Season 6 ninjago meet cole

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season 6 ninjago meet cole

Meet the LEGO Ninjago Movie characters with nine new character banners! Cole's mech has built-in turntables and a powerful sub-woofer. Author has written 24 stories for Ninjago. .. Nov 4 - Published: Oct 11 - [Nya (AU ), Jay (AU)] Kai (AU), Cole (AU) - Complete Following the events of episode 92, Harumi meets one of her former generals at the . Oneshot set after season 6. These are the relationships of the Earth Ninja, Cole. In "Day of the Departed," Lou wondered what was taking Cole so long to meet him, as he was In Season 6, Nya ultimately chooses to be with Jay but Cole is supportive of her choice with .

How will the couple escape his clutches? And will wedding bells ring? But the world is changing - and so are they - and even as they try to get the Ultra Dragon back, Cole is left wondering if time doesn't do a little more than heal all wounds. But, within that darkness the last Elemental Master will arise, Kai and his fellow ninja must do everything in their power to find the last Master of Spinjitsu and stop the Serpentine.

It's a good thing Kai loves a good challenge The final book of Elements! The Serpentine need only secure the last two Fang Blades, will Zane get past his troubling emotions and find what he has been longing for or will disaster befall our heroes?

MoC's Christmas One Shots reviews A collection of Christmas-themed one shots, all set in the canon universe or movieverse.

Please read the author's note in the final chapter! On the Day of the Departed, year old Nya Smith befriends a strange but fascinating boy who doesn't really fit into modern day Ignacia. But as she soon finds out it's not a case of him being out of place there - but rather out of his time Hunted Lloyrumi Ninjago - Rated: Both having changed one just more visibly than the otherthey have a chance to make amends and become friends again.

Spoilers for Hunted and mention of character death. In the aftermath of Garmageddon, Lloyd, Nya, and PIXAL, aka 'the ones that got away', have to come to terms with the loss of their friends and family unknowing that Wu and the four Ninja are still alive. Together with some old friends, they are Ninjago's last hope against the new Emperor and the Sons of Garmadon. Antonia "Toni" Smith is a high school student in her final year, who has just stated working part-time at the local comic book store.

She generally enjoys her job and gets on well with the customers, if it just wasn't for the slightly annoying son of a famous movie star Cover was made by my friend Sopherloafer from wattpad. When Kai agrees to help set up two of his teammates - guess who ; - on a blind date for Valentine's Day, he unexpectedly also finds not a date for himself. But coming home from his playgroup one day, he suddenly doesn't like her anymore.

Can his father find out what is the matter with his son - and convince him that girls are everything but 'stoopid? While Zane is afraid of losing P. L again, Cyrus Borg has a surprise for the two Nindroids. On holidays with his parents and little sister, eleven-year old Kai Smith can't wait until he gets to go home again.

But that suddenly changes, when he finds a new friend in the hotel owner's daughter. When Kai and Nya take their parents on a visit to New Ninjago City, the four of them have lunch at the ninja's favourite noodle house. And while Ray and Maya have known the previous owner as an old enemy, they might find a new friend in his daughter.

T - English - Humor - Chapters: But Jay was confused. He didn't understand what was going on. Only when he heard those five words, Jay realised what had just happened.

The ninja find Lloyd missing, search for him, find the Lost City, and then they are held prisoner and have to face Samurai X. But they all escape and have to save Lloyd another day. Kai finds out that Nya is the Samurai and keeps her secret. They get their golden weapons back and fight another day. It is discovered that Garmadon has a mysterious connection with the Serpentine. The ninja train to face the five Serpentine tribes and stop them from unleashing The Great Devourera monstrous serpent-like reptile that will consume the entire land into darkness, along with the threat of Lord Garmadon's return looming in the horizon.

He asks for the Golden Weapons because its the only thing that can destroy the Devourer. So the ninja lure the giant snake into a trap where it stayed in one spot.

season 6 ninjago meet cole

Garmadon uses the weapons and kills the Serpent. He is nowhere to be seen and the ninja celebrate, but also mourn about their weapons being gone. They then spot Sensei Wu and come to him. For some reason he didn't get digested in the Devourer. Now the ninja tell Lloyd that he is more important than the Weapons of Spinjitzu and vow to train him for the Final Battle.

But without the Bounty, they have no place to properly train him. The threat of the Serpentine still exists, along with Lord Garmadon, who still possesses the ninja's weapons.

He uses the weapons to transform the destroyed Destiny's Bounty into the Black Bounty, a home for the Serpentine. The snakes have abandoned Skales to follow Lord Garmadon. His goal is to destroy the ninja before they could finish training Lloyd, leaving the Green Ninja's prophecy unfulfilled, allowing him to recreate Ninjago in his own image.

