What episode did batman meet superman

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what episode did batman meet superman

The New Batman/Superman Adventures is a name given to a package series that combined The two animated universes were united in the Superman episode " World's Finest", which tells the story of Batman and Superman's first meeting. May 4, The first half of the article deals with the visual iconography of superheroes and superhero design, (using Batman and Superman as the example) the second. The episode depicts the first meeting of Batman and Superman in the DCAU, has any chance at beating Superman when he can't beat the less powerful Batman. . Meanwhile, Joker and Luthor meet at a LexCorp aeronautics factory, where.

When BATMAN Met SUPERMAN: Their 10 BEST First Meetings

The surface is left to mutant animals and a few humans, including a man named Kamandi. Superman has not been seen in nearly a century. Knightwing, now posing as Superman, and the Supergirls are all that remain to fight the Parademons.

Batman manages to revive the Brother Eye satellite. He has been keeping tabs on Kamandi, who is a descendant of Buddy Blank, a. Meanwhile, stranded on New Genesis, Superman has married Beautiful Dreamerwho manages to unlock his memory of the invasion that Saturn Girl had repressed.

As seen at the end of Generations 2, the dying Mrs. Wayne gives her son and ex-husband a tape to play that reveals Bruce is not BJ's father. Analyzing the tape, they deduce it was recorded in London.

what episode did batman meet superman

Cyril takes them to a recording studio where they are attacked by one of the gangs infesting London. They manage to subdue the gang and listen to the tape, which reveals that BJ is Bruce's son; Mrs. Wayne lied to trick BJ into using the Lazarus Pit, something he had refused to do before.

what episode did batman meet superman

As BJ dies, the ghost of Kara Kent appears and takes his spirit to the afterlife. On Earth, Supergirl Blue is in love with Green Lantern Ator, but since her body is stuck at the physical age of 11, Ator is uncomfortable with the relationship.

Several other Green Lanterns find the buried robot body of Lex Luthor, who goes on a rampage. While the Green Lanterns fight Luthor, Supergirl Blue uses gold kryptonite to remove her powers, allowing her to age. Ator manages to stop Luthor, but Luthor uploads his mind into the city's computer, leaving Ator with an atomic bomb about to detonate.

Ator contains the explosion with his power ring, but is trapped inside with the radiation. The now powerless Supergirl Blue must stand by and watch Ator die. After Superman convinces them of his identity, Batman tells what has happened. In addition to the Parademons returning every years to attack Smallville, civilization had been destroyed by Luthor.

Supergirl Blue uses Luthor's serum to restore her powers and convinces Batman to use it as well. The two find they are immune to kryptonite and finally defeat Luthor. He tells them the answer to the Parademon attacks lie in the future and flies off to the 30th century.

She digs up a box which contains Superman.

When BATMAN Met SUPERMAN: Their 10 BEST First Meetings

His attempt to reach the future was blocked and he was hurled into the late 19th century. Kent is seeking revenge against Jonah Hexa bounty hunter Kent claims killed fourteen innocent men.

In a showdown, Hex easily disarms Kent, then breaks Kent's glasses instead of killing him. Just then, the criminal that Hex was hunting appears and fires at Hex. Hex kills the criminal, but the shot meant for Hex hits Martha instead.

Superman forces Metron to bring a doctor to save Martha's life, but her injuries mean she will never have children. Jonathan tells Martha that they will get married as soon as she is well. Metron tells Superman he cannot reach the future under his own power and places him in a suspended animation chamber underground.

Meanwhile, Darkseid reveals his greatest weapon: Parademons with the power of independent thought. He hides in a small house, where he meets the owner, an elderly blind woman.

The Parademon tells her his history. Centuries ago, Apokolips was destroyed in the final battle between Orion and Darkseid. Darkseid's essence was preserved by special machinery hidden in the heart of the planet. When Darkseid was revived, he developed new Parademons with the ability to think for themselves.

Their mission is to travel back in time to defeat the heroes of Earth. The old woman, actually Supergirl Blue, kills the Parademon so that no one will learn they are sentient. In the future, the time machine with Lois and Lana finally materializes. A dying Metron appears and gives Superman a device that will allow him one round trip to New Genesis.

He activates it and is met by Lar-el and Vara, his children with Beautiful Dreamer. Parademons attack, followed by Darkseid. All of the New Gods are killed, leaving only Superman and his children.

Darkseid captures Beautiful Dreamer and kills Superman's children when they try to rescue her. Darkseid leaves, but not before breaking Beautiful Dreamer's neck. Superman returns to Earth to tell Batman what has happened. There they discover that Clark Kent is Superman and Lois will one day marry him. Outside, they stumble across Superman fighting a troop of Parademons. They are almost attacked, but are saved by Supergirl Blue.

