Street photography triptychs of strangers when we meet

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street photography triptychs of strangers when we meet

For his photos series 'Triptychs of Strangers', street photographer Adde Adesokan takes photographs of strangers . A new stranger I met near Gare du Nord. Triptychs of Strangers: Creative Street Photography by Adde Adesokan series by Adde Adesokan, where the goal is to “meet total strangers – get to know Triptychs of Strangers The Couple I, Montmarte - Paris:: Our strangers are 20 and. About this series I am still amazed by the feedback. A special thanks goes out to YOU and your encouraging comments, emails and faves.

How did you find me anyway? Through t he Laughing Squid. I saw your photos there, followed them to Flickr and thought I had to interview you for Cloudhead.

Triptychs of Strangers #10, The Photographer - Paris - Adde Adesokan · Street Photography

Judging from the photos and the descriptions, what were your first impressions? Without words, it made me see how we can distill people down to just a few details and a very rich image still emerges. Your captions on Flickr, though, brought even more life to the images. How did you start taking these photos? I started doing this 2.

Leigh; What did you study? Then I started my own business after. I started street photography in London, September when I visited a cousin in London and was bored.

I always wanted to capture moments in the streets. I was doing street photography before I knew there was a term for it. Then, I had my personal breakthrough in Tokyo. What happened in Tokyo? There were so many things to wonder about. I knew I would never be able to transport that feeling just by telling. I had to capture those things with my camera. Your photos have an unreal quality to them. It makes you look at normal every day things differently.

street photography triptychs of strangers when we meet

The speed of a city: I took pictures for myself, my friends and my followers. I took pictures for my parents. You took photos so your parents could see what you saw? It was always easy to tell them the story of my trip with these pictures. Do your parents see things similarly to you? You see it and it makes you want to go.

I think my parents would love to go to Istanbul after what I have showed them. While it would be hard for me to choose a favorite, the ones of hamburg really caught my eye. The guy with the hat I met him at a Christmas market. The encounter was really short.

Triptychs of Strangers - Adde Adesokan · Street Photography

You could say that guy was one of my first steps into street photography. Then some guy wrote me a mail asking me to join him for a so called photo walk. He liked my Bali photos and wanted to learn from me. We went to a fleamarket and afterwards I had about ten portraits on my camera.

Is that what lead to triptychs? Buying a souvenir in the end was pretty much a win win situation here. I bet she has been inking cloth a couple of days ago.

You must know they use indigo plants to give their clothes this deep dark blue. Without any precautions made you can expect your fingers to be blue for a coupe of days.

Triptychs of Strangers

Before I explained the concept he said: I was sitting in the cafe for hours and I really need a cigarette now. His relationship status single and he is gay. Probably the most elegant stranger I met so far.

Meet Marta, 29 years old, lives and works as an illustrator in Hamburg — check out her bittersweet style: She has a strong weakness for sweet, especially cakes and biscuits — she pointed out that she is not much into the colorful wine-gum stuff.

She once tried to quit eating sweets for a week and ended up lying around with a full belly only 6 hours later. I assume she is quite famous in her neighborhood — at least her voice is: The Smiths in german. Needless to say knowadays? He loves movies — one of his favorite is One Night at the Roxbury.

Vinchee lives in corner called Shueng shui, New Territories. I would describe her as a very open, funny and willing person … Especially because I practically shoot her twice. After checking the pictures I asked her whether it would be possible to do it again somewhere else. You might recognize the small alley in the background we found — way better. She likes fashion and loves to mix western fashion with rare to find cute individual elements.

But she would never refer herself to Kawaii — a japanese term I learned about last year in Tokyo. She is a fan of cosplay — at the last convention she wore a costume of Catwoman.

She also likes oil painting and reading novels. Hong Kong speaking of which. But she explained it somehow like this: Imagine you met a girl.

street photography triptychs of strangers when we meet

You both fall in love but after a while you feel being treated like a chinese dumpling … I mean you get dumped by her. Vinchee is not that kind of girl. But I really wonder why her relationship status is still complicated. Maybe this hints to that there are not enough guys in china who understand the obvious. Or is china just smaller than we think?

street photography triptychs of strangers when we meet

All I know is — I could never … Not even if they were fresh. I was told she is totally in love with these sweet eggs how she described them. A wonderful and long encounter.

street photography triptychs of strangers when we meet

Thanks to Vinchee for her patience and a special thanks to her best friend Holman helping out with answers and questions. Meet Georg, 30 years old and he is first real Berliner I met in this project. He is playing basketball in a club called Emporvery famous in Berlin. Hip-Hop is the music genre of his choice. The combo of the moment is Doppelgangaz … I looked them up and I think this song here is dope and had to be added to my own library immediately.

Doppelgangaz — Lalala You might have noticed that he is a graffiti artist.

Adde Adesokan's Fascinating Triptychs of Strangers

Georg has been spraying for more than 15 years. I had to ask him whether he got busted in the past! Three times — first time at the age of sixteen. But luckily he could manage to get off the hook every time. Thanks to his supportive parents and outstanding negotiation skills of his lawyers.

When things started to become more and more complicated he decided to find a way to pursue his hobby without adding too much thrill to his general stress level.

Luckily he found a way to do his art and earn some money too as a semi-pro graffiti artist. Georg is a great example that graffiti artists actually love architecture.