Transformers prime meet predaking toy

transformers prime meet predaking toy

Find transformers prime predaking beast hunters on Carousell. Buyer is to meet at Chinatown/Clarke Quay MRT (weekday evenings) or Toys & Games. 6. Predaking has proven he is the strongest Transformer that currently exists, . work, he was handed over to Predaking who tossed Ratchet around like a chew toy. . met up with the other Autobots, excluding Smokescreen and Optimus Prime. Transformers Prime Predaking Transformers Generation 1, Transformers . Commander Class Figure - PREDAKING Transformers Toys, Optimus Prime, . Like Dragonformers: Megatron meets Soundwave by JazzTheTiger Transformers .

Alright, Ratchet, I'll talk with Predaking on letting us into their territory. Bumblebee turned and walked out of the med bay. At the doorway, he turned and said, "It'd sure be nice if Optimus was still here to help us with all of this.

Since the defeat of Unicron, the Predacons returned to Darkmount and claimed it as their territory. They allowed no one to enter, but they did not, however, expand their ground. As an agreement made before they came, the Predacons would be left alone as long as they left the refugees alone. Predaking, Skylynx, and Darksteel all loved the idea. The only downside was that it limited their options for finding Energon. Predaking watched over Darkmount from the throne.

Skylynx and Darksteel were out searching for Energon. With luck, they would be able to find enough for the rotation, hopefully without the two fighting over the scraps.

transformers prime meet predaking toy

In a sense, Predaking finally had what he wanted. He was the king of his species, and no others would dare try to overthrow him.

In the middle of his thoughts, a communication was received and transmitted to the throne. All Predaking noticed was a flashing button on the armrest. He wasn't completely used to the technology around here, so he pressed it and the transmission came through. An image showing the yellow Autobot appeared before him.

Our agreement is already set in stone. Do you have any idea how long it took me to ensure that my subjects would not hunt refugees for a meal? Any other changes to our contract, and everything that hasn't fallen apart here would!

I just need a favor. We don't have the proper plans to lay down a foundation for a new building, and the only ones we know of are in the database at Darkmount. It would mean the most to the refugees and us if you allowed my colleagues to come to Darkmount, just long enough for us to get the plans and leave.

Against what remains of my race? We will come unarmed, if it pleases you. I will allow you and two others in, on one condition.

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You bring us a full load of Energon. After a brief moment, he nodded, "Alright. We'll come to Darkmount with the Energon at midday tomorrow. You have to make sure the other Predacons won't attack us. Leave the Energon by the entrance of the fortress when you arrive. We will be watching you closely. He didn't really like the idea of invaders in his territory. Perhaps that was just the basic animal instinct within him, but also, he didn't like any of the Autobots.

At least they would get free Energon out of this. It was quiet for a few minutes, then the sound of shouting came from the lower levels. It got louder and louder, and eventually it turned into roaring and screeching. Predaking growled in frustration. Skylynx and Darksteel were, yet again, behaving like complete sparklings.

Animated Series Like the untamed forces of nature, the Predacons are ferocious animal robots who lash out with fury.

Swift, savage and always relying on animal instinct, the Predacons explode into action. There's Divebomb, the eagle who can spot a target from a mile up in the sky, Rampage, the tiger who can leap feet, Headstrong, the rhino whose horn can puncture 8 feet of solid rock, Tantrum, the buffalo who loves to use brute force, and there's the Predacon commander, Razorclaw, whose claws can rip through steel.

Together, they combine into a hair-trigger horror, the giant robot Predaking. As a warrior, Predaking has no equal. As a weapon, he has no known weaknesses. He can lift tons without even straining a circuit.

With the help of the Predacons, no planet is too wild or untamed for the Decepticons to conquer. The Autobots are forced to find new defenses against the mechanical menace, Predaking. In the first episode of the five-part episode series "Five Faces of Darkness", Tantrum, being the only Predacon seen in the episode, makes his first appearance, as a cameo.

