Sims 2 bon voyage meet bigfoot

Mod The Sims - About Bigfoot and the Secret Lot

The Sims 2 Bon Voyage: Bigfoot Guide talent badges in every talent and always meets the friend requirements when eligible for promotion. [] Welcome to Bon Voyage Welcome to the Expansion Pack Bon Voyage, the 6th in Inside your box, you might have the teaser for the next Sims 2 expansion pack, .. You need to find all three secret lots, the one in the Three Lakes, Twikkii .. Should they run away or stay and try to take some pictures of the bigfoot?. Buy The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack - Win - CD at Going on vacation is really fun & everytime you go back, you find something new to do. they went to Twikii islands and found a map that led them to Bigfoot.

Sims may camp in a tent or stay at a wooden lodge. The Sims may also sit around a campfire or go log riding. Sims who find a secret map may discover the secret of Bigfoot while visiting the "secret lot". In the Far East location, Sims may play mahjong, get massages and drink tea at special tables.

Sims may even see a ninja and may learn the art of teleportation. They may meet some of the locals and learn how to bow from them. A secret lot is also available here. There are also Asian-style windows, doors and wallpaper.

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Some new objects include hotel theme object sets, massage table, hot springs, tropical, mountain and far east foliage, etc. The sauna, tent and hammock are new objects. There are also several new hairstyles and clothes that include kimonos, swimming gear and hula skirts. Sims may also acquire jewelry like watches, earrings, nose piercings and bracelets during Create-A-Sim and on vacation. Each vacation place give Sims new jewelry that they can set to their different outfits.

With the expansion pack "Apartment Life" players can put apartments in the vacation locations, instead of a vacation home. Other[ edit ] Sims can take snapshots or movies on vacation.

The Sims 2: Bon voyage.

The player may also walk to other lots instead of driving or calling a cab. The new radio stations from this pack include: Local music, World music, Big Band, and Vacation themed music.

sims 2 bon voyage meet bigfoot

It is also possible to create community lot chapels, for marriages and to create hotels for Sims. Congratulaitons, you have just completed 'Ordered Room Service.

He will set you up with all the tours, and you can ask him 'What's cool here? Going on at least one tour will complete 'Check out local sights' which will fill out and then become 'Went on a tour.

There are three different tour vehicles. The fun purple taxi The great red tour bus And the really loud blue helicopter. Three Lakes only has the purple taxi though Go to all three tours offered here. Go to at least five different tours to fill out the first, and then visit all nine to fill out the other memento. Tours come with random chance cards, much like with your careers.

sims 2 bon voyage meet bigfoot

The outcome is random every time, and can result in gaining or losing money, gaining or losing skill points, or you can be chased by bees No more waiitng forever for the taxi! The locals in the Mountains aren't hard to spot.

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Finished Impressions - IGN

They sport plaid flannel shirts with suspenders. Completing 'Pound you Chest like a True Mountainteer' takes some time. You need to wait for a local or a tourist that already knows this custom to gesture you with a chest pound. Once one preson has done it to you once, the option now opens for you to gesture people with a chest pound. At first your attemps will look a little akward, and you sound really funny.

Sit on down and order some food. Order the Flapjacks to fill out 'Flapjacks. Unfortunatly, the only way you can eat these foods is if you visit a Mountain location.

You can't make them at home. You can't get memento from buying jewelry or souveniers, but I thought I would let you know where they are located anyways. Souveniers come in brihgtly colored boxes, and you can put them on a special shelf at home. Your friends will greatly admire them. Let's have some fun! Tha'ts what a vacation is for anyways, right? Throwing axes is much like throwing darts To complete 'Hit that Target' you need to play this game.

It takes a few tries, but eventually you will hit the red dot in the middle. Only when you get a bullseye, will you fill out the memento 'Got a Bullseye at Axe Throwing. Is there something wrong with them? A massage is a great way to relax, and you don't always have to be on vacation to get one, or give one.

Click on 'Learn deep tissue massage' on either the table or the person giving the massage. For a price, you will have 'Learned Deep Tissue Massage' in you mementos. Be sure to check out this large mounted tree trunk. I'm not sure how long you have to look it at, but the memento 'Examined the Tree Ring Display' filled up for me after about 10 different things popped up, and after it told me a story about Grilled Cheese. You need to have two people on this at once.

The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Bigfoot

In oder to 'Stay on the Log and Win,' you must do just that. Keep playing until your partner falls into the water. Now you have filled out 'Won at Log Rolling.

You can find hidden objects, buried treasure, and maps to secret locations. You need to dig a while to fill out 'Find a Lead to Hidden Secrets.

sims 2 bon voyage meet bigfoot

Things not available in buy more are three sizes of rocks, which you can later sell anywhere fromand also bones, sellable for If you find maps, you can sell them for I suggest you keep hold of them in your inventory. Only if they are in your inventory will you be able to visit the secret place they hold. You can find buried treasure anywhere!

sims 2 bon voyage meet bigfoot

Though you can find a map to buried treasure in a pirate ship, this does not mean that you can't find treasure without it. I hadn't been to a pirate ship, and I found two treasure chests in Takmizu Village, as well as one at Three Lakes. To fill out 'Find the Buried Treasure' you need only to dig around. Eventually you will find one and fill out 'Dug up a Treasure Chest.

Pipes always ruin all the fun! You hygene will go down drastically, an so will your environment. Puddles will keep on appearing until you fill up the hole, or leave the lot Unless it is at your hotel, then it won't stop spraying.

Cleaning up the puddles prevents weeds from growing. After you are done, take a nice shower, and keep digging until you find the 'Map to the Hidden Burrow. A new lot will be available to you, with a little question mark on the side.

Go ahead and visit the Hidden Burrow. There you will meet Bigfoot! You have a memento that says 'Make a Furry Friend.