Sonic characters meet kaa

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sonic characters meet kaa

amy_rose femdom happy_trance kaa_eyes malesub sonic_the_hedgehog .. Ranjan and his Father meet Kaa by silvertongueVI Father, Pai, Dads. By: air ee kaa. When Cream and Amy Sonic x Amy, possibly some Shadow x Amy, Rouge x Knuckles, Tails x Cream. Sonic characters are copyright to Sonic Team. "We've got to go meet everyone at Cream's house.". I'm also a huge fan of Kaa the Snake, and everything hypnosis-related, including slow . Naruto is recruited by Claudette to guide her home where they meet rebel soldiers .. Despite all of the storybook characters being sent back, one menages to Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: M - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 2.

Plots are almost non-existent, save for a set-up to the pairing. Absolutely NOT for anyone under My Little Pony - Rated: Legacy of the Soul Society by Rikudou Shinigami reviews After escaping the snake's stomach, Naruto discovers a strange blue orb, and gains four Zanpakutos.

Naruto will strive to bring back glory to his clan, with the most powerful Doujutsu in the world. Going to be redone. Rise Of The Kaiser: What if Jaden was the son of duel monsters tycoon Seto Kaiba? Well read and find out! Rated M just to be safe. Punishment by Gingalain reviews This is a one-shot of a only mature story with lemon about the QB girls.

Do not read it if you are not over 18 or You are be warned. Also review and rate. Provides closure on LanaxAiri pairing.

Soon, they all take a bath together and have some bathing fun together. Sequel to Moonlight WaterZone. The Adventure of Naruto by Venomhand reviews After an attack on ship he was during his 'training trip', Naruto is rescued and brought to the Queen's Blade land.

sonic characters meet kaa

Three years later, he hears about the tournament and sets off. He makes the mistake of walking in on Minatsuki after a shower and must become something to save his life.

sonic characters meet kaa

Timeskip of four years. For my birthday today. But when the hunters become the hunted, the situation goes from scary to Rated M for explicit content. My darkest installment yet. Alternate plotline found on Archive of Our Own.

sonic characters meet kaa

Thankfully, his panther guardian, Bagheera, has some plans for that, even though they involve breaching into the territory of the terrifying Jungle Witch While protecting her, Naruto is accidentally hurt by one of her holy poses. How does she help him recover when they bathe together? Have FUN reading, and feel free to review. Infatuated by her, can he break out of her perfect spell? T - English - Romance - Chapters: Naruto looked into the mirror, Hinata's face staring back.

Hinata was frozen as she slowly touched her blonde hair in disbelief " M - English - Humor - Chapters: The Maelstrom and the Benevolent Bandit by Raptorcloak reviews Naruto is hired by Risty to help her feed an orphanage and the two become fast friends.

Plenty of Elina bashing.

sonic characters meet kaa

Now is the moment young Rainbow Dash can finally prove her skills to the famed Wonderbolts. To join this squadron, one must first pass initiation. Naruto met Haku in the forest and fell in love, after being insulted again he defects, and teh two of them went on to make their own life. Later on though a certain Hyuuga joins their love. That's all I can really say I own nothing, and rated M for later chapters.

Inside is a better summary of the whole thing. Roger must come to the rescue of both of his friends. I Dream of Jeannie - Rated: Hypnotic hexes reviews Chrom seems to have been hit by a kind of curse coming from their latest recruit, Tharja the dark mage. What are her plans for him and can he trust someone who has just defected to their side?

Fire Emblem - Rated: Whatever will happen to him when their leader decides he'd make a good addition to their ranks, whether he wants to or not? Fortunately, she does remember a specific technique that he fell for way back in Whiskey Peaks, one that will inevitably bring them closer somehow ZoroxVivi fic with lemon and hypnosis. One Piece - Rated: M - English - Chapters: Contains corruption, mind control, fetish material and humiliation. What are his plans for the lands of Sarasraland and the Mushroom Kingdom?

Thankfully, their salvation may just like in the hands of an Egyptian Queen and a particularly skillful maid, who each comes with seductive, enchanting and mesmerizing results D'jinn of the Krazoa As Krystal frees a Krazoa spirit, a plan emerges to form a mighty champion to protect Sauria from the many dangers that threatens it.

Unbeknownst to the blue vixen and a certain fox from space, it will change their life forever Star Fox - Rated: She finds a way, yet one that will surely take advantage of a certain dim-witted warrior from Scuttle Town Red Sonja - Rated: Perhaps by turning her into an ally amongst other things?

Featuring hypnosis, transformation, belly buttons and various pairings. Fairy Tail - Rated: The Snake Dancer reviews There is a particular saleswoman with mysterious ability, a snake-woman named Tuki, who helps Shantae in her quest by selling strong and mysterious dances.

However, could there be another reason altogether as to why she helps the half-genie hero?

sonic characters meet kaa

How does a French actress accomplish such a feat? An encounter, in private, with her shall reveal the secret of her success as well as a few desires of his as well What exactly happened to give her access to such a lost art?

What and who will she find in Scuttle Town that might catch her interest? Corruption, hypnosis and other nice stuff included. Wonder Woman - Rated: What are the implications of such a finding and how will it change things for our intrepid little aide?

Is she in danger or are these monsters more than they seems? Containing hypnosis of all kinds. The Succubus Dance reviews With Shantae in peril, will her new transformative belly-dance be enough to save her from her precarious situation against Risky Boots, the scouge of the seven seas?

Warning, contain a lot of adult themes. Luckily for her, a grown man cub and his guardian are on their way toward her. Shall it prove to be a simple hunt, or are there surprises ahead for the snake temptress? Contains many a great things, including hypnosis, coiling, humiliation, vore and others. Before the first encounter reviews It seems that Mowgli and Kaa encountered in a purely circumstancial manner, but what if things weren't so simple? How could one snake plan for an encounter with the man-cub and how did he achieve it?

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Contains mind control and other kinky stuff. Tired of being beaten by Iron Man and Force Works, a little robbery would do her some good. However, things don't go quite as planned Entering the infamous snake-lair, whatever danger might they find? Can they both defeat the evil found within it? Shovel Knight - Rated: Contains hypnosis and multiple endings. A being who has nefarious plans for her as well as her team.

Now with a second part, thanks to some help from J4RRE77 from deviantart. Teen Titans - Rated: What would have happened if Jafar had been more cunning and creative with his spells and his staff then? Contains TG and Hypnosis. Contains belly-dancing and other nice things. Sly Cooper - Rated: Whatever will happen to our favourite reporter? Whatever shall happen to the super heroine?