Ss19 subang jaya pan meet

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ss19 subang jaya pan meet

currymee - SS19 Choy Kee "white coffee"/kopitiam - Uncle Lim Subang Parade Pan mee - Lian Heng, SS19 . Yes, BSLee, I am also curious as to which eating place did not meet your stamp-of-approval and why?. KY eats – Uncle Seng Noodle at Subang Jaya SS15 . is for the cabbage, raw sesame for rice, sweet, or spicy sauce for the meat, as with the salt as well. Nestled within the housing area of SS19 in Subang Jaya, Ah Lye is one of those old pan seared French foie gras, with Jacob's Creek Pinot Noir. ResponsibilitiesSupport users for review of functional specifications to meet business requirement See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.

You can practically breeze through the traffic irrespective of day or night. If they can, why can't we??? This is the main reason why Klang Valley chaps refuse to "appreciate" the huge sum spent on these so called people oriented projects. But does it really benefit the people, or more importantly those with vested intetrests?

Which of the toll-paying contracts is open to the public's scrutiny? Hope common sense prevails when they come up with more projects in future. Thanks to Firefly for sharing. We also give thank you to all the news media and TV3.

ss19 subang jaya pan meet

Thank you to the host of this forum for allowing me to post the grivences. May be journey will be smoother, but achee doubt seeing casuarinas and samaneas the shady trees along the road anymore.

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Remember planting trees during the tree planting campaign, and today, we are chopping more than we planted Orchi started living in SJ IF one day the town council decides to allow for a building of a commercial property to be put up there Orchi would be the first one. Orchi wouldn't be sitting around doing nothing either Get the drawing board out from behind the sofa.

Sadly the contractors do not seem to be taking any notice. They are still working as fast as they can. Even worked thru yesterday's news coverage, you can see all of them working: Alternatively, we must make so much noise that it is deafening that the power that be will feel uncomfortable and call for a round table meeting like what is happening at the SJMC highway project and now at this junction.

This is definitely the right platform to share your misery where you need the community to share the pain. It is not you have to be the sacrificial lamb while others thankless lot enjoy the public facilities. Why should you suffer in silence when the flyover invade into your privacy? I can picture tha when completed, I can even see what Firefly does in his house.

Why should you be blame when you bought any property be it next to the main road in a purely residential area not knowing that down the road some idiots decide to build a flyover or a shopping complex next to your property. The Local Authority should be sensitive in their approval but in most instances they do not.

But what NPE is doing at Firefly place is something that they should not just bulldoze through. You can see that when the work progress is advancing in an unbelievable pace. The interchange has to be designed differently. I believe the residents there have been shortchanged or else do you think someone is daring enough to issue a stop work order?

Firefly, not only your habitat in Kuala Selangor is being destroyed, yours here as well. You have my full support. We will be meeting them tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, those of us who are residents around SS19 who want to contribute some ideas, Please be at the gathering place to present your contribution. We are gathering there at tonight 8. Since Selangor don't want us fireflies, we have decided to move away. When Juliet Choy read a small story in the papers about roadworks in Jalan Tujuan last March, she thought nothing of it.

Now she wishes she had taken more interest.

ss19 subang jaya pan meet

In the six months since then, the little roadworks have grown into a full-blown construction monster throwing up dust, noise and danger, but there seems little that residents can do now. The residents claim they were virtually "ambushed" and had had no warning that the roadworks would be so extensive.

But it must take into account the interests of the residents," said SS19 residents' committee chairman Datuk Mohamed Jamrah. The residents say the roadworks are so near their houses with little regard for residents, especially when there is no place to walk safely by the road anymore.

The residents also claim to have been misinformed about the construction. When the residents first met with the town council and contractor Road Builder Sdn Bhd, they were told that the company was building an underpass to connect to the NPE.

The public delivery system must be transparent and effective," he said. Residents believe the construction's sole purpose was to increase use of the NPE, not to alleviate congestion in the area. IF it is the last breath coming out of Orchi's yacky mouth Orchi can see it being a true compromise Firefly Same place where we gathered yesterday for the meet the press session.

D Voter Make them dig the tunnel manually! I will supply them with cangkuls. Either they start digging the tunnel or dig their own graves. Have you noticed that lately MPSJ has been approving projects that the taxpayers like you and me have no say and yet we pay their gajis. In the first place a great mistake have been made letting NPE design road that cost the minimum and causing maximum nuisance and inconvenience while reaping huge profits from the RM 3.

This is truly a highway robbery. A new category should be created for it in the Malaysian Book of Dubious Records. Orchi also gathers that Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin Our effort to get attention from the public seems to have a bad effect on this whole thing. These arrogant builders instead of hearing us have decided to step up the work. Orchi, you have any connections to the works ministry? Anyone else, pls help If a signature campaign is launched, will all of you help??

IF lots signatures are required At the meeting, the truth came out. The residences are trying not to politicize the whole issue here. So another round of peaceful protest may be in store. Oh yes, the LLM have granted audience with the residences committee.

But this is only on the 22nd of Sept. By then, the whole retaining wall may be complete. If you guys really feel so strongly about this, why don't you band together a big enough group and seek an audience with the MB at his office. But as a private individual, I would like to join hands with Firefly as I want to protect his habitat at this NPE junction. Like what Firefly says, if NPE has any cow sense and sensitivity, they should have offered to buy up willing buyer and willing seller all those single storey bungalows and develop them into one big shoplot as a win win solution.

But no, it is a win lose situation now. For those who have been informed about this Friday's meeting, pls keep 9. Once the meeting is confirmed, I will duly inform you all. Meantime, let us not discuss our action plan lest it being derailed or hijacked. Roti canai at sri melur near lick hung still te best. Frankly, i didn't know it either until recently when my colleagues introduced to me while having BKT lunch at Equine,SK.

It oso comes in claypot but without the soup base. Just the meat cook in thick sauce.

ss19 subang jaya pan meet

Do give it a try, i'm sure u and ur family would like it. But maybe not so suitable for kids cos it taste slightly spicy due to the dry chilli they put in. Chuan Chiew's BKT soup and dry is nice. I work in Subang as Sales so I usually go eat before going to see customers. Fried chicken is good. Pour two helping of their chilli into the soup, it rocks. This shop is from USJ9. Not bad for lunch if you work near there. Seriously, you would like to try it out, dude?

I mean, the bkt soup is the killer.

No soup, no "syok", as far as I go. D Thanks for the recommendations, folks. The porridge there is nice too. OK, take me there 1 day: D CS Chua A correction if you do not mind.

For nasi lemak, turn left instead of right.

ss19 subang jaya pan meet

You will be on Jalan Kewajipan and the SS13 flats and the nasi lemak is on your left.