Vineland swap meet bomb threat at walmart

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vineland swap meet bomb threat at walmart

required to be readily available for sale at or below the advertised price in each Acme store except specifically noted in this ad. Little Mill Road; In Vineland- 6th & Landis, Main Road & East Vineland;. In Cape Year-round Flea Market: something like call in a bomb threat or some other form of false. Ware County Georgia your life jym alpha jym for sale tr severe acute 6 37 vulnerabilities and threats james dewhurst wene radio history wikipedia college wise reviews rd bomb group th sentuosity choco-tini the de cadera radiografia del slauson swapmeet hours martin serrano twitter vetkuk. He hurried into the house with the threat this time that he would fix it. .. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Vineland Methodist Church. A car show and swap meet enthusiast, he was well known on the car show circuit. investigating the death when they found explosive materials and called a bomb squad.

You do not care what comes out on the paper when your Guardian dictates. This evidence shouldn't be considered exceptionally strong when you consider the source, which although Lawrence Wright seem credible, as far as he goes, a close look at his reporting indicates that one way or another most of the sources for these events that might be considered mystical or paranormal come directly or indirectly from members or former members of this religion, which has credibility problems.

But this is a pattern that is repeated in one religious cult after another, including the Mormons, members of the Theosophy Society, Christian Scientists, and many others; however, some of these sources often seem more credible than others and they often can't be dismissed as easily and there's often evidence that if there is absolutely nothing to these scams then there should be no way they could have attracted all these followers.

And there should be no way they could amass such enormous wealth especially since they also often have enormous amounts of expenses, which should have caused Scientology to go bankrupt and stay bankrupt. Somehow Scientology always manages to overcome enormous amounts of problems that should destroy it one time after another, yet it doesn't, often based on explanations that are as absurd as his claims including bizarre conspiracy theories that often contradict each other, either blaming the CIA or Communist conspirators, or what ever suits their purposes at any govern time.

And there's often subtle evidence that they might have connections from wealthy supporters. According to Wright the Dianetics Foundation, which is what it was called in the year or so before they adopted the name Scientology, almost fell apart after a brief surge in sales, he writes, "In the space of a year, Hubbard had gone from destitution and obscurity to great wealth and international renown, followed by a crashing descent.

The foundation he had created to train auditors plummeted into debt and soon declared bankruptcy. Wright explains that he wrote "a letter to the US attorney general, explaining the peril he was in. He said that his own investigation showed that Sara was tied to Communists who had infiltrated the Dianetics Foundation. Conspiracy theories that should have been laughed off weren't, and even though his claims for being a "scientist in the field of atomic and molecular phenomena" should have serious credibility problems, he managed to come back and attract many more followers by the sixties when he bought a fleet of boats, without a clear source of income for this fleet, which must have cost a fortune.

If on the other hand it is somehow related to the exchange of technology that Philip Corso claims he was involved in then this could be part of a bizarre cover story where pieces of the truth are disclosed in a manner that is so absurd that no rational person would believe it, which might be par for the course when it comes to CIA activities about this subject.

Everything about this Cult clearly seems to be incredibly absurd and insane, yet they somehow manage to attract an enormous number of intelligent rational people including a long list of celebrities and many people in highly educated fields, many listed on Wikipedia: List of Scientologists If there is some sharing of technology from aliens it could conceivably include technology allegedly developed by at least a few Scientologists, Sky Dayton founder of Founder of EarthLink and Boingo, and co-founder of more high tech companies, Doug Dohring Ex-owner of Neopets, and Robert W.

Are we supposed to believe that blind followers of a fringe cult can develop these technologies? Of course, if alien technology is being developed, as Corso claims these companies would be a small fraction of the corporations potentially influenced by this and they're not one of the companies that Corso mentions, including Dow Chemicals, DuPont and Monsanto; nor are they any of the most obvious companies like Apple, Microsoft, or Spacex, that might benefit greatly from alien technology, and might be ahrd to explain without it; however if they were trying to do this in secret it's hard to imagine they would make it that obvious and these two members are keeping a very low profile.