The Autobots Blurr and Wheelie and the human Marissa Faireborn are stranded on Ioone of Jupiter 's moons while attempting to deliver the transformation cog that would allow the Autobot battle station, Metroplexto fight and transform as needed. Communications officer Blaster attempts to contact Cybertron for reinforcements, revealing his allies' plight.

The transmission is intercepted by the Quintessons, however, and upon learning the location of the cog, they dispatch the Predacons to Io to ensure it will not reach Earth. After an initially poor showing in their individual robot and animal modes, the team merges to form Predaking. They are confronted by the massive Autobot Sky Lynx and bested, leading to an enmity between the two. The Predacons are in their element for their first mission inoperating in the wilds of the planet Dredd, where they again battle Sky Lynx and several other Autobots.

They are defeated when they are buried in an avalanche created by the planet's native Chaos monster. Later, they participate in the invasion of Paradronwith Divebomb pursuing escapee Sandstorm and Razorclaw co-ordinating the shooting down of the Autobot reinforcement vessel he returns with. Later the Quintessons strike at the Transformers by animating the dreams of Daniel Witwicky. Soon the whole group are attacked by monsters conjured from Daniel's subconscious.

All on scene are forced to work together to survive. Razorclaw and Springer are captured by a dragon and are forced to team up to defeat the creature and escape, while the others face the threat of a giant Galvatron who injures Headstrong. With Daniel rescued, the damage sustained by Headstrong prevents the team from combining into Predaking, forcing them to flee. While en route to Chaar at a later date, Predaking intercepts an unusual Quintesson signal and tracks it to a jungle planet, where the team comes upon a group of Autobots who have done the same and discovered an electronic journal recording Quintesson military transactions.

The team merges into Predaking, who immediately targets Sky Lynx among the group, seeking revenge for his past defeats; Sky Lynx outmaneuvers the Decepticon, but, rather than best him in combat, has to get his fellow Autobots to safety. When the Decepticons then acquire the journal, Predaking is reluctant to retreat until having finished off Sky Lynx, but stands down in the face of Galvatron 's wrath.

When the ancient genius Primacron unleashes his energy-absorbing creation, Tornedronon the universe, Primacron's assistant seeks to foil his former mentor by amassing a team of "Primitives" - Transformers with animal instincts that can hopefully thwart Primacron's complexities.

The Predacons are among the Transformers summoned from a battle on Earth's moon to a dead world at the center of the universe, where Tornedron confronts them.

Refusing to run from him, the Predacons form Predaking and battle Tornedron, who takes the shape of a giant warrior, absorbing all energy Predaking throws at them until he has been drained of life. Of all the Primitives, only Grimlock survives, and is subsequently able to stop Tornedron and Primacron, restoring the Predacons and the others to life. After participating in the Decepticon attack on Japan, the Predacons are among the Transformers infected when the madness-inducing Hate Plague sweeps the universe.

The animosity bred by the plague does not prevent the Predacons from combining into Predaking and pursuing the uncontaminated Galvatron along with CyclonusScourgeand the Sweepshowever, only to be forced to retreat by a squad of uninfected Autobots led by Optimus Prime.

When Prime subsequently releases the power of the Matrixthe plague is cured. The Predacons continued to put in short appearances in 's Japanese-exclusive spinoff series, Transformers: Headmastersusually fighting alongside and against the other combiner teams in various battles.

ZonePredaking was one of the nine Decepticon generals in the service of the mysterious insectoid Violenjigerand met his end when Autobot leader Dai Atlas cleaved his body in two somewhat bizarrely revealing what appeared to be an organic brain within him. As this show is not exactly canon with the first Beast Wars show, it is unclear whether Galvatron was a renegade like Megatron, or whether he was operating with the Council's tacit approval, but Galvatron also recruited his own army of followers, including his "brother" Megastorm.

