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spongebob episode meet sandy

Directed by Jared Winkler. With Melinda Hughes, Jim Mills, Jared Winkler. SpongeBob and Sandy meet at the Shady No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up , but. "Tea at the Treedome" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one. In this episode, SpongeBob meets Sandy Cheeks. This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Tea at the [ SpongeBob continues, Sandy finishes prying the clam open from inside it and.

SpongeBob's hobbies include catching jellyfishblowing bubblesplaying with his best friend Patrick, and unintentionally irritating his neighbor Squidward. He first appears in " Help Wanted ". Patrick Star Patrick Star voiced by Bill Fagerbakke is a pink starfish who lives under a rock and wears flowered swim trunks.

spongebob episode meet sandy

His most prominent character trait is his extremely low intelligence. He is best friends with SpongeBob and often unknowingly encourages activities that get the two into trouble. He is generally slow and easy-going but can sometimes get aggressive, much like real starfish. Squidward Tentacles Squidward Tentacles voiced by Rodger Bumpass is an octopus with a large nose who works as a cashier at the Krusty Krab.

He is SpongeBob's next-door neighbor with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He plays the clarinet and often paints self-portraits in different styles, which he hangs up around his moai house. Although he does not like SpongeBob and Patrick, they are oblivious to his animosity and consider him a close friend. He is self-content, cunning, and obsessed with the value and essence of money.

He dislikes spending money but will go to great lengths to make Pearl happy. Having served in the navy, he loves sailing, whales, sea shantiesand talking like a pirate. Plankton and Karen Main article: Plankton and Karen Sheldon Plankton voiced by Mr. Lawrence and Karen Plankton voiced by Jill Talley are the owners of the Chum Bucket, an unsuccessful restaurant located across the street from the Krusty Krab. Their business is a commercial failure because they sell mostly inedible foods made from chum.

Plankton is a small planktonic copepod [21] and the self-proclaimed archenemy of Mr. He is a skilled inventor and possesses a Napoleon complex due to his short stature. Sandy Cheeks Main article: Sandy Cheeks Sandy Cheeks voiced by Carolyn Lawrence is a squirrel from Texas who lives in an air-filled glass dome and wears a diving suit to breathe underwater.

Sandy works as a scientist, explorer, and inventor. She is a rodeo champion with a number of athletic interests, such as "sand-boarding" and karate. Puff voiced by Mary Jo Catlett is a paranoid pufferfish who is SpongeBob's teacher at boating school, an underwater driver's education facility where students drive boats like cars. She wears a sailor suit and her school is made from a submerged lighthouse. Puff's most dedicated student and knows the answer to every question on her written and oral exams, but always panics and crashes when he actually boards a vessel.

She will inherit the Krusty Krab from her father when she grows older, but is still in high school and does not yet have a job at the family business. Pearl's favorite activities are working at the Bikini Bottom Mall, using her father's credit card to buy anything that is in style, and listening to pop music. Depicted as a level-headed character, Gary often serves as a voice of reason for SpongeBob and solves problems that his owner cannot. He has a pink shell that is impractically spacious on the inside.

Supporting characters Patchy the Pirate Patchy the Pirate portrayed and voiced by Tom Kenny is the host of the series' special episodes. He is a live-action pirate and the president of the fictional SpongeBob fan club.

He lives in an unnamed suburb of Encino, Californiaand segments hosted by him are often presented in a dual narrative with the animated stories. Lawrence is Patchy's green pet parrotdepicted as a crudely-made puppet with googly eyes controlled by very obvious strings. The character's name is a reference to "Polly wants a cracker," a phrase often used for parrots to vocally mimic. Potty is obnoxious and often annoys or talks back to Patchy while the latter is trying to host an episode.