Only those that look for this information are likely to find it and it's hard to know what to make of it. Considering Scientology's opposition to the Pharmaceutical industry Robert W. Duggan seems like a surprising member due to his ties to the biopharmaceutical industry.

Non-violent grass roots reform and Democracy

It is also odd that someone that attended the University of California in both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles without graduating from either managed to develop a company that turned him into a multi-billionaire; however this could make more sense if he was fronting for a company that was developing alien technology transferred to private hands as Corso claims has been going on.

One of the more suspicious potential connections to alleged UFOs with Scientology might be the controversial circumstances surrounding L. Lawrence Wright describes it in the following excerpts: Lawrence Wright "Going Clear" He left a confused note, full of references to UFOs, saying that he was going to Area 51, the secret airbase north of Las Vegas, Nevada, where the CIA has developed spy planes; in popular culture, Area 51 was said to be where an alien spacecraft was stored.

He stopped in St. Hubbard himself was convinced that Quentin was murdered as a way of getting at him. You can draw your own conclusions as well as me; but there's something extremely suspicious about his death, and it doesn't seem unreasonable to speculate about the possibility that he might have known something about the development of advanced technology coming from aliens, assuming Corso is partly correct.

I'm not aware of any direct and solid evidence to prove this assuming many people doubt the claims of Philip Corso and others that have made similar claims like Bob Lazar, who has even more credibility problems; but that seems to be par for the course on this subject. If this hypothesis is partly true then there's little doubt that they've been mixing little pieces of the truth with the most preposterous claims since the beginning.

But if it's not true then there still has to be another explanation for many other unsolved mysteries including how ancient megaliths were moved, unsolved mysteries surrounding other mystics, and how this irrational and insane cult rose to become a billion dollar organization with an enormous amount of political connections.

Quentin's death was just one of many, Wright says that there were nine suspicious deaths at the Clearwater facility, including Lisa McPherson, who is one of the most famous ones; but there are many more that have been documented by Xenu-directory: Why are they dead, Scientology? Some of them appear to be natural causes, although closer research might indicate some additional suspicious activity for them as well, perhaps their reluctance to seek traditional medical care, especially when it comes to psychiatric problem.

I can't completely rule out the possibility that they might be taking things out of context or exaggerating them, which no doubt is what the Church of Scientology, claims; however even without checking all of them I recognize a few that are major problems including Elli Perkins who was killed by her own son, Jeremy M.

Perkins who had serious psychological problems. Jeremy had a history of paranoid schizophrenia and they treated him with vitamins. The narrative told by the media on the few occasions they reported on this is that his mental illness may have been a result of a chemical imbalance, that should be treated with medication, and I can't rule this out without better research; however there are a lot of examples where they come to this conclusion when there are major social problems that may have contributed as much if not more than any potential chemical imbalance, which by most accounts are hard to diagnose.

However there's also a lot more credible research to show that one of the biggest contributing causes of violent behavior later in life is often child abuse at an early age, which often teaches children to deal with their problems through violence and escalates to more violence later in life.

According to court records there might be some evidence to indicate that this was part of the problem, which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Scientology, although there are plenty of stories about using abusive child rearing tactics in Scientology and controlling children used for labor or other reasons.

The psychiatric report says "he was disciplined by spanking till age 15" His statement about there being "weird phenomenon around the house" was almost certainly attributed to schizophrenia, as it often is with these claims and most people will agree is the more rational conclusion; however there is plenty of research to show that this type of paranoia or alleged hallucination is much more common from children that have been severally abused, which may be the case.

It shouldn't be controversial to teach about how early child abuse leads to many other problems, yet the mainstream media and many so-called rational skeptics almost never discuss this. The same tactics that teach people to believe what they're told and blindly obey orders without question also lead to more violence.