Again it is unclear whether Magmatron had gone rogue at this time, although if the events of The Gathering are set in continuity with Beast Wars Neo it is likely.

Magmatron had a rivalry with Big Convoy and engaged in open warfare with his Maximals. However, after Unicron was reborn Magmatron joined with the Maximals. Marvel Comics On the planet Cybertron, some time before the departure of Optimus Prime and Megatron's crews and their subsequent four-million-year exile on Earth, the Dinobot -to-be Swoop went by the name "Divebomb," but when he was defeated in battle by an aerial Decepticon ace, the villainous victor claimed the name for his own - now, this Decepticon was Divebomb, and he eventually became a member of the Predacons.

This particular piece of back story, however, would not be revealed until after the Predacons made their Marvel Comics debut, in the United Kingdom 's exclusive Transformers comic, which interspliced its own unique material between reprints of the U. Here, the Predacons were summoned to Earth in and fitted with animal modes by Megatron in order to hunt Optimus Prime.

Prime went against the Predacons alone separated from the Autobots as part of a plan of his own to test their ability to function without himusing all his skill and ingenuity to survive, but as Megatron watched, the Predacons attacked him, having been ordered to do so by Megatron's rival for power, Shockwave.

The Predacons then absconded, leaving Prime and Megatron to finish each other, but when Megatron transported them both to Cybertron, Shockwave dispatched the Predacons to find them. The team arrived back on Cybertron a little too late, as Megatron and Prime had returned to Earth, but an encounter with the Cybertron local Decepticon commander, Lord Straxushad left Megatron with amnesia, unable to remember the Predacons' treachery.

The stage was set for the Predacons' appearance in the U. Megatron himself had begun to descend into paranoid insanity, and Shockwave summoned the Predacons back to Earth and had them pose as Autobots, planning to have them hunt Megatron as part of a scheme to once again seize command of the Decepticons from Megatron the UK comic rewrote some of the dialogue in its reprint of this issue to make it appear to be the Predacons' second trip to Earth.

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The plan did not go smoothly, however, as Megatron defeated them all, even in their combined form of Predaking. Realizing that Shockwave was to blame, Megatron was about to kill him when he revealed that he had duplicated his mind to disc to guide the Predacons in their mission. Believing accurately as it turned out that this was how Optimus Prime had survived, Megatron apparently killed himself by blowing up the interdimensional spacebridge while standing on it.

Shockwave was left as Decepticon commander, and the Predacons were absorbed into his Earth-based Decepticon army. Divebomb himself was growing disenchanted with the lack of challenges on Earth, so when Swoop ambushed him, he relished the chance to have a battle that tested him. Neither he nor Swoop, however, were particularly pleased when the other Predacons and Dinobots intruded on their private conflict, but when Grimlock almost killed Divebomb, Swoop stopped him and allowed the Predacons to go, so that when they next met, it would be on his terms.

The Predacons and Constructicons were soon dispatched to collect rocket fuel and raw materials with which the Constructicons converted the Decepticons' island base into a spaceship. Not long after, the government organization the Intelligence and Information Institute I. In response to intensive Predacons raids ordered by Shockwave, I. Not realizing that their captives were in fact enemies of the attacking robots, the I.

Decepticon co-commander and fuel auditor Ratbat led the Predacons on a mission to inspect the corpses. Discovering that the Throttlebots brain modules had been placed in toy cars by Triple I's sympathetic operate, Walter Barnett, the Predacons pursued them, demolishing a mall in the process.

Later, when the treacherous Decepticon Starscream manipulated Ratbat's Decepticons in fighting the forces of Scorponokthe Predacons were at the forefront of battle, with Rampage taking on Apeface while Tantrum was scrapped by Scorponok himself. But when Starscream's scheming resulted in his acquiring the cosmic power of the interstellar databank, the Underbasethe Predacons aided in the defense of Tokyobut were among the legions of Transformers deactivated by the villain.