French Narrator The French Narrator voiced by Tom Kenny is a scuba diver with a camera who often introduces episodes or narrates the intertitles as if the series was a nature documentary about the ocean. He has a thick French accent as a reference to the distinctive speaking style of oceanographer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau. He is normally only heard, but physically appears twice: Puff inadvertently hit him while driving, and in "Feral Friends", in which he is revealed to own a submarine.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Main article: Aquaman artist Ramona Fradon drew the characters' comic book adventures. He haunts the seven seas because his unburied corpse was used as a window display. He collects souls as a Satan -like character and resides in a cavern containing Davy Jones' Lockera literal locker stuffed with smelly socks, which within the series is analogous to Hell and occasionally mentioned as a curse word.

In " SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One ," the musician Davy Jones makes a cameo appearance throwing socks from the locker at the Dutchman. He is first mentioned in "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost" but does not have a speaking role until "Scaredy Pants".

In the series, Neptune lives in a palace in Atlantis with his wife Amphitrite and son Triton. He is usually portrayed as arrogant and selfish, showing little sympathy for the sea's fish populace. Neptune has a mostly blue-green color scheme with a long brown beard and hair.

In the film, he resides near Bikini Bottom with his daughter Mindy and resembles a green-skinned king with a robe, neatly-trimmed hair, a domed crown to cover his bald spot, and powers limited to what can be exercised through his trident. Lawrence is an announcer and news anchor fish, resembling a cut-out of a live-action trout. He appears in the series' opening theme. McTrout" in commercials for Nicktoons UK. While the Realistic Fish Head only reports on television news programs, Perch makes physical appearances reporting about events that occur.

He is normally purple with a dark purple coat with a black wig and headphones, although some episodes and Nicktoons MLB show him with an orange color scheme and a red coat. Larry the Lobster Larry the Lobster voiced by Mr.

Lawrence is a lobster lifeguard at Goo Lagoon. Larry is a bodybuilder and workout fanatic who lifts weights. Harold and Margaret SquarePants Mr.

spongebob episode meet sandy

Harold is brown with glasses and a moustache, while Margaret is dark orange. They seem to live outside of Bikini Bottom, but still take the time to visit their son on occasion. They are proud of SpongeBob but embarrassed that he still does not have a driver's license.

She has six children with her late husband, whose wisdom SpongeBob sometimes cites when he plans something.

SpongeBob SquarePants - S01E03 - Tea at the Treedome - video dailymotion

She spoils SpongeBob whenever he visits her house with cookies, milk, sweaters, and bedtime stories, even though SpongeBob can get embarrassed by it.

He owns a ridiculously large, almost castle-like four-story mansion with an expansive garden on the rooftop. He first appears in " Band Geeks ". Krabs' overbearing mother who still treats him slightly like a child. She is a friend of Old Man Jenkins. She first appears in " Sailor Mouth " and has been mostly retired from the show, aside from a cameo in "Lame and Fortune". Man Ray has a man's body and a helmet shaped to look like a stingray 's head, which hides the fact that he does not have a head.

Man Ray retires as a supervillain in his first appearance, but he sometimes plays antagonistic roles afterwards. He is a giant brown bubble with a face. He is a nemesis of SpongeBob and is very picky about his food. In Season 9, he started to appear more frequently. Scooter Scooter voiced by Carlos Alazraqui is a fish who enjoys surfing and is often seen at Goo Lagoon.

He speaks like a stereotypical southern Californian and often calls SpongeBob "dude. Purple Doctorfish The Purple Doctorfish voiced by Rodger Bumpass is a doctor who works as a physician at the Bikini Bottom Hospital and as a traveling veterinarian for pet snails.

He has a calm demeanor and a deep, suave voice. SpongeBob was initially scared of visiting his office in "Suds," but later faces his fears and discovers he likes visiting the doctor. His appearance and job changes often. One of his critical appearances is in " The Sponge Who Could Fly " wherein he plays a farmer, a sailor, and finally, a human cannonball.

At one time, he mistakes SpongeBob for a box of Bran Flakes. Jellyfish The Jellyfish vocal effects by Tom Kenny are wild animals who reside in Jellyfish Fields, a meadow in Bikini Bottom, and have a strong affinity for music. Within the series, jellyfish behave like sentient insects, squirt jelly, buzz and swarm like bees, and can sting their enemies with electric shocks that leave painful welts.