However early child abuse used to indoctrinate children isn't good enough to explain many unexplained phenomena including how ancient megaliths were moved, and some of the unsolved mysteries surrounding other mystics, UFO sightings, and how this cult gained an enormous amount of money or was able to avoid accountability from the government, which could deprive them of their tax exempt status and prosecute them for their crimes if they wanted to.

Therefore, if there's something to this theory we can't completely rule out the possibility that there might actually have been some unexplained phenomena, or of there's something to alien abduction claims it's worth considering if this might be related. Despite problems like this Scientology has an incredibly long record of lobbying the government, in at least a couple examples with some success, to implement their policies, with a minimum amount of media coverage, although Lawrence Wright reported on some of them in the following excepts, including one example where tax payer money was used to fund a program similar to their troubled Narconon as described in the following excepts: Gray had also worked closely with the Reagan campaign.

There were full-page ads in newsmagazines p. She was one of nine Scientologists who had died under mysterious circumstances at the Clearwater facility. Paige had been impressed. Governor Jeb Bush vetoed the bill. Governor Jon Huntsman did the same in Utah. They weren't successful in lobbying to ban teachers from recommending psychiatric help, but this appears to be because the pharmaceutical industry was more successful in lobbying against it.

Both Scientology and the Pharmaceutical industry have credibility problems and financial incentives to lobby the government for their views. Other sources like Harriet Washington or Marcia Angell have also done research into the pharmaceutical industry and raised legitimate doubts about their profit motive, yet they have little or no success in lobbying the government to implement policies to protect the public, based on more reliable research than Scientology provides.

At times, it appears that some of Scientology's objections to the pharmaceutical industry might be legitimate, but their reasons are often suspect and their alternatives are no better.

The same goes for lobbying for the "No Child Left Behind Program," which they may have successfully influenced; Wall Street executives, economists with no education background, Bill Gates, and Scientology have all had an enormous amount of success in lobbying for school reform programs; however Diane Ravitch, educators, and social activists routinely have to put on massive protests to slow down the massive efforts to privatize the education system with little or no concern for the children.

The high tech corporations and oil companies etc. I explored the possibility that this might be part of a research project to develop advanced medical treatment; with or without alien technology there is some of this going on based on some of the reliable sources including Harriet Washington and Marcia Angell, who rarely get any coverage from the mainstream media and some low profile reports from the mainstream media that reports on how Chinese prisoners are being used for organ transplants or research.

However, it may be more likely and more advanced with alien technology; and with or without it, Scientology could be providing a control group since they use a different type of treatment, with vitamins and natural cures, as opposed to traditional cures from mainstream medical practitioners.

Regardless of what their motive is they attempt to use religious freedom as their justification for their activities, although this shouldn't hold up at all when it comes to holding people against their will and many of their other fraudulent activities.

One of the defenses that they used involved a Catholic priest that essentially argues that since other religious movements were abusive in the early stage of indoctrinating their followers that it is justifiable freedom of religion as described in the following excerpts: Flinn, a former Franciscan friar and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, has testified repeatedly on behalf of Scientology—notably, inwhen the Church of Scientology, along with Mary Sue Hubbard, sued Gerald Armstrong, the former archivist for the church.

Non-violent grass roots reform and Democracy: Wal-Mart Crime report July

Jim was a member of the Eagles Aerie No. Pius X Catholic Church. Jim never met a stranger; he will be missed by many family and friends. Viewing, 4 to 7 p. Memorial Mass, 10 a. Viewing, 4 to 6 p. Rosary Service, 10 a. Both held at St. Arrangements through Imperial Funeral Home. Rose was preceded in death by Charlie Verga, husband, of 22 years and Joe Babish, husband of 12 years. Two great grandsons, Tyler and Corey Hayhurst. Nephew, Joey Dekleva of Trinidad. No service at this time, internment will be in Trinidad, Colorado next spring.