The Predacons remained deactivated for the remainder of the U. Generation 2 a short time later. Although the Predacon toys were not re-released for the Generation 2 toyline, the characters were functional again for the comic book series - although that did not last long for some of them.

Predacon (Prime)

Tantrum was destroyed in a head-on collision with Optimus Prime, while Razorclaw - attempting to kill Decepticon-turned-Autobot Manta Ray - was destroyed by his fellow defector, Leadfoot.

Generation 2, would reveal the origins of the group as a splinter faction that had arisen after the death of Galvatron in battle with Optimus Prime. Seemingly even in the absence of an outright defeat this faction argued that a peace with the Autobots, then destroying them from within was the only way to win the war. Although the group was regarded as an annoyance, events beyond their control proved their way was the only way.

The Liege Maximo and his second generation Transformers attacked the Decepticon homeworld, forcing a resurrected Megatron to destroy the world itself. The subsequent battle to destroy the Maximo cost them so many resources, as well as Megatron himself, that the Predacon solution became the only way that the Decepticons and their descendants could win.

However, this tale may not be canonical with the overall Transformers universes.

transformers prime meet predaking toy

Galvatron ordered the Decepticons to form Menasor, Devastator and Bruticus and attack. Galvatron then ordered in Predaking, knowing that Sky Lynx was elsewhere and couldn't counter them.

Rodimus ordered the Omnibots to attack Predaking's legs. Tripping up the giant he fell into the other Decepticon giants, winning the day for the Autobots.

With the exception of Tantrum, who made a brief appearance as part of Shockwave 's attack on Iacon, the Predacons would not make an appearance in Dreamwave's Generation One Universe until late in the series. The five team members were once warlords on Cybertron who were cast into exile in space.

Settling on Planet Beest, home of the Battle Beaststhe Predacons sank into a feral state and lived as inhabitants of that world for untold years, until Megatron arrived. Having been jettisoned into space by Starscream and restored from the brink of death by Wreck-GarMegatron now had his sights set on reclaiming the Decepticon leadership, and required the Predacons to bolster his army.

Abandoning his personal weaponry, Megatron pursued Razorclaw through the jungle and soundly defeated him. Subsequently, he re-engineered the Predacons to give them the ability to combine into Predaking. Taking the Predacons to Cybertron, Megatron put Shockwave in his service again while the Predacons dealt with his Triple Changer minions; Razorclaw was forced to destroy the resistant Blitzwing.

The group then headed to Earth to deal with Starscream, where Predaking defeated Bruticus. The players were now all assembled Additionally, the Dreamwave universe visited the notion of "Predacons" being more than simply a sub-group, but an entire faction unto itself. After Megatron and Optimus Prime vanished in a spacebridge test 7. Whether or not Starscream intended any connection with the Predacon warlords, or whether or not that group predated his faction, is unknown.

They first appeared when Grimlock 's Lightning Strike Coalition stole a substantial amount of Energon from them. Later, they attacked a peace conference between the Autobots, Decepticons and Ultraconshoping to eliminate the Autobot leadership. They succeeded in eliminating most of the Autobot High Council and gravely wounded Grimlock, but were stopped when the other three factions united to stop them.

After Megatron's return with an army of Seeker clones the Predacons were reabsorbed into the Decepticons. Beast Wars The Predacons first appeared in the animated series Beast Wars in a transwarp equipped ship known as the Darkside. Megatron named after the original Decepticon Megatron who became Galvatronthe leader of a small group of Predacons, stole the Golden Disk from Cybertron in an attempt to travel back in time and locate pre-historic Earth so that he might acquire a large amount of energon and destroy the Autobots before the Great War began, leading to history being re-written with the Decepticons as conquerors.

Megatron reveals as early as the second episode that though the Maximals and Predacons have been at peace for some time, the Predacons have merely been biding their timewaiting for right moment to begin a new war and reclaim Cybertron as their own. During a story arc called The Agenda a conversation between the members of the Tripredacus Council reveals Megatron is acting as a renegade, and though he plans ultimately what the Council intends to carry out itself, he is acting without their authority.