He and his generals set off on an expedition to find it. Skales betrays Lord Garmadon, and leaves him stranded in the middle of the ocean, while he returns to Ouroboros as the new Snake King. When a museum exhibit goes crazy, the Ninja arrive to stop it. Apparently, the Great Devourer's venom can bring Stone Warriors to life. While at the museum, they run into Lloyd's mother, Misakowho tells the ninja the rest of the story on Ninjago's beginning.

Long ago, an evil spirit known as the Overlord plagued Ninjago with darkness, but was continually defeated by the First Spinjitzu Master. One day, the Overlord created his army of indestructible stone warriors, the Stone Army. The First Spinjitzu Master knew he would lose, so he divided Ninjago in half, leaving the Overlord on one sideand the peace and light on the other. The Over-Lord and his army were never seen again, until the Serpentine lead by Skales decided to burrow under Ninjago City in order to get revenge one the surface dwellers.

Under the city, they found a tomb filled with Stone Warriors. The Stone Warriors are brought to life by the Devourer's venom, and they trap the Serpentine in the tomb, before invading Ninjago city. The city's residents are forced to flee with the ninja to a hiding spot near the ocean.

The heroes board the Destiny's Bounty and head for the Dark Island, in order to restore their elemental powers and defeat the Stone Army once and for all. Lord Garmadon, however, finds the Island of Darkness and the Overlord. The Overlord makes Garmadon the king of his army, and plots to help Garmadon recreate the world in his image.

They then construct their ultimate weapon. The ninja arrive and, upon regaining their elemental powers through swords they find in the Temple of Lightattempt to thwart Garmadon and the Overlord, first by attempting to stop the final battle altogether and later by actually facing Garmadon. However, the Overlord takes over Garmadon's body, causes Lloyd to break his leg, and proceeds to use Dark Matter to turn all of Ninjago City's inhabitants evil while leaving the heroes stranded on the Dark Island.

The Ninja manage to leave the island, though, and Lloyd faces the Overlord in his fortress in Ninjago Cityunleashing the power of the golden dragon and defeating the Overlord once and for all. Through this, Garmadon is also reverted back to his pre-evil state, and the Ninja's work is done, though they vow that they will always be ninja, ready to fight evil when they are needed. Besides being bored in class all day, Kai and the rest of the ninja dream of the days when they fought the forces of evil, but in the updated and technologically advanced world of Ninjago, there is no need for ninja any longer.

The romantic bond between Jay and Nya is interrupted after she discovers, through New Ninjago City's technology, that Cole is her perfect match instead of Jay. After Jay finds this out, he is outraged and blames it on Cole. Here begins a small argument over Nya's heart, but she cannot decide who to choose. This war continues on through season 4. Meanwhile, Zane starts to lose his heart to P. L, another droid in which he encounters at Borg tower. Soon, however, in New Ninjago Citytrouble begins to brew.

Famed inventor Cyrus Borgthe creator of virtually all the new technology in New Ninjago City, begins acting very strange. Armies of Nindroidsled by the evil OverBorghave begun to take over the city. The ninja's are given new suits and techno blades by Cyrus Borg before he is infected by the Overlord. Sensei Wu is captured by the nindroids and transformed into Evil Wu. Zane shares half of his mysterious power source to P. L after an event in which she loses power.

They become as one, and Zane cannot perform Spinjitzu without her. Meanwhile, the hardrive went missing and a stranger helps in finding the Golden Ninja.

They trapped Lloyd and Garmadon in Hyroshi's Labyrinth and it is revealed that the stranger is Pythor! They leave Garmadon, but take Lloyd with them, and the process for taking the Golden Power has begun as the Ninja enter the Digiverse.

They battle the Overlord in an attempt to reboot the activation port. They succeed, but the Overlord is back, but not in the form that he wanted to be. They intercepted a message, it was called "Codename: L spotted two trucks run by Nindroids. So Kai follows them, gets on, and finds out that they were carrying Jet Fuel, the worst part: Kai lit the match to the trucks. Just when they thought they lost Kai, he notifies that he is still alive, but the Overlord as well.

The trucks stop, and Kai broke his cover and is now captured. Wu and Garmadon call all the Ninja to Borg tower. They search for answers and it is discovered that the Nindroids are going after the only thing that can turn the Overlord into the Golden Master: Which were shot into space.

The Nindroids are building a rocket to the comet Arcturus.

season 6 ninjago meet cole

They travel to the Lost City of Orobrus, find the rocket and they to stop the launch but fail. They rescue Kai, but they enter the rocket to stop them and so the Ninja enter space for the first time. Cryptor finds out that the Ninja stowed away and so he steers the spaceship into the comet's tail. The Ninja survive, and they take one of the rovers and follow the Nindroids.