Springs; very special cousin Carmen Ruselowsi, Trinidad; aunt Isabel Baca, Trinidad; numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and many friends. Visitation will be Tuesday, from 3: Funeral Mass will be celebrated Wednesday, August 13, at Interment with Rite of Committal will follow at the Starkville Cemetery.

Arrangements made under the direction of the Comi Funeral Home. Our precious angel was born on Aug. Numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, other relatives and friends also survive.

Bomb threats prompts Walmart evacuation

Aubree will be dearly missed by her Mommy and Daddy. A funeral celebration service will be held at 11 a. In lieu of flowers, contact family for donations to Alzheimer's research. Baca, 47, of Pueblo, went to be with the Lord on Aug.

Relatives and friends will be received at Romero Courtesy Hall following service. Baca, ; and brothers, Abraham and Lloyd Guarduno. Viewing will be held at Vigil Service will be held at 6: Funeral Mass will be held at 2: She was united in marriage to Doroteo Dorty Baca and from this union nine children were born and raised.

Erlinda, loving wife, mother and friend was predeceased by family: Vaughn, as well as her loving aunt and uncle Juanita and Tomas Garcia, and other aunts, uncles and cousins.

She leaves to cherish in her memory: Her one and only sibling, Louise Rudy Sweeney. Numerous nieces and nephews who adored her and special caregivers Diane Felthager, Brenda Felthager and Lorraine Mascarenas. Erlinda was a loving mother who took care of her family, loved Mexican music, loved to dance and enjoyed life each and every day. She never had anything negative to say about anyone and never complained about anything.

She is loved deeply by those of us she leaves behind and will be missed forever, "Until we meet again, dear Mother, We Love You. Rosary will be recited Thursday, February 14, at 7: Funeral Mass will be celebrated Friday, February 15, at Interment will follow at Trinidad Catholic Cemetery. Cards can be sent to: Arrangements are under the direction of the Comi Funeral Home.

He was preceded in death by his loving wife, Soledad R. Baca; parents, Antonio and Augustina Baca; eight sisters and three brothers. Ernesto is survived by his daughters, Susana Montoya, Anna Marie Stanley Solano and Audrey Romero; seven grandchildren; seven great-grand-children; and numerous nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. Rosary recitation, noon Saturday, followed by Mass of the Resurrection at Felix was born on June 1,in Cokedale, Colo.

Army during World War II. He was stationed mostly in Belgium and Luxembourg and was honorably discharged upon recovering from two bullet wounds. After returning to Trinidad, he resumed work at the Frederick Mine. Felix was united in marriage to Gloria Aragon on July 27, Felix and Gloria raised four daughters and were active members of St.

Joseph Catholic Church for many years. He retired from the US Postal Service after 20 years in Throughout his life, Felix enjoyed photographing his family, nature scenes, deer, and elk. Because of his strong hand shake, some friends fondly called him "Crusher.

He also enjoyed car trips, the outdoors, and especially the mountains of Southern Colorado. Felix was also caretaker of his family's Longsdale Cemetery. He was a man of strong faith and he passed that on to his daughters. A memorial service and celebration of life will be held at a date to be announced with inurnment and Military Honors at Longsdale Cemetery in Trinidad.

Arrangements made under the direction of Comi Funeral Home. Flora was born March 30,in Vigil, Colorado. She married Pedro I. Baca, April 7, in Segundo, Colorado. In Flora and Pedro moved their family to Colorado Springs. The Baca family would like to extend their thanks to Odyssey Hospice and all of the volunteers who helped make their mother smile.

Visitation was Sunday, September 6,between 5: Funeral service was Tuesday, September 8, Burial was Wednesday, September 9,2: He was born in Hoehne, CO on February 13, Burial was on the 15th at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Denver. Family may be reached at W. He was preceded in death by his parents.

Numerous nieces, nephews and other relatives. Interment Ft Logan National Cemetery. Aragon and Benita Valdez Aragon. Throughout her life, Gloria enjoyed crocheting and many other crafts and activities.

