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until we meet again pet memorial center

Do local business owners recommend Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Center ? Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in North. At Until We Meet Again, we understand how hard it is to say farewell to a true friend. We also know how important it is to celebrate the life of your pet in a way. Specializing solely in pet death care, the Pet Loss Care Memorial Center treats you and your pet with the compassion and respect any family should be given.

until we meet again pet memorial center

It really bothered me. He thought of the incinerator at the poultry farm the family was living at.

until we meet again pet memorial center

It was the only way. Woronchak and his wife Joanna, and their boys, ages five, seven and nine at the time, said their goodbyes to Patches.

A final resting place for pets

The five-year-old put his hand on his furry friend and said: He placed Patches inside. Their bichon poodle cross Libby had been attacked by another dog and the vet was unable to save her. The family packed up and left at 6 a. One hour into the trip Woronchak got another call from his nephew. The unimaginable had happened. He had to come face to face with the incinerator one more time that week — for both of his beloved dogs. They were cremated together. A beta fish, a boa constrictor, a black bear, and even a sea lion family have been cremated at the facility.

The next closest crematorium of its kind is in Abbotsford, which is why Woronchak saw an opportunity on the canine centric North Shore. City of North Vancouver council more than just gave their blessing for the crematorium. He bends down to pet Daisy, a black cat sitting in a stream of sunlight by the front door of Until We Meet Again. Stretch is a gentle soul who can sense sadness, says Woronchak.

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Next door is the reflection room, a tranquil, calming setting furnished with a fountain, stones and flowers. Here the bereaved meet with an Until We Meet Again staff member to make final arrangements. A standard choice is a cedar box. For a cat, they will put two paw prints side by side. In the reflection room is where Woronchak and his staff have witnessed multicultural and multi-faith memorial ceremonies.

A paw will be sticking out, or maybe just the head so the family has something to stroke. Every culture has its own set of rituals for remembrance. An East Indian family asked to have their oldest son press the crematorium button. In the Japanese tradition, remains are not fully processed down. The custom is for family members to pick bones from the ashes and transfer them to an urn, using large chopsticks.

Buddhists believe that prayer must be a part of the entire cremation process.

until we meet again pet memorial center

Once the owner turns and walks away, a prayer recording continuously plays outside the crematorium chamber door. Or sometimes a treat.

The option is given for a family member to place their beloved pet into the crematorium and rest them on the cement floor. The door closes and an ignition button is activated.

A final resting place for pets

A cat might take half an hour, if the crematorium, which runs on natural gas, has been warmed up. Six crematoriums on Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver failed a recent undercover test of their procedures.

In each case, the facility returned the wrong remains. The investigation was paid for the Pet Cremation Alliancea group of animal lovers and pet industry experts who suspected unethical behaviour on the part of some companies who they say were severely undercutting the competition in B.

Chu is a former major crimes investigator with over 30 years of policing experience. During the investigation, an undercover operator would walk into a veterinary clinic and ask the staff person on duty for a private cremation of a pet. Pet owners pay a premium for private cremations, where an animal is placed on its own inside a crematorium and returned in a special urn.

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This varies from a segregated or partitioned cremation, where animals are separated by bricks or space, and some residual commingling of ashes does occur in the cremation. Communal or group cremations are also typical, where all types of animals are cremated together and ashes are not returned to the family.

Segregated and communal burns cost much less than the private cremations, and sometimes include roadkill. During the crematorium testing, private investigators submitted plush toy cats purchased at Walmart instead of a real animal, because the stuffed animals should only return a small amount of ash -- and no bone fragments.

The robotic components of the stuffed animal were removed and five pounds of hamburger meat were placed inside of the cavity of the toy. The toy cats were then frozen and taken to vet offices to be transported for private cremations. The urns were ready for pick up after several days. The contents of the urns were then taken to the University of Victoria to be analyzed by senior archeologist Becky Wiggen.

Each analysis yielded many pieces of bone from multiple animals, something that shouldn't happen whatsoever, as what was brought in for cremation was a toy cat with no bones.

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Wiggen said she didn't even need a microscope to be able to identify the animal bones present in some samples. Chu said the test results constitute a "deceptive consumer fraud" because the service that was paid for — a private cremation — was not honoured.

In each failed case, a toy cat stuffed with ground beef was returned as an urn full of bones. Cat lover Rebeka Breder had her beloved tabby Leonard privately cremated at one of the businesses that failed the undercover test.