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want to meet bret michaels

Bret Michaels To Star in Sammy Hagar's Rock & Roll Road Trip Sunday June 10 on AXS Bret Michaels talks Poison with Yahoo News. 'I never fell for the hype. BRING YOUR PET TO MEET BRET! If you want to meet rock legend Bret Michaels. ALL Bret Michaels VIP fan experience packages will include a meet & greet with Bret Michaels but only the Titanium Bret Michaels's photo. Bret Michaels.

Be on the lookout for a new reality show starring Bret.

want to meet bret michaels

There may not necessarily be a "Rock of Love 4. If you catch wind of one, try to contact the producers and solicit yourself to be on the show. Whether you're a girl or a guy you're probably a girl, if you're reading thisbut anyway Dress up like him in a blonde wig and hat. If you have a great costume, the camara may linger on you. You may even be pointed out by the talk show host. If so, you may be able to exchange a greeting or couple words with Bret from where you are sitting in the audience.

I know, this is kind of a lame tip, but thought I'd throw it in anyway. You never know what will work.

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This tip is not practical for most people, but it's worth mentioning. If you have some writing credentials, try freelancing for your local newspaper, doing previews and reviews of concerts in your area.

If you hit a roadblack trying this, consider writing for very small publications or free newspapers.

want to meet bret michaels

You could even offer to work for free. If they accept, you can gain free tickets, VIP passes, press seats, and other perks if you are a press member writing a story. Also, you may be able to set up interviews with people before their shows, either in person, but usually over the phone. Imagine getting a phone call from Bret Michaels. And the wait was finally over!!! It was the day of the show and I was so excited!!

Mom and I left really early so that we could get our backstage passes and I could meet Bret!!!

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When I got back stage, one of the first people I met was Bret's Dad he is on the right and some of his friends!!! As soon as I walked back there a few people said that they knew who I was because they had seen me on TV!! This was pretty exciting!! Bret's Dad was really great and I'm glad that I got to meet him. We sat and talked for a long time and he even showed me what he brought for Bret.

want to meet bret michaels

It was the book Ghost Soldier and it was autographed by Abie Abraham!!! Abraham too, he is a survivor of the Bataan Death March and he is very special to me!! We have been to a few events together!! Abraham's story is in the book Ghost Soldier!!!

And this is Bret's cousin, Bob and he became really special to me!!! Bob is a Vietnam Veteran!!!

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He came over to the table I was at and sat and talked to me for a really long time. I was very honored to tell him "Thank You" What I didn't know was that another person who was with the crew came up to my mom while I was talking to Bob and told her that he has known Bob for 12 years and he had never seen him talk to anyone the way that he was talking to me!!!

Just hearing that made everything that I do seem so much more important to me. Janna, I don't think that I could ever thank you enough for what you did for me and for being so great with me!!

want to meet bret michaels

I never in my life thought I would get an answer to my email, let alone be able to meet so many great people!!! Cousin Bob and Janna, I'm sorry that these pictures didn't turn out that well.

They were the last one's on the roll of film that we had and for some reason they came out this way. I still wanted to put these on my Poison page because I wanted everyone to know how great all of you were!! Thank you so much for everything you did for me!!

want to meet bret michaels

And the big moment finally arrived!!! Janna came over to us and told us that Bret was having some problems with his throat, but that she was going to take us back to meet him anyway so that I could talk to him about our Veterans!! After a very, very long few minutes, she came back and said that I could go back and meet Bret!! I thought that he must be in a dressing room or something like that, but on our way to the back Janna told us that we were going to the tour bus because that's where Bret was!!!

I still couldn't believe that I was there!!! I went over exactly what I was going to do a hundred times, but I was so excited that I think I forgot everything that I went over!!! I knew that I had one very important thing that I had to do!!!

And I did it too!!! Now this is the best part of the story!!! I walked on the bus first and there he was, even though I was so excited, I knew that I had something to do!!!

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Because the song Something To Believe in is so special to me, I wanted to give Bret something that also was very special to me. Arlie Mangus, one for him and one for his baby daughter so that she can grow up and always know the price that has been paid for our freedom.

Even though this wasn't one of my usual events that I attend, I was still there representing our country's Veterans and I knew that I wanted to give Bret something that came from my heart, that would make our Veterans proud!!!

We talked for a while and he was just as great as you could get!!! Then, to my surprise, we heard someone say "Hey Bret" and I turned around and it was Rikki Rockett, coming on the tour bus too!!! I couldn't and still can't believe that I got to meet Rikki too, this was just too great and I know that it's something that I will never forget!!!