She was an excellent cook and baker, with her specialties being homemade pies, tortillas and sopapillas. Above all, Gloria was a devoted wife and mother. InFelix and Gloria moved to Olathe, Kan. Gloria was a woman of great faith and was dedicated to praying for others throughout each day.

vineland swap meet bomb threat at walmart

Although she was quiet, she had a good sense of humor and enjoyed reading the newspaper, especially the advice column and the comics. She read daily until shortly before her passing. A memorial service and celebration of life will be held at a date to be announced with inurnment at Longsdale Cemetery in Trinidad.

Born in Trinidad, Colo. Alvin and Wayne Adelma15 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild and one brother, Gilbert Baca Eppie.

Courtesy of Comi Funeral Home. Baca, of Clinton, Iowa, passed away peacefully on Sunday, Oct. Baca Ida was born Nov.

Viewing will be at 2 p. Interment at Roselawn Cemetery. Preceded in death by her parents, brothers, sisters and their spouses as the last of her generation. She was also preceded by several beloved nieces, nephews, and cousins. Survived by daughter, Carmen Rita Ruselowski; grandchildren: Isabel spent most of her time as a dedicated mother and sales associate at a number of department and variety stores. She enjoyed crosswords, cryptograms, reading, watching All My Children, and most of all spending time with her large extended family whom she always referred to as a "clan unto our own".

Visitation will be Thursday from 2: Catholic Rosary, Thursday June 14, at 7: Burial to follow at Starkville Cemetery. The family would like to express a heartfelt thank you to the caregivers and staff at Trinidad Inn Nursing Home. Family can be contacted through Comi Funeral Home. In the hope of a world with more birthdays, memorial gifts may be made directly to the American Cancer Society. Baca, 67, passed away Oct.

She was born Dec. She is survived by her husband, Joseph Baca of the family home; seven children and step-children; many grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and a host of other relatives and friends. At her request, cremation with no formal services.

He was born June 18, to Porferio and Eugenia Baca. James enjoyed fishing, camping, and being with his family. Gonzales on December 28, in Raton, NM. They moved to Security, CO in where he worked at the Air Force Academy as roads and grounds crew and retired in James was preceded in death by his parents, brothers Doroteo and Ernest, and grandsons Charles Bennett Jr.

Service will be held October 16, The vehicle sped up, resulting in a high-speed pursuit until the driver, Jessica Baca, 24, hit the brakes and crashed into the right shoulder. She was thrown from the car as it rolled. Officials are still investigating what may have caused Baca to flee police.

Joe was a U. He was active and enjoyed many hobbies, but his family was his pride and joy. He will be sadly missed by all those who loved him. Cremation with burial at sea was his request. Baca, 79, of Pueblo, went to be with the Lord on March 29, Joe was a proud veteran of the U.

He loved his Catholic faith and was proud to be raised in the church. Joe was a crafty person and made many quilts for many people. Joe especially loved all of his family. He is going to be missed by all of them. Viewing prior to services. Mass of the Resurrection 10 a. Wednesday, all at Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, Pueblo, Colo. Entombment, Imperial Memorial Gardens.

vineland swap meet bomb threat at walmart

Relatives and friends will be received at Romero Courtesy Hall following both services. Military honors by the Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team. He was born on March 15, in Cokedale, Colo. He was the last one of a great generation. To honor the comfort provided by the therapy dogs during his last days, in lieu of flowers donations can be made to: Animals for Therapy W.

Funeral Services were held with interment at Ft. Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Colo. Courtesy Comi Funeral Home. He enjoyed the outdoors, riding horses and raising cattle. His kindness and ever-present smile will be missed by all who knew and loved him. Left to cherish his memory is wife, MaryAnn of home address, children, John H.

vineland swap meet bomb threat at walmart

Memorial services will be held Friday, December 1, at 2: Private inurnment at a later date. Baca - Chronicle News - September 11, - One killed in early morning accident - One man was killed and one woman injured in an accident on Highway 12 early yesterday morning as these two vehicles crashed head-on. The Colorado State Patrol responded to a two-vehicle head-on crash resulting in one fatality and one minor injury, which occurred at approximately 6: A Volkswagen Jetta, driven by John H.

