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Cheer Extreme. SSX Sharks Sr. Elite Coed Elite Junior Crush Medium Coed - Spirit of Texas. Large Coed - Cheer Athletics. All Girl - World Small Coed - Twist & Shout Results. Congratulations to our MAJORS Champions!. Placed first in the lightweight pair at the U.S. Senior and Para World Championship Trials Won the lightweight eight in the Senior I World. Regional Senior Championships at LKWD - Southern California. 12/14/ - 12/ 16/ Live Results MVN Swim Meet of Champions. (6/21/

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She quickly claimed her spot in the future of American swimming by winning the freestyle and finishing third in the and ninth in the Her time of 8: She set world records in both the and freestyles and an American record in the Her first swim of the meet was in the free, and as the reigning world record holder, it was hard to imagine anyone but Katie taking the gold.

She took out the race hard, swimming he first split in under 1: Her next event came in the free, when she set her first World Record of the meet in the prelim of photo: Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography the free.

The following day in the final, Ledecky dropped her World Record by another two seconds and finished ahead of the runner-up, Lauren Boyle, by 15 seconds and finished when much of the field was turning for their last Ledecky was placed on the U.

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This time around Ledecky crushed her World Record mark she set inreducing the record by nearly four seconds. She finished 10 seconds ahead of the second finisher in the field. Her split at the meter mark was good for a second place finish, behind only herself, in the event. She made her near record swim look easy beating second place finisher, Leah Smith by just 1.

It is no surprise that Ledecky made the Olympic Team in a second event, the surprise is that she won the M Free.

Before this year, that may not have been a reality, but Ledecky added the event to her repertoire seamlessly. Ledecky won her third event, the m Free, with a time of 8: The US Women finished behind the favored Australians to win the silver medal, with Ledecky anchoring the foursome. However, not surprisingly, Ledecky won the M freestyle.

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Her blazing fast time of 3: In the m freestyle, Ledecky went out from the start, took the lead around the 60 Meter mark and never relinquished it. She followed that performance up with an anchor leg in the 4xm free relay.

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