrade from a RB20 to a 25 or Garage [based in Tacoma, Washington].

s12 nissan swap meet

Garage didn't have space to work on Colin's S12 at the time, so he tracked down an experienced S12 mechanic in the area by the name of Randy Sisler. After that, Colin really started to turn up the wick, deciding to fully build his RB20 in an effort to reach his power goals.

However, Randy only got halfway through the upgrades before unforeseen circumstances meant he couldn't finish the job. After renting a storage unit and attempting to complete the engine build himself, Colin soon realized his RB20 was in rougher shape than he had hoped.

Garage connection finally happened, with Doug Smith playing the role of lead surgeon on the Godzilla heart transplant, a job that required custom engine mounts, a wiring harness, a cooling system, a one-piece driveshaft, a downpipe and an oil pan adapter plate.

According to Colin, "Doug was actually always helping me, even while I was at other shops.