Usapl south carolina state meet

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usapl south carolina state meet

IPA FINLAND PRO OPEN POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS THE NEXT IPA PA STATE MEET WHERE TEXAS STATE RECORDS CAN BE SET OR . We will soon have 2 USA Powerlifting Certified Club Level Coaches at Anchored Pictured to the left is South Carolina's State Chair, Jon Mouzon, and North. in the Southeastern Regional Championships you must legally reside in one of the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.

When I talked to the chair, he said he could administer the exam at the State Championship, and I could take over from there. So, I shot him an email to see if there might be a way to take the test prior to the Virginia States.

He told me to come up to New Jersey for his State Championship which was this past weekend. That event is in its 30th year and has a massive following. There were over lifters registered for it. That amount of attendance is like a National level event — and it has to span 2 days.

usapl south carolina state meet

But, on Tuesday, I bit the bullet, made a reservation at the hotel where the event was being held and locked in some study time. Friday I drove up there and got in around 3: Well, after taking far longer than I wanted and longer than Bill wantedfor me to complete the written portion, I finally finished it and gave it to Bill. He had been looking over my shoulder for most of it, anyway, and told me I had probably passed, and to report back at 7: Then came gear check.

That was pretty straightforward since most of the lifters were Raw lifters. This was an interesting part of the testing. You do this for 34 squats, 33 bench and 33 deadlift. Jules was great because we discussed almost every lifter, how they set-up, and every lift as it was happening. It was really helpful. He got to choose the black-and-gold color scheme of his hard-soled weightlifting shoes designed by his sponsor, Reebok.

Another sponsor ships him healthy frozen meals -- broccoli, brown rice, chicken and beef -- that he is supposed to stick to in the weeks leading up to competitions.

And he carries one additional, intangible burden: His sport is in dire need of credible winners.

usapl south carolina state meet

He would like to be one. But just for my personal goal, go out there, have fun and do the best that I can do. The International Olympic Committee has threatened the sport with expulsion from the Paris Games if it can't curb its doping culture. Who better to help rescue it than a humble kid from the languid, lush expanses of the coastal South Carolina Lowcountry whose progression has been examined and documented since he was 11 and whose most apparent vice is french-fried potatoes?

CJ, the reigning youth world champion and American record holder in the kg But he has broken a few molds, along with the platform at the Biodynamics and Human Performance Center at Armstrong State in nearby Savannah, Georgia, where he was analyzed again last year. Health sciences department head and professor Robert LeFavi, a longtime gym owner and weightlifting enthusiast, became deeply intrigued with CJ when he saw him compete in person.

On the monitor at the lab, CJ appears as a three-dimensional image of a headless, animated skeleton lifting an unseen object, the bar's path tracing a bright green line on the screen. The data provide some clues to his prowess. He jumps backward when he pulls the bar up but is unusually efficient in pulling vertically, with very little arc, and does that consistently whether he is lifting a little or a lot.

LeFavi ticks off other factors that make CJ a 5-footinch "perfect storm'' for the sport, including short femurs and bowed shins, which make his arms longer relative to his lower body and facilitate a quicker pull off the floor.

For something as psychologically sensitive as weightlifting, that really can make a big difference.

usapl south carolina state meet

He does not appear to be sensitive to a lot of things a lot of other lifters are. He shuts things out, he focuses and he doesn't ever get shaken by anything. Weightlifting has been hemorrhaging for years.

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Anabolic steroids have seeped into nearly every corner of sports since the early s, but they are more directly useful performance enhancers to lifters than to almost any other athletes. The sport developed a collective dependence. When a new, more sensitive test for steroid metabolites became available in recent years, the IOC targeted weightlifting in its stored sample retesting program for obvious reasons.

Thirty Olympic medalists have since been stripped. The men's kg weight class at the London Games was so decimated by disqualifications that the fifth-place finisher became the gold medalist.

Lidia Valentin of Spain, fifth in the women's kg weight class at the Beijing Olympics and fourth in London, is now the silver medalist and champion.

Canada's Christine Girard finished fourth in the kg class in Beijing, a result she says was both devastating and encouraging to an athlete who rejected drug use. Had she made them, she would have won Canada's first medal of the Games and its first women's medal in the sport. Girard retired on a redemptive note after a bronze medal performance in London. In the summer ofretesting bumped her to the bronze medal position for Beijing. Her London bronze was upgraded to silver, and a gold is pending.

That gap coincided with a precipitous slide in U. I hope we come out of this stronger. The last worlds medals of any color came in men's and women's. Widespread doping on other national teams is thought to have played a part in the decline, but the sport withered for many reasons, frustration not the least of them.