Baca, 25, of Pueblo, Colo. Lambeth, 40, of Trinchera, which was traveling westbound. After the impact, the Volkswagen continued eastbound while rotating counterclockwise degrees before coming to rest on its wheels in the eastbound lane facing northeast.

The Chevrolet continued westbound while rotating counterclockwise degrees off the right side of the roadway, collided with a delineator post with its right side and came to rest on its wheels in the grass shoulder area facing east.

Both vehicles were equipped with an inflatable device, which deployed.

Tri-County Obituaries 3B

Baca was not wearing a seat belt but Lambeth was. Lambeth was transported from the scene by Trinidad Ambulance to Mt. San Rafael Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the crash.

The Colorado State Patrol is currently investigating the accident. After further investigation and interviews, it has been determined that John Baca, 25, of Pueblo, Colo.

This crash remains under investigation. Chronicle News - September 12, - John Baca, age 25, passed away September 10, as the result of an automobile accident.

Arrangements are pending and will be announced by the Comi Funeral Home. He was born in Trinidad, Co. He grew up in the Trinidad area, having been raised by parents Margaret and Stan Chacon. John attended area schools graduating from Trinidad High School in He was currently employed by Cleary Construction.

John loved life and lived it to the fullest. His hobbies included baseball, and building and working on motor and street bikes.

John enjoyed the outdoors spending time arrowhead hunting. He often spent time alone in the mountains where John found peace and tranquility and time to talk to Jesus.

He was artistic and creative as a tattoo artist and making medicine bags. Many were often the recipients of his great sense of humor as John liked to play jokes on his family and friends. John had a big and kind heart and loved being with his nieces and nephews. He will be missed by all whose lives he touched. Preceding him in death are grandfather Alfonso Sandoval and cousin Gene Castillo.

Survivors are wife Jennifer, Pueblo, Co. Rosary will be recited Tuesday, September 16, at 7: Interment will follow at the Trinidad Catholic Cemetery.

Family may be contacted at Linden Ave. Most of these arsons were to distract workers from shoplifting attempts, which almost never works however this month three of them were committed by the same person who got away the first two times. On the rare occasions they do get away initially using this tactic they get caught eventually since this method attracts a lot of attention, and there was at least three million dollars worth of damage in one of the arsons and another million in another.

There were at least five more reports of shootings either on the premises or nearby, including at least two that were proven true, one that turned out to be from an air-gun and another one that could have been either an air-gun or a real one. Another fourteen gun related incidents also occurred mostly robberies, either of the store or of customers or employees and at least one of them was an attempted kidnapping.

They had about a dozen chases, crashes or both often where petty stealing leads to major crashes or injuries, one of this months chases resulted in a car crashing into a police cruiser. And over half a dozen stabbings or attempted stabbings either as a result of arguments or attempted shoplifting's. There were more razor blades found in shopping carts, which has been happening more often than most people realize for quite a while, however one of the reports explains that, contrary to the impression given by past reports this may not be an attempt to arbitrarily injure someone, but a common method of shoplifting.

Apparently many shoplifters have learned that if they put a razor facing out in the carts they can open packages with it without drawing attention, but this results in many of these razors being left behind endangering customers including children. This months incidents didn't result in injured children although it may have come close but one woman did get cut, and this is clearly part of a trend.

There were more assaults on police workers and attempts to kidnap or molest children. If anything all this is getting worse contrary to the claims by subcontractors trying to make a profit off "Restorative Justice. Walmart is being routinely sued for one thing after another including, accidents, Medi-Cal fraud, more labor practices than anyone can keep track of. They clearly aren't even trying to act in good faith and since the government bends over backwards for campaign donors there is little reason to expect this to change unless there is a major uproar and political reform.