Hans Hans portrayed by Peter Bennett and voiced by Tom Kenny is a live-action human hand clad in a naval officer's sleeve.

Tea at the Treedome/transcript

He appears in the opening theme and various episodes, often to move characters off screen or make an object appear. He speaks with a heavy German accent. The episode "Model Sponge" implies that he is not attached to a human and is rather a sentient, disembodied limb. He appears in many spin-off video games, notably Battle for Bikini Bottom and the movie gamein which he catches and respawns the player character whenever they drift off course.

He is a talking oil painting of a pirate's head. His voice is normally provided by Pinney, although Shukoff voices him for a scene involving a rap battle at the end of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. Painty has live-action lips provided by Stephen Hillenburg. He initially pretends to have an angry demeanor as a marketing stint for his store's commercials, but becomes truly infuriated when SpongeBob accidentally destroys every shell in his emporium.

In his lone appearance, Blackjack was imprisoned for littering but has since been released. His apparent inanimateness annoys other people of Bikini Bottom, but he is later revealed to be a sentient being before moving out of the town in a taxi-shaped bubble. Burger-Beard the Pirate portrayed by Antonio Banderas is a pirate who, upon discovering a book capable of rewriting reality, steals the Krabby Patty formula to open up a fast food drive-in while also changing Bikini Bottom into a wasteland.

He appears as the main antagonist of The SpongeBob Movie: Craig Mammalton voiced by Dee Bradley Baker is a sea lion who is popular among Goo Lagoon beachgoers for his tanned skin and golden caramel brown bones.

In "Sun Bleached", he holds parties during the night that only permits those with tanned skin to enter, the highest level of which is bleached skin. He is a parody of George Hamilton.

He is actually a normal adult man; however, because humans tower virtually all sea life, Mindy describes him as "the worst of all hazards". He is the owner of "Shell City", which is really the name of a seaside gift and souvenir shop. Before he manages to do that, however, he is first stomped by the Cyclops, then hit by a pier. DoodleBob voiced by Paul Tibbitt is a hand drawing created by SpongeBob in his image using a human pencil, which is seemingly able to animate anything it draws.

He speaks through unintelligible phrases. He appears in "Frankendoodle", serving as the antagonist until SpongeBob manages to trap him inside a book. He returned later in "Doodle Dimension" as the antagonist torturing SpongeBob and Patrick in a doodling dimension. He also featured as the main villain to defeat in the Drawn to Life: SpongeBob quickly runs over to Patrick and tells him everything that happened.

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He tells SpongeBob that 'putting on airs' is fancy talk. Patrick tells SpongeBob to hold his pinky finger up high if he wants to be fancy. SpongeBob later arrives at Sandy's Treedome, and the water level drops. He panics and tells Sandy that there is no water. She tells him that there is only air. SpongeBob lies about him having no problem, and he tries hard to breathe.

He does not realize that sea creatures breathe water to survive. Sandy gives SpongeBob a tour of her Treedome, showing him her oak tree house, a bird bath, among other things. During this, SpongeBob quickly sneaks over to the bird bath, which is filled with water; he eventually figures out that he needs water to breathe.

SpongeBob gives Sandy some flowers, and she gets a vase for them. Meanwhile, Patrick, watching from outside the Treedome, tells SpongeBob to keep his pinky finger up high.

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  • SpongeBob and Sandy
  • Tea at the Treedome

Sandy comes back and puts the flowers in a vase filled with water on the picnic table. SpongeBob tries to resist drinking the water while Sandy gets the tea and cookies.

SpongeBob eventually drinks it and runs for the door, declaring that he is a quitter. Patrick thinks SpongeBob is shy of Sandy, and he enters the Treedome and tries to convince him to stay. After a moment, Patrick also realizes that there is no water. The two struggle to leave the Treedome.