At first all Predacons had beast modes usually reptiles, insects, or arachnids which made the link to the original Predacons simply that of name and appearance that is, both had animal alternate modes. However, as time has passed it has been seen that Predacons are actually another faction, meaning they may have vehicle, or any other number of possible modes and the link to the original Predacons may be more than simply a name but in fact that these Cybertronians are the direct descendants of this Decepticon faction, later confirmed in the comics by IDW Publishing and Fun Publications.

It is implied that not all Predacons are descended from the Decepticons, as Tarantulas claims that he and the Tripredacus Council have different origins. In this series the Predacons used the activation code "Terrorize" to transform. Ravage made an appearance during the series and though reformatted into a Predacon body still maintained a loyalty to the Decepticons.

Starscream also makes an appearance, his "ghost" explained as his disembodied mutant spark, capable of "possessing" other Cybertronians, in this case the Predacon Waspinator. While the Maximals were reformatted and so took on a new insignia, Megatron, disgusted with both Maximal and Predacon alike, created a new solely technological faction known as the Vehicons. Most Vehicon transformers are actually drones rather than sentient beings.

Deadlock Enter the Dragons! Following his return to CybertronShockwave succeeded in bringing two new clones, Skylynx and Darksteelonline while a third Predacon was being cloned. The two were put to use by searching for other Predacon remains to clone more of their kind. They proceeded to attack, Skylynx leaving Ultra Magnus heavily damaged and Darksteel attacked Smokescreen merely shaking him up thanks to his phase shifter. Victorious, the two Predacons returned to Shockwave's lab, where they were scolded by Starscream for revealing themselves to the Autobots.

Utilizing Bumblebee 's tracking skills, the Autobots found Predaking, who seemed to have made a home of a Predacon burial ground that was uncovered by Cybertron's revitalization. The Autobots tried to make peace with Predaking stating that more than one race could peacefully co-exist on the planet, but he refused to forget the Autobot's part in the destruction of his army.

Later, Predaking acted on the words of the Autobots, and found evidence of Skylynx and Darksteel's existence. He fired a flaming beacon into the air in hopes that his brethren would find him, only to be responded by Unicron in possession of Megatron's body. However, Predaking fought the dark god, believing it to still be his former master.

Megatron planned this, hoping for his body to be too broken by the Predacon for Unicron to use and thus be freed of his influence. However, Unicron was soon able to defeat the juggernaut and learns of the burial ground by entering his mind. While they were collecting the bones, Unicron arrived to raise an army of undead Predacons.

Skylynx and Darksteel attacked him, only to fare no better than anyone else. The undead Predacons first action was to trample Shockwave before marching towards the Well of AllSparks. Skylynx and Darksteel were later found there by Predaking, who swiftly asserted his leadership after defeating them in combat. After some advice from Shockwave, Predaking then led his Predacons into battle to assist the Autobots in fighting Unicron's horde of undead Predacons.

However, when the three Predacons engaged the Terrorcon Predacons they were trampled and dragged into the well by the Terrorcons. They were successful in slowing the horde down long enough for Optimus Prime to defeat Unicron, causing the Terrorcons to disintegrate. The trio later tracked down Starscream, intending to exact some revenge for his abuse.

TFP: Meet Predaking

Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 21 Go! Dragotron awoke when a child kicked a small stone into the dormant caldera, inadvertently causing a rockslide that unburied his head. He called out for his four servants and their minions to reactivate and retrieve the Legendiscsbut when they located the disc held by Isami Tatewakithey were foiled by the by the Swordbot Samurai Team that the Legendisc summoned.

While Dragotron continued to slumber, the Oni made a number of attempts to go back in time using the Legendisc he possessed, hoping to retrieve the two Legendiscs lost in history.