When do you meet packie in gta 4

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when do you meet packie in gta 4

For Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic I was like who the hell is packie i never remember meeting him. Grand Theft Auto 4 - Packie's Missions - Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide, When you reach the place, follow Packie up on to the rooftop to trigger a brief cutscene. A couple of cars will pursue you, but there are some grenades in the truck that can . Patrick "Packie" McReary is the first McReary you meet in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is the youngest McReary brother of the McReary Irish crime family.

You first need to clear out the enemies outside. There is plenty off cover in the area, and you have allies to help you out, so this shouldn't be a problem. When the yard is clear, pick up the health pack next to the warehouse door to patch yourself up if need be, then head inside and take cover.

Kill the enemy in the office and those on the walkway first, and then clear the ground floor.

- Packie's Missions - Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide

When the warehouse is void of enemies, climb up the stairs at the back and head into the office at the end of the walkway.

Wasteyard Interior Pick up the bag of money in the office, then turn towards the office window and fire away at the enemies that just entered the warehouse. Wait for Packie to get in, then drive the boat to the spot marked on your radar to complete the mission. Money Escape Mission 3: Three Leaf Clover A suit and tie and a pair of smart shoes are required to start this mission. You may also want to purchase Body Armor from the weapon store in Downtown Broker.

Once you're appropriately dressed, step into the marker outside of Packie's place to begin. The target is the Bank of Liberty at the south end of Algonquin. Steal a four door vehicle and make your way to marker there to trigger a cutscene.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse, netting you a five-star wanted level. For example, he will lament that "the world is ugly and unkind", question what being a man is all about, and contemplates suicide.

He doesn't seem to seriously consider immediately and directly killing himself, but does glamourize the idea that he will die young of a drug overdose.

GTA 4 - Mission #87 - Mr. & Mrs. Bellic [Revenge / Deal] (1080p)

Compared to Niko, Packie is equally capable of violence and criminal activity, and feels less guilt. He does, however, still hold certain moral standards; If you kill too many hostages during the mission Three Leaf Cloverthe mission will fail and Packie would say that he doesn't take this bloody money.

Patrick McReary

Packie was introduced to Niko Bellic through cocaine dealer Elizabeta Torres. Packie and Niko quickly became friends after escaping from a botched cocaine deal together.

when do you meet packie in gta 4

Impressed, Packie called up Niko and introduced him to his family and his gang. They all participated in robbing other criminal gangs, and eventually did a bank robbery on the Bank of Liberty in Algonquin where Michael was killed After the bank job, Packie continued working with and befriending Niko, particularly in the kidnapping of Gracie Ancelotti for Gerry.

He calls you his "guardian angel". Your destination is an apartment building on Joliet Avenue. It's nearby, so boosting a car to get there, while more convenient, isn't exactly necessary.

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Once you arrive at the apartment building on Joliet Avenue, head inside and up to the roof, where the aforementioned rifle can be found. This is no ordinary rifle, though.

Instead, this is a sniper rifle, something readily equipped to help you assist a friend five stories down on street level.

when do you meet packie in gta 4

When you grab the sniper rifle, head to the vantage point as the game instructs you to do. Then, kneel down and watch the deal on the streets below quickly turn sour. Follow the on-screen prompts to aim your sniper rifle, look through the scope, and all that jazz.