Swap meet chino hours trailer

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swap meet chino hours trailer

A Southern California tradition since , the Pomona Swap Meet was F- Pace, it all looks similar to rush hour, but we're certainly not complaining. A scrappy looking '50s MG TD sits on the back of a trailer with a “For. Phone, () · Address. E Riverside Dr, Ontario, CA ; Chino, California 84 Swap Meet jobs available in California on dayline.info Work a variable schedule, to include weekends or alternate hours, during peak periods when.

Items for sale should be car-related items only. What is the size of the swap space? If I bring a trailer to the Swap Meet, do I have to pay to park it in a space?

The Pomona Swap Meet is a So-Cal Tradition for Car Fanatics

If you exceed the size of the space, you will need to purchase additional space s to accommodate your trailer or motorhome. When can I unload my trailer in the Swap Meet?

swap meet chino hours trailer

All trailers must be unloaded in the swap meet space and cannot be removed. How do I make sure my swap space is reserved if I leave the show? Swappers must occupy their own spaces.

swap meet chino hours trailer

The Club is not responsible if you leave your space unattended. Can swappers camp overnight in the swap area? Swappers can camp overnight in their self-contained vehicles in their own swap space.

Restrooms will be open for your convenience. For reservations call KOA What are the hours of the show? Saturday and Sunday the show hours are 7: Do you rent mobility scooters or wheelchairs? Reserve your equipment before the show and it will be waiting for you at the Spectator entrance.

What is the cost for spectators attending the show? Do you have a spectators weekend special? What gate do spectators enter for parking? The Fairplex charges for parking, but does offer a free tram service.

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Where do spectators buy tickets? They will also be available at the ticket booth near the Specialty Parking area off Gate Parking will be available in both parking lots. Tram Service will be available during show hours from one end of the show to the other. Limited tram service will be provided by the Fairplex in each spectator parking lot to transport spectators.

Do you accept credit cards or personal checks for admission to the show?

swap meet chino hours trailer

If you need cash, there is an ATM near the ticket booth and in the show, but you must buy your admission ticket first to gain access to the show. How do I reserve a Commercial space in the show? For the show we will be offering pre-registration for our Commercial Trade Show.

Contact Lynn Houchin at Cell or E-mail lynnatlar aol. The Commercial Trade Show has been expanded to accommodate more vendors. What gate do commercial vendors enter?

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Exhibitor move-in is Friday 9: No Saturday or Sunday move-in. When can Commercial vendors tear-down their exhibit? The show will close on Sunday at 4: For safety reasons, vendors cannot tear-down their exhibits until the show closes after 4: Vendor trailers will be allowed to enter the show at 4: Can I bring my dog or pet to the show? Please leave your pets at home where they are safe and comfortable, and not in the hot weather or a locked car.

Do you have Vendor trailer parking? Trailers can be parked in the designated area only. You will enter through Gate Do you have handicap parking? All parking is handled by the Fairplex. They do offer handicap parking in the lots at Gate 9 and Gate Do you have a tram to and from the parking lot?

The Fairplex does offer a free Tram Service to and from the parking lot. The drop-off and pick-up area is near the Spectators Ticket Booths. Can I bring my own golf cart? Due to liability with the Fairplex, the only golf carts allowed on the premises are those that have been contracted by the Club.

Do you rent golf carts? Is there an ATM at the show?

Swap Meet Guide – The Perfect Swap Meet

The Fairplex does have an ATM near the main ticket booth and in the show. Do you sell show T-shirts? Their main purpose in attending is ostensibly to look for a car or parts for a project, but we know far too many graybeards who have one or two finished street rods and no plans for anything else, yet we see them at all the swap meets.

Besides acting as the hunting grounds for affordable parts for your projects, swap meets are very much a social gathering-a chance to see old friends and meet new ones with similar interests. Some enthusiasts, young and old, find the swap meet is also a resource and research library. It takes but a moment to ask the guy if he has what you need, and chances are he either has one at home or knows someone who does.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even other buyers standing nearby tend to jump in with a suggestion if the vendor draws a blank. As much as anything else, buyers are at the swap meet for fun, but they do have their preferences. A good location, easy parking, lots of vendors, and good weather are all pluses. All this inevitably leads to an appreciation of plenty of Porta-Potties spread around the event. To top off all these hassles, you have paid good money for the privilege of being there!

The latter is always a treat when the swap meet venue is located near an all-night truck terminal or a well-used set of train tracks. When buyers think your price is too high, they sometimes go beyond haggling to heckling, which can be a drag. As with housing, location is the key to what a vendor looks for in a swap meet space. Once inside the event, the swap space should be on a main drag-a corner if possible-and if your merchandise is specialized, it helps to not be placed next to another vendor of that same type of merchandise.

When the spaces are too expensive for the number of potential buyers, the return-to-expenses ratio is too low and the vendors will not return the next time. When the swap meet is well advertised and promoted, a better turnout is likely, and this attracts both buyers and sellers.

The event should be advertised well ahead of time, and in the few weeks just before the event to remind everyone. Most buyers have trouble enough getting around a crowded meet with their little wagons, but put yourself in the position of a seller.

This must be done while jockeying with his peers who are also trying to get into their spaces. Experienced vendors will go out of their way every time to attend a swap meet where the spaces are large enough, marked clearly enough to be located-even with a flashlight at 3 a. It just developed from there. It really distracts us from unpacking and setting up. If the spaces are assigned, you know where to go and no one needs to wait in a line.

The ability to come and go from the fairgrounds after everything is set up is also important to the sellers. At some events, the gates are locked at 6 p. Finally, vendors grumble considerably about the clog of wagons, bicycles, golf carts, scooters, and motorcycles in the crowded byways of the swap meet because they impede the flow of buyers.

A simple, small, club-run event in a parking lot is pulled off only by first jumping through a number of hoops, such as insurance, dumpster rental, notifications to the local gendarmes, and perhaps hiring of security, signage, rental fees for the property, advertising, laying out spaces, and cleanup duty at the end of the day.

swap meet chino hours trailer

The work of the professional swap meet promoter is tougher than one might think. Hot rodder Marshall Topping runs Topping Events, which hosts 15 events annually in Southern California, nine in Northern California, and 11 other shows for either collector bicycles or motorcycles.