Batman realizes they can use the time bubble to reach the final Parademon attack in The heroes first return the two girls to and rescue Saturn Girl. Superman has Saturn Girl wipe the memories of everyone for a thousand miles before taking the time machine to the future. They land in as energy beams strike all around them.

Supergirl Blue destroys a weapon called the Sky Scorcher, but is fatally injured. Dying, Supergirl Blue tells Batman the only way to stop Darkseid is to destroy him just after his resurrection, changing the timeline. Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are killed, but Batman causes Granny Goodness to overload the station's power supplies. Superman throws DeSaad into the beams and pummels Darkseid. The space station explodes, and the energy wave reboots the timeline.

Batman Beyond meets Superman

The new timeline is similar to that at the end of the first Generations, with no sign of Darkseid and the Earth at peace. Batman and Superman briefly recall Supergirl Blue, but the memory fades away.

Good news is on the horizon for fans of the World's Finest friends though, with December 6's Batman 36 brings the old friends back together. Now that comic books are bringing the duo back into each others' lives, we decided to take a look back at how Bruce met Clark.

The Mightiest Team on Earth! When both Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne found themselves trapped not only on the same cruise liner, but in the same cabin thanks to some admittedly ridiculous plot shenanigans, it was only a matter of time before they each learned the others' secret identities and teamed up to fight crime together. This story - complete with the two heroes deciding to play with Lois Lane a little while keeping their identities secret - may be more than a little goofy by today's standards, but there's no denying the charm of a classic.

The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team 3 of 12 Told in flashback during 's World's Finest 94, it turned out that Batman and Superman had actually met before their cruise ship collision when the Dynamic Duo offered kryptonite assistance to Superman. Quite why there was a retconned version of the characters' first meeting just six years after the first story isn't entirely clear - Of course, with the turnover of readers back then, it's possible no one really remembered that first story at the time - but nonetheless, this is another meeting between the two that shows them as friendly peers, working towards a common goal.

If only that could've lasted… World's Finest 4 of 12 Of course DC's animated continuity had an entirely different take on the first meeting of the two heroes, which managed to synthesize the complex dynamic the two characters had enjoyed up until that time.

what episode did batman meet superman

The multi-episode "World's Finest" arc of Superman gave us a Superman and Batman who understood that they have to work together even if they don't necessarily like each other, which - thanks to Bruce Wayne's interest in Lois Lane - it turns out that they don't.

The team up also extended to there enemies as well, with Lex Luthor and the Joker joining forces to fight the World's Finest duo in the animated film.

This introduced a new chilliness into the relationship between the two characters that would remain for years, until Superman had literally died for his city and Batman been crippled while trying to keep his safe.

Here Bruce creates his firstcrime-fighting personality. With thehelp of Lana Lang, he becomes Bruce also cottons on to Superboys secret identity pretty quickly, making this a whole tangle of weird continuity. Bob Brown More a retcon of Batmans origin than afirst meeting, this refers to Clark and Bruce having met before, but Bruce has no idea of Clarks secret identity thanks to a memory wipe.

Superboy discovers the truth about the death of the Waynes and so visits Bruce, whos already fighting crime under the ominous name of The Executioner.

It plays fast and loose with continuity Bruce is a teenager when his parents die, and Superboy is pivotal in Batmans evolution and so was mostly ignored even before Crisis wiped the slate.


So it was only a matter of time before a new first encounter came along. One Night In Gotham City is murkier than previous attempts. Batman is chasing down Magpie when he comes face to face with Superman, who regards him as little more than a vigilante thug. While they part on peaceable terms, theres a clear disagreement over each others methods. Generations, The vigilantes Writer: John Byrne This non-canonical Elseworlds story follows the lives of the young Bruce and Clark as they grow into their roles as costumed heroes.

Once again its Loiss imperilment that brings Bruce and Clark together. Tim Sale A cute short that finds the young and recently orphaned Bruce Wayne passing through Smallville, when his car breaks down. Nearby, Clark Kent and his pal Pete Ross are playing baseball. They dont physically meet, but Clark notices the sad young boy in the car and wonders if he should have asked him to join in their game.

Controversially, out went decades of continuity, in favour of a fresh start again. And you know what that means Yep, another first meeting for Bats and Supes, and another chance for the two to fall out and immediately scrap.

Interestingly, the New 52 Batman wasnt alone when he met Superman for the first time he had backup from Green Lantern. Not that he was of much use against Big Blue