In recent years, the popularity of CrossFit has reversed that trend, propelling thousands of new members into USA Weightlifting's ranks to learn Olympic-style lifts and unearthing some athletes who have excelled at the elite level. After an agreement was reached, USADA aggressively target-tested athletes from teams at high risk for doping and asked hotel security and cleaning staff to report when they found syringes and vials in wastebaskets.

usapl south carolina state meet

Twenty-four samples taken at worlds tested positive, a stunning number for in-competition collection. The aphorism in anti-doping circles is that failing an in-competition test equates to flunking an IQ test. Weightlifting's elite were guilty of extreme stupidity -- or perhaps simply didn't believe their sport would ever be policed to that extent. I think some sports have had to face this crossroads where it's either time to double down and save it and clean it up, or it's time to change the rules and let everybody do what they want.

Legal wrangling kept the sanction in limbo until September With that backstory, why would the U. Andrews candidly admits CJ's medal chances and those of Colin Burns 94 kg and Sarah Robles plus kg -- along with the chance to showcase young talents Mattie Rogers 69 kg and Harrison Maurus 77 kg -- factored into the desire to bid.

Those chances have increased since the nine rogue countries were excluded. The dapper Andrews -- who at 31 is the youngest current chief executive of a U. He lingers at the periphery of meets to hail athletes and coaches by name and is a fount of statistics.

Andrews is a strong advocate for trying to appeal to a younger demographic and making events more television-friendly. But it all starts with better competitive results. Ray Jones, left, has coached CJ Cummings since the weightlifter was 10 years old. He also helped Cummings' family find an agent when the coach saw some people trying to leverage the teen's growing celebrity in the sport.

Triple Olympic gold medalist Pyrros Dimas of Greece joined the federation as technical director this past June. Olympic Committee executive Lance Williams was hired to coordinate athlete development and coaching education.

USA Powerlifting Southeastern Regional Championships (RG)

Some cases were based on evidence outside of testing, including one year ban on a coach from Oregon for possessing, trafficking and administering testosterone to athletes. Robles, whose Rio bronze medal was the first for a U.

USADA has upped its weightlifting sample collection under a "Lift Clean" partnership with the national governing body: The tally is through the third quarter of this year, compared with the entire year before. That puts the sport in the upper echelon of scrutiny, along with track and field, cycling and swimming.

Weightlifting will be on the schedule for the Tokyo Games, where CJ hopes to qualify, although the IOC has reduced the total number of athletes eligible to compete. In the first step toward determining the sport's Olympic future, the IWF executive board, meeting in Anaheim on Monday, approved a series of anti-doping strategies that will be submitted to the IOC in a report next month.

That's why I love coaching. Said professor Robert LeFavi: That's not for girls.

usapl south carolina state meet

She came back again. It was something to keep her out of trouble. It took off from there. Half a dozen vehicles are parked in a ragged row outside, and a chicken coop occupies part of the backyard. Kids' sports trophies adorn many of the surfaces in the house.

South Carolina Records - Drug Tested - RAW Powerlifting

Crystal was gifted, bound for international competition if she hadn't succumbed to peer pressure in high school and opted to play basketball instead. To this day, Jones wishes she had stuck with it. Crystal, who has worked in security and as a dispatcher and has one daughter, says she regrets it sometimes, too. She brought her baby brothers, Omar and CJ, to the gym with her when they were too little to remember.

Coach Ray has been a mountainous presence in the family's life since then, physically and otherwise, alternately bantering and exhorting, supportive but frank, a guru with a wad of bubble gum. He's a good man.

Jones gave CJ a wooden dowel about the width and length of a broom handle and instructed him to practice his footwork at home. The year-old carried it everywhere. He still has it. His gifts didn't take long to manifest. In a local meet at age 11, a thenpound CJ executed a kg pound clean-and-jerk lift, in which an athlete hoists the bar first onto the upper chest and then overhead in two distinct motions.

Sports runs deep in the Cummings family. CJ's father, Clarence, was a standout football player in the late s. CJ's brother, Omar, and sister, Crystal, were also drawn to weightlifting. Gerry Melendez for ESPN "It was so crude -- technically it wasn't the greatest -- but it showed the absolute fearlessness he had," Jones recalls.

How teenager CJ Cummings could help rescue weightlifting

He won a bronze medal in the kg class at the youth world championship -- the same meet where CJ, dehydrated and down a few pounds from his normal weight after a bout with the flu, staggered, dropped the bar and briefly passed out on the platform.

But Omar had his heart set on playing football and is a redshirt freshman on a full ride at South Carolina State. He also has a baby daughter and asked Jones and his wife, Laura, to be godparents.

CJ gave up football after eighth grade and put himself in Jones' hands. It opened the door to a different life.