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GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews/08 February) -- South Cotabato's They call this jeep as "double tire" because of the extra rear tires to handle the heavy load, like the sacks and sacks of women's meter dash at the provincial divisions athletic meet in Nasipit, Agusan del . Roel Catoto - July 13, 42 am. south cotabato: must-see, must-do, must-meet South Cotabato used to be a large province that included the coastal towns before these. Spending some sixteen years on my home province gave me a sense of affection But the trip is twice engaging, especially while on the jeep trip to Lake Sebu. my mom's delish home-cooked meals and Tupi's fresh fruits, meeting Linan's . College Placement Exam craa meet Craa meet craa meet result cresta del .

Patronal Fiesta Celebration every 4th Sunday of May. A number of a beach resort is now existing in this coastal barangays. The network of caves can also be found in Salangsang, Keytodac, Bululawan and Capilan.

The most popular are Camilmil pit, Lom cave, Kiangus pit and, Sataluday cave, Capilan Bat cave and Tinubak cave and falls in Keytodac consist of class II cave, underground river and jump into a falls [49] [50] Hot Spring located in Nuling are another big things in Lebak's tourism industry. Tourist will surely enjoy the activities like beach, swimming, beach volleyball, educational tour, boating on both estuarine and sea, and adventures.

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Labog — Reynaldo P. Almirante died in office Salvador G. Delasan Transportation[ edit ] Lebak has a road network of The distance to the nearest airport Awang Domestic Airport is Transportation from and to the muicipalites was already in place since Early steamers like Fernadez Hermanos, Neil McLeod and Mindanao from Manila had regular call at Lebak port, Tablas had iregular interval while Research had irregular trips also survey the.

Rough road to Isulan by provincial road sometimes take 1 day. The shipping from Port of Cotabato to Lebak by motorboat locally called lantsa an engine powered small boat also took 12 hours of travel. Local transportation includes UV express, motor vehicles, trucks, modified motorcycle habal-habal or skylab and even horseback riding are common in some area. Large earth cracks can be observed at the peak.

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Locals say it was caused by the March 5, earthquake. The quake registered a powerful 7. It spawned landslides at the walls of Mt Parker which triggered the overflow of Lake Holon and inundating for the second time the 6 towns in South Cotabato and 5 towns in Sultan Kudarat.

The quake also created tsunamis as high as 3 meters in the coastal town of Kiamba, Sarangani province. A fellow mountaineer standing near one of the large cracks The earth cracks have gaps as wide as two meters with depths that are still unmeasured.

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One mountaineer fell inside one of these cracks during the First Ascent climb. What would you feel if it was you hanging there with half of your body inside the hole of unknown depth? Going to the peak The summit of Mt parker through the Tbolok trail can be accessed through the Barangays Afus-Tbolok road.

From the poblacion, a habal-habal ride can be taken for a fare of P Locals are still inexperienced in terms of climb guiding and accommodating tourists but they can be negotiated to guide or as porters for fair fees. It's a long way up but you will forget about everything once you reach the peak Going to the peak climbers have to cross small creeks and rivers that serve as tributariesof Ga-o and Tbolok Rivers. These rivers merge at the entrance of Tbolok proper. These tributaries originate from Lake Holon and merges with Allah river that extends more than kilometers to Maguindanao and Cotabato City.

Riparian zones of the rivers that exit Tbolok are not well-vegetated and degraded, perhaps partly because of the past flashfloods.

The villagers of Tbolok are ready to give a lift to a tired visitor From Brgy Tbolok, it will take approximately two hours before reaching Camp 1. Climbers have to pass through rolling hills filled with buyo-buyo Imelda bushsecondary forests, top ridges, rivers and open farm lands planted with a variety of vegetables and farm crops. The top ridges are covered with creeping bushes which could lead a careless climber to a bad fall. From Camp 1 to the peak is another long trek of approximately four hours.

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The longer trail passes through open brush lands on top ridges and close canopies of mossy forests. The trail used to be a hunters trail for the local huntsmen thus animal traps for deers and wild boars can be seen along the way.

The Rare Flora and Fauna A variety of ferns, wild orchids, weird-looking mushrooms, wild flowers and rare flora like pitcher plants are aplenty along the trail. Red stick insects also thrive in the forests of Parker and my group was lucky to have seen one. The bad news was one of my climbing buddies accidentally sat on it. The red stick insect was already lifeless when we saw it inside her tent.

Many parts of the trail are considered alimatok leech country, meaning places where these blood-sucking assassins thrive.