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to meet nat wolf

Nat Wolff returns to the big screen this weekend as Quentin in “Paper Towns.” Learn more about the actor before you see the film. Nat Wolff was. Nat Wolff may be the star of new animated film Leap! but he's never “I was excited to meet them, but I have not met any of these people on the. Nat Wolff is a chameleon. He got us showering sympathies on his character, Isaac, in the tearjerker of , The Fault in our Stars, riding high.

He also talked about what gets him to sign on for a project, having a wide array of upcoming projects, and continuing to make music with his brother, Alex Wolff.

Image via Netflix Collider: How did you get involved with Death Note? He has such a satirical edge that I read it with his voice in my head.

to meet nat wolf

And then, before I agreed to do it, I watched the anime, read the manga, and watched the Japanese versions, and I fell in love with the source material. Was this film your first introduction to this world? But by the time we did the movie, I was completely into it.

The fact that this is a film where there is no clear hero to be rooting for makes the story much more interesting.

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He becomes the villain, and he starts to realize that himself. I thought that was really interesting. I think everybody has the desire and the wish fulfillment. But if there was a real Death Note, I think we should probably hide it. How do view the relationship between Light and Mia? What do you think it is that draws them to each other?

They flirt with it, and as the movie goes on, they try to one-up each other with it. As Mia gets more and more into it, it seems like she falls out of love with Light and more in love with the power of it all.

to meet nat wolf

I think so, yeah. The relationship between Light and Ryuk is one of the most fascinating aspects of the film. How did you work that out on set?

to meet nat wolf

Stories" and directed by Gia Coppola. In the film, which focuses on a group of rebellious high school kids in an urban town, Wolff plays Fred, a slightly psychotic teenager who tends to bring out the worst in his best friend Teddy, played by Jack Kilmer.

While still balancing his music career, Wolff has explored his passion for acting, starring in films such as "Stuck In Love" and "Admission.

to meet nat wolf

Congrats on "Palo Alto. I read the script and I just immediately fell in love with it. As a guy, my reactions are much closer to the Teddy character. I want you to find all the fun, humor and sweetness in Fred. A lot of things like the need to be seen and heard all the time and bringing the stuff I usually keep hidden to the forefront.

Fred is one of those characters who's always thinking, but not necessarily thinking about his actions.

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I just thought of him as a guy who needs tons of attention and is just going to go about it in a way that's unpredictable, and unpredictability can be dangerous.

He wants to connect, he just doesn't know how to. And it's the same with Teddy, just he goes by it in a different way. Teddy and Fred are the two sides of, as James Franco said to me, the devil and the angel.

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I was going to ask you if James Franco gave you any pointers or feedback on your character and the movie. That was the main thing. I said, "I think Teddy is you, right? But I'm not even in the book, so who am I supposed to be? You're the angry, fucked up side. We both see in each other what we don't have. There's a recklessness and excitement in being friends with Fred.

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And, to me, Teddy is what Fred wants to be. He wants to be a better person.

to meet nat wolf

In the movie, Fred wants to feel things so badly, but he just has this wall up and he's just always pushing that wall. I had one person come up to me in the airport and this guy was like, "Ummm, you're in 'The Fault In Our Stars,' right? It's fun that I'm in these two movies that are so different, but they're both good movies about young people -- and there are so many bad movies about young people. Now that you mention it, you're in a lot of these "young adult" movies.