Swap meet ideas

swap meet ideas

Do you want to start a swap meet company from scratch? Or you need a sample swap meet business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. The internet's largest list of hints and tips for selling at flea markets and swap meets. different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so get all the facts before the day of the swap meet. . The idea is to catch the shopper's eye as he or she walks by. Many swap meet shoppers come in with an idea of what they want, but often walk out with things they had no intention of buying. Stocking inexpensive “impulse.

If you sell small items like jewelry, gemstones, cosmetics or small electronics like cables and adapters, consider using locking display cases. Use a retail display to display jewelry attractively. If that is not an option, use simple hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets from the top of your booth. Quick, easy, and much easier for buyers to see the items! One flea market vendor we visited had a series of handmade rings displayed inside open egg cartons. Each ring had its spot, and people stopped to admire the creativity of the display, at which point she could engage them to purchase.

Instead of having items on racks, in boxes or stacked out of reach, create a sample table at the forefront of your booth to show samples of what you have for sale deeper inside your booth. It is known that there are differences in the way men and women shop. If your booth caters primarily to men, make sure your presentation is more direct — everything in a logical, obvious place.

Women prefer to browse and dig for treasures, while men typically prefer to find what they need easily, pay and leave. Cover the front and sides of your tables to hide all the empty boxes and stuff you have stored underneath.

Consider using plastic table skirting that already has adhesive on it. Place this all around the outside of your tables to make your display look cleaner. When setting up your tables, always leave enough room for three people to walk side by side between your rows of tables. This will encourage browsing as people do not typically like to be crowded. Set up one or two folding chairs near the front of your booth as an invitation for tired or elderly buyers to have a seat and rest. Place special items those you know will be good sellers where they will be seen easily.

This will give your booth and tables a? Add height to your table. Upside down crates, bins or staggered shelving gives you a place to display more special items on your table. As long as people have a clear path to get to the table to pick up items, use your imagination!


Look at your booth from outside. Are your signs clearly visible from the different directions where people will approach? Is your booth inviting? Do you have any distracting loose ends showing?

Marketing Back to Top Promote! There are things you can do to drive additional customers to your booth like advertising through community boards, churches, classifieds, flyers, craigslist and couponing websites. Make inexpensive business cards to hand out as coupons to customers to encourage repeat visits. VistaPrint is a great printing company that offers very low prices on business cards and flyers.

Marketing is easier when someone asks you about your business, so find a way to bring people to your booth with a question on their mind. It will provide a perfect opening for you to talk about what you have to offer. For example, have a contest to guess how many dog biscuits or jelly beans are in a container.

swap meet ideas

Anything that makes people stop and take a closer look increases your odds of making a sale. Make sure your signs are neat and easy to read.

Balloons tied to your tables, canopy, etc. Other shoppers will see your bags all around the flea market and advertise for you once they leave the premises. Set up a Facebook page to keep in touch with your customers. Use dry erase boards and colorful markers instead of printed signage so you can change your messaging throughout the day. As items sell out or items become slow-moving, communicate any limited time promotions or put a different item on special every hour by communicating it on the board.

Be creative and think on your feet! Service and Salesmanship Back to Top Be active. Greet your customers as they walk by and invite them in. Attract buyers with your booth environment.

If you know that the flea market is frequented during daytime hours by mothers and their children for example, consider having an interactive game like bobbing for apples at the entrance to your booth.

If the child stops, the mother will stop as well and it will be your opportunity to greet and engage her. Be open to dialog. Many people come to flea markets expecting to be able to barter. Be open to bartering and negotiating price with your customers, and know ahead of time the lowest price you would accept for a given item.

Be friendly during the negotiation. Be prepared to offer volume discounts when bartering. If a customer is insisting on paying a price you believe is too low, consider selling it to them at that price if they buy multiple units of the item or combine the purchase with other items. Have something for the kids. Consider having balloons, lollipops or something small to give out to kids who shop with their parents.

Consider creating preset volume offers, also called 2-fers and 3-fers. One item costs this much, but if you buy 3, you get a discount!

swap meet ideas

Buyers love this kind of deal and it allows you to move more volume and make room for new product faster. People will stop out of interest and will immediately feel engaged. You can also opt to show a video of how the product works, which can be enticing and informative.

Tips for Selling at Flea Markets & Swap Meets - Flea Market Success

Be upfront with your customers about damaged items. Honesty and integrity are key to building a solid business. Customer service is crucial. People want to be treated well, regardless of where they are shopping. Be the flea market vendor that is known for friendliness and helpfulness.

Shoppers will be glad to buy from you, even if your prices are the same as other flea market vendors. Shoppers want to buy from positive sellers.

Shopping at a flea market is supposed to be fun, make it fun for your customers. Wait until a shopper has honed in on a particular item before offering any comments about it and be ready to bargain. Look like you want to do business. Too many exhibiters at flea markets, craft shows, fairs and conventions seem to think the merchandise speaks for itself.

Be ready, willing and able to answer any questions your customers may have. If you know the history or provenance of an item, or any known facts about an item, being willing to share this information will go a long way to closing a deal. Work on something in your booth. People stop and look if there is activity going on. Be ready to sell! Stand up, show off your product and engage your customers.

Set out a small dish with wrapped hard candy or mints. People who stop to get a candy will also shop. Keep the bowl very small, so people will take just one piece of candy. If you put out a huge bowl of candy, people are more likely to grab a handful and keep going without stopping.

Keep them all in a box at home and bring them out to every selling day. Customers will buy more if they have a way to take it all with them! Be fair and truthful with customers. If you know that an item has a flaw or needs to be repaired, tell the customer before they buy. If you get a reputation for being unfair, it will hurt you in the future. Products and Inventory Back to Top Be strategic with inventory selection. Visit wholesale industry trade shows to meet companies face-to-face, negotiate deals in person and take advantage of a huge scope of products all under one roof.

You can typically source everything you need in one visit to a trade show, from several vendors.

Starting a Swap Meet Company – Sample Business Plan Template

There are many printed sources and wholesale search engines dedicated to helping businesses find product. Some of these publications include: Popular B2B sourcing websites include: These search engines allow you to enter a search term and find wholesalers nationwide who can provide you with those products.

An example of a loss leader might be a flat screen TV. You may not have a lot of margin on that item, but it will draw people into your booth where they will see everything else you have for sale.

On the contrary, a slightly higher priced item that is in high demand among shoppers might be the key to driving more traffic to your booth. Start with at least two pallets of merchandise for variety. The contents of two pallets usually make a much better visual impact and stop customers as they walk by.

Variety, fresh inventory and staying informed on what customers are looking for is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. You may not need to have all of it out at one time, but it is a good idea to be able to keep you booth stocked throughout the day. An empty booth and sparse tables will turn potential buyers away. This will get you some cash flow that you can then invest in a box of wholesale items to resell the following week. Avoid bringing huge items like large pieces of furniture, beds or armoires unless you have a delivery service.

If at all they could, you still might need to find out the type of goods they are willing to buy or exchange their goods for. Secure a Space If people in your community are game for a swap meet business, then the next thing that is expected of you to do is to secure a space.

Starting a Swap Meet Company – Sample Business Plan Template

It could be your garage, a store or an empty building. The bottom line is that the space must be big enough for the display of different goods and also to accommodate the numbers of people that you are expecting per time. Normally, much more than people coming to purchase stuff at a rock bottom price or in exchange for a good; it is also a place where people in the community come to meet one another and to socialize so you must ensure that you secure a place that will be ideal for it.

Source for Goods There are several means of sourcing for goods for your swap meet business. In most cases you likely are going to get these goods for free. You can also invite people in your community who have goods that they no longer make use of and are willing to exchange it them for other goods. Create Conducive Atmosphere for Socializing and Easy Bargaining One of the aims of swap meet business aside from selling stuffs and making cool cash is to create conducive atmosphere where people in your community can socialize.

So, once you are able to secure a facility for your swap meet business, then you should work hard to make the place relaxing. Make provision for good music, drinks and other side attraction.

swap meet ideas

The truth is that people are likely going to make more purchase in a very relax and friendly environment. Create Awareness for Your Swap Meet Business The success of your swap meet business is largely dependent on your ability to create awareness. Since this type of business is not an everyday kind of business, you must make conscious effort to be able to drive the kind of traffic that will make your swap business worth the while. Part of what you need to do it to print and distribute handbills in your area, you can also send bulk SMS to people in your community and you can go on a road show to create awareness.

If you have a local community radio station in your area, you can place an advert.