All they need is to get the launch key and fly the rocket ship out so that the Nindroids can't take the Weapons with them. They succeeded, but the ship was eaten by these insects that eat through metal. The Nindroids escape with the Golden Weapons leaving the Ninja stranded. Now the Ninja pick up some scrapes and they build their way off by making a smaller rocket ship.

And they fly back to Ninjago. Borg escapes and sends the Ninja a message about the Temple of Fortitude, the fortress that the stone Warriors used during their battle with the First Spinjitzu Master. They arrive, use Stone Armour that can resist golden power, and take the two Masters to give a shrinking pill to the Overlord. But they failed when Pythor ate it and shrunk. But it is discovered by P. L that Zane is alive. Season 4 The Tournament of Elements [ edit ] It has been several months since Zane sacrificed himself to defeat the Overlord, and the remaining members of the ninja team have been scattered, with only Lloyd remaining a ninja.

Cole has become a lumberjack, Jay a TV host, and Kai a fighter in the slither pit. Lloyd tries to convince the other ninja at Chen's noodlehouse to find a new member to replace Zanebut they are interrupted by Chen 's thugs, whom they fight and then find an invitation to Chen's Tournament of Elements.

While at the tournament, the ninja realize that the whole tournament is just a set up for Chen to steal everyone's elemental powers. They decide to find Zane, and then get off the island, but Chen foils their plans by pitting Jay against Cole. He is eliminated, and his powers stolen. He is sent to work with the other defeated masters in the noodle factory, and eventually spots Zane in one of the cells.

He and Zane manage to escape, but they return to help free there other companions. Meanwhile, Nya is acting as a spy for the ninja, dressed as one of Chen's Kabuki. Sneaking into Clouse's office, she discovers that Chen plans to use a spell to turn everyone with the Mark of the Anacondrai into Anacondrai. She steals the spell so that the ninja can convince the other elemental fighters about Chen's plot.

The ninja discover that Garmadon was once Chen's pupil, therefore possessing the mark of the Anacondrai. After Chen managed to steal all Elemental Powers, Kai, with the help of Skylor, his love interest, who betrayed the ninja by revealing herself as Chen's daughter, breaks the Staff of Elements. However Clouse discovers that Skylor can complete the spell due to her ability to absorb all of the Elemental Powers.

Chen and his thugs captures Skylor and run away on the island. After Garmadon banished Clouse to the Cursed Realm in a duel, and after ninja failed to stop the spell and everyone with the Mark of the Anacondrai turned into Anacondrai, they travel to Ninjago to rule it.

Chen discovers only an essence of a true Anacondrai can make the spell permanent. Using Pythor he makes the spell permanent, and a fight start at the Corridor of Elders. Pythor realizes that there is another way to stop them by releasing the ancient Anacondrai Generals from the Cursed Realm to destroy Chen's new Anacondrai.

season 6 ninjago meet cole

By opening the Cursed Realm and saving everyone, Garmadon sacrifices himself and becomes imprisoned in the Cursed Realm. Season 5 Possession [ edit ] Lloyd becoming possessed by the ghost ninja Morro who escaped from the Cursed Realm at the end of season 4.

Morro only wanted Wu's staff that was owned by the First Spinjitzu Master. The staff falls out of Wu's hands and rolls on the floor seeing that there was a secret message engraved on the staff. Morro took it, but Nya knocked a shelf over on him and Wu took it back.

Kai stays on the ground to fight Morro by himself. Kai reaches Lloyd until he got picked up by the Bounty's anchor. Morro tries to pull them down, but Nya hits one of the switches and the Bounty leaves Steep Wisdom and Morro. They try to escape but Morro was quicker than the Bounty. Wu manages to make an imprint and throws the staff out of the ship and Morro follows. The Bounty crash lands and they have to camp for the night.

Wu tells them how he met Morro and how he was possibly going to be the Green Ninja. The next morning they are getting ready to leave for the Domu Library for the scroll of Airjitzu, but Zane recalls that Ronin stole the scroll and Jay say that's good news because Morro will be heading there, and if they arrive by Stixx at night, then they have a day's start.

‘LEGO: Ninjago’ Season 6 Review: Meet the Masters of Spinjitzu in This Action-Packed Series

And night, they reach an abandoned train station and one of Morro's allies comes and tries to make them all ghosts. Cole, however, catches the ghost chain and takes it to the water tower, and pulls Wrayth off his bike.

