When does rex meet zulu

Krewe of Zulu | Mardi Gras New Orleans

when does rex meet zulu

Mardi Gras Indians and Zulu music traditions in Louisiana. Pleasure Club and the Mardi Gras Indians are different in most aspects, they do share with King Zulu heading to the Spanish Plaza to ceremoniously meet Rex, King of Carnival. The Zulu Lundi Gras Festival is a yearly event that features music, food as well as arts and crafts. The festival is put on by the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club. Mayor Mitch Landrieu and other dignitaries will greet him. Then King Zulu will meet for a toast to Mardi Gras. Rex will then ask the mayor to turn.

Black folks were able to, at a minimum, take to the streets, carrying the Mardi Gras spirit from home to home. Many wanted to give their loved ones proper burials, but were not able to afford the costs. Many formed their own societies and groups which held social events like dances to raise money. The show was quite the success, playing to sold-out houses during its run. One of the young men who saw the show was John L. The visual of strong Zulu warriors, with their grass skirts and spears inspired Metoyer.

Inthe parade added a band. The Zulus paraded as a unit in the Rex parade inwhich increased their visibility. Arrival by boat Zulu traveling the New Basin Canal on a barge, s. That tradition evolved into a full-blown pageant, held the day before Mardi Gras, Lundi Gras. Rex landed at Canal Street, coming up the Mississippi river on a private yacht.

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The parade began there. The club gave Edwina Robertson the honor of being its first queen, in The business set up their reviewing stand in the s, providing sandwiches to parade-goers in the neighborhood. Nowadays, the selection of King Zulu is fiercely competitive.

when does rex meet zulu

Pops Louis Armstrong, second from left, reigns over the Zulu parade. Louis Armstrong in That movement included honoring the musicians who left New Orleans during the Great Migration. The most visible member of that group was Armstrong, affectionately known as Pops.

So, Pops donned the blackface of the Zulus and rode with the club, as New Orleans did what it could to make up for the way he and many African-American musicians were treated in the early part of the 20th Century. The tableau that followed was always wonderful Mardi Gras entertainment.

History of Zulu in New Orleans

The members were unable to afford the glass beads thrown by white parade krewes, and coconuts fit the overall theme of Zulu. The original throws were regular coconuts. Members shaved the coconuts, drained them, and painted them. Over the years, the club had paid out settlements to parade-goers injured by overenthusiastic coconut-throwers.

There was one condition: Coconuts must be handed down from the floats, not thrown. While the organization did not change their traditions, membership dropped.

The club experienced growing pains in the s and s. That led to inconsistencies in float quality and breakdowns during the parade were frequent. Dressing in a grass skirt and putting on a black face were seen as demeaning.

Rex and Zulu meet at Riverfront

Large numbers of black organizations protested against Zulu and membership dwindled to approximately 16 men. James Russel, a longtime member, served as president in this period and is credited with holding the group together and slowly bringing Zulu back to the forