Synonym for meet standards

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synonym for meet standards

Another word for measure up to something or someone: achieve, meet, match, rival, equal It was tiring, always trying to measure up to her high standards. Colleges have certain standards for applicants, like a minimum SAT score or an above average grade point average. criteria that designers should meet in designing some system or device. Type of: ideal Synonyms: monetary standard . standard definition: 1. a level of quality: 2. a moral rule that should be obeyed: 3. a pattern or model that is Thesaurus: synonyms and related words . Several states were given notice that they do not meet the standard for ozone levels.

synonym for meet standards

Слова Сьюзан прозвучали слабым, едва уловимым шепотом: - Это… Энсей Танкадо. Джабба повернулся и изумленно посмотрел.

synonym for meet standards

- Танкадо. Сьюзан едва заметно кивнула: - Он требовал, чтобы мы сделали признание… о ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ… это стоило ему… - Признание? - растерянно прервал ее Бринкерхофф.

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- Танкадо требует, чтобы мы признали существование ТРАНСТЕКСТА.