A train passes through and Wrayth pulls his weapon out of the tower, but water water comes on top of him and he goes "Poof! They walk into Ronin's pawnshop and find artifacts from everywhere. Even the Blade cup that Cole's father won he stole! Ronin walks in and the ninja gang up on him and he tries to sell the scroll forbut then raised it to because "all of Ninjago depends on it".

Kai negotiates wit Ronan and the price for the scroll is now They try to make money, but Zane is in command, but they all failed. Zane's voice box is out of whack so his words are jumbled up. Morro arrives and captures Ronin and lets the Ninja find the scroll so he can take it himself. They found it, but Ronin takes the scroll and leaves in his airship R. But Morro blows him out of the ship so the chase goes on.

Ronan loses the scroll to Morro, so the Ninja race after him. One by one, the ninja go down, except for Kai. He loses Morro and is stranded on a pole. That is, until Ronin comes back and helps him, but for a small fee, of course.

Kai arrives back and tells the others that they still have a chance: At the Temple on Haunted hill, they wait till nightfall to go in and they are trapped for the night without knowing.

Episode 9, The Royal Blacksmiths: A similar theme to last episode, Cole gets his true potential, and his relationship with his dad is what was holding him back. He goes most of the episode saying that his dad can't know he's a ninja because his dad wanted him to be a singer or dancer. At one point his dad says "I can't be proud of someone who thinks stealing is good. If they don't get it the serpentine will and the great devoured will be unleashed, but Cole instantly changes their plan and they decide to actually do the talent competition they were at to get the fang blade, and they win.

Coles dad accepts him as a ninja and all is good. Lesson is that you can't let someone control your life or tell you what to be. Follow your dreams and find something you're good at that you enjoy.

Episode 10, The Green Ninja: What was keeping him from achieving it was his fear of making the wrong choice in a life or death situation. He had to choose between the last fang blade or saving Lloyd. He put himself in danger by trying to get the fang blade, so the rest of the ninja couldn't get out in time if they tried to save him and lloyd, so with no way out, Kai finally chooses to save Lloyd and forget the fang blade.

All he wanted was to prove he was worthy of being the green ninja, but then he realised that all his training wasn't to be the green ninja, but to protect him. I guess the lesson here is that some things are more important than trying to prove your worth. Or that even the protectors of heroes can be as great as the heroes themselves. It's hard to tell in this episode as its not actually vocally mentioned.

Episode 11, All of Nothing: Zane states he'll use his new falcon vision if the venomari use their venom on him. The lesson of all of those would be always be prepared for whatever situation you're going to be in.

The main lesson comes in the form of Garmadon talking to Lloyd, and the message that comes across is that nobody is completely evil or bad. Lord Garmadon my be the empidiment of evil, he still cares about his family and will do whatever it takes to protect Lloyd, his son. Episode 12, Rise of The Great Devourer: In this episode and the next it's somewhat hard to find a lesson, as they try not to shove a lesson down your throat and focus on the finale of the season instead.

Episode 13, Day of The Great Devourer: And that's speaking more so about the ending of the episode, where lord Garmadon is the one to actually destroy the Devourer with help of the ninja. But also that no matter the situation, never give up. No matter how impossible the situation seems, if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed. But 5 minutes into the episode, Kai gives a speech, and states, "Sensei once told me that it's not the size of the ninja in the fight, but the size of the fight in the ninja.

We can't just give up now. A ninja always picks himself up when he's down. After everything you've been through, you can't just give up the moment something seems too hard.

Just because something is difficult, it does not mean it is impossible. All of these lessons just from the first season. It took me about 3 hours to write this. All of these lessons can be related to everyday life in one way or another and I think it would be good to learn these at a young age so you go through life with knowledge of all of these things, for example, going through life with the knowledge that not everybody is who they act like they are, so don't be too surprised if they have a complete personality change, or that not everybody is going to accept you for who you are, and those people don't matter in the long run, it's the people who do accept you for you that really matter.

Things Ninjago taught me: Don't be the person everyone wants you to be. The Royal Blacksmiths Everyone has a good side that stays quiet out of fear that it's alone. Quote from Lloyd in the 2nd season Actions have consequences basically everything Pythor did and what happened to him in the end You're never fully evil Lord Garmadon It doesn't matter what you're made of. It only matters who you are as a person. Zane, and the events of Tick Tock Protectors of heroes can be as legendary as the heroes themselves.

All the ninja and Lloyd, plus The Green Ninja episode Some of us may look a little different, but like our team, some things never change. Cole Even in the darkness we have the choice to reflect the light. Zane A ninja never admits defeat.

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Kai As iron sharpens iron, brother sharpens brother. Jay You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. A family doesn't have to be related to be family. Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Sensei Wu Girls are just as powerful as guys.