Team 7 meet minato fanfiction websites

Minato's accidental time travelling incident! Chapter 4: Oops, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

team 7 meet minato fanfiction websites

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our as tests, as shown in the anime filler, and in the end assigned with Team 7. Both Kakashi and Hiruzen knew that Minato sacrificed himself and the future In Shippunden Ep Naruto meets Hiruzen for the FIRST TIME while. Here are 25 extremely note-worthy dark fanfictions in the Naruto fandom that I have A story of where fear drives the most vulnerable member of Team Seven, she accidentally spies on a secret meeting between some of Orochimaru's spies. Official summary: There is something going on with Kakashi, but Minato can't. Summary: Kakashi hates celebrating his birthday, but Team 7 isn't going to take no for an answer. Summary: Team Minato takes an impromptu step forward into the future and meet the older counterpart of one of their teammates Naruto time travel fanfiction. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Soon I was already home stuffing myself with ramen. I moaned from happiness feeling the noodles slide down my throat. Shortly after I felt my eyes get droopy. The day had been long, and I was exhausted. Before I knew it I had fallen into a glorious slumber. When I woke up I stretched. Bones cracked and a content sigh dropped from my mouth.

I glanced over the my clock. My blue orbs shot open. Scrambling to my feet I tug on my correct clothing for the day before rushing out of my house. The monument was getting closer, and I could already see Sasuke and Sakura. Taking the last steps I join them. We all decided it would be best to meet together, so if any of us got lost going to the new training ground we would at least be together. Though Sasuke complained saying he would be just fine. But Kakashi agreed with Sakura and I, so he was forced.

A groan echoed from my lips. I forgot to set my alarm last night," I complained. Kakashi-sensei most likely won't be there until hours later.

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Can we start walking now. I just want to get there and sit down," Sakura's voice whined. Minutes passed and the training ground was in sight, but voices were heard. All three of them were behind a bush conveniently near their position.


Sasuke looked at both of them, making eye contact with Sakura and Naruto. A single finger made it to his lips signaling to keep quiet.

He exhaled before taking a peak though.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction websites

His eyes narrowed at the new faces. A man in his early twenties stood with blonde hair that reminded him of Naruto. Next to him was a young boy with goggles and a goofy smile.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction websites

The goofy one was talking to a girl. She had luscious short brown hair, and a red mark on her two cheeks. Their faces aren't familiar, I've never seen them in the village, but they have the Leaf headband. That's what's confusing me," Sasuke sighed back. Naruto being reckless as always pushed Sasuke aside and took a look for himself.

Silver hair shot out to the left, and a mask covered his face.

Minato thinks Sakura is Naruto's girlfriend

This mystery kid held a kunai to not only Naruto's neck, but Sasuke's too. Sakura being the small girl she is let out a scream.

Alarmed Team Minato started to make their way to the others.

Start walking," Little Kakashi shot out. With heads looking down, they obliged making their way to the field. I was wondering if you were going to catch these little guys watching us," Minato told Kakashi. Obito, who had been silent marched forward. Both the girls who had been quiet through all of this glanced at each other. Eye contact was made.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction websites

Sakura looks down, scarred. Rin gives her a sympathetic look, Before sighing. Before Naruto makes any more stupid comments let me explain. I wouldn't be so sure of that. I mean I don't recall anyone by that name. Nor do I recognize someone like you in the compound. Me being an Uchiha I should know who you are," Obito just looks all out confused now.

All movement in Sasuke's body ceased. All Uchihas died long ago. That kid even has the clam symbol.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction websites

Unless he randomly took that shirt, I mean What in the world is going on! As much as I want to say he's lying, he doesn't seem to be.

He must be an Uchiha. I don't know how, but they aren't from this time period. They're from the past," how calmly it came out of his mouth was unnerving. It took a second for them to process this. Little Kakashi eyes him carefully. What was this kid talking about? I'm from the hidden Leaf also. So it would be wonderful if you could put your kunai down-" he glared at younger Kakashi. Like I just said we're from the same village. We aren't trying to be a threat," "Well then, who might you three be?

The idiot to my right is Naruto, the one with the pink hair to my left is Sakura," Sakura waved at them awkwardly before asking, "Sasuke, you still haven't told us what's actually going on," Sakura asked shyly. Now you should tell us who you are!

Emotions whirled in the boy's eyes from admiration to anger that he followed through slamming a fist into the suspecting Fourth's stomach. He filled them in on the time-travelling jutsu experiment and how they ended up where they are now. Sasuke and Sakura was just as surprised Naruto to see not only the Fourth Hokage but a younger Kakashi before them. Then once Naruto regained consciousness he hugged his father so hard it was crushing him. Sasuke and Sakura were having a few problems trying to digest the information they just learned, it wasn't just something like finding a lost pet, they had just met and were talking to the Hokage who SHOULD be dead.

Kakashi sensei walked over to Obito and Rin, his younger self was trying to kick Naruto off his sensei, they looked up at him. Rin looked at Obito as they did the best they could to comfort him. Grown men shouldn't cry Since everyone knew what was going on younger Kakashi said aloud "Great I've gone soft. Kakashi sensei turned to Minato, "Sensei if you intend on staying a while longer, you may want to resume you're henges since that you've fooled most people into thinking as the jutsu's are the real you.

Sakura began considering that perhaps she was in a dream of some sort, pinched herself before speaking up, "Sensei.

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When I was hyper I hit on my student! I am so perverted or sick or something Minato was having a good father son bonding talk but he paused to yelled at his student "You're too young to read that book! In less than 20 minutes they had the camp set up, Obito set up a hammock in a tree with an umbrella perched over head, he was proud of his little nest but Kakashi wasn't impressed, "Obito you baka you'll get soaked if it rains.

I'll be fine tonight you'll see! Naruto had specifically begged to have it, and no-one was in the mood to put up with his whining if he didn't get his way Obito was left with the task of fetching water from a stream.

Once everyone had eaten they started to do a few smores, except Sasuke of course Naruto grinned, "Who's up for a game of Chubby Bunny! Younger Kakashi whispered "Idiots. When it came to Kakashi's turn everyone looked at his face hoping to see underneath the mask at last but the spoilsport turned around quickly shoved the marshmallow in and said "Chubby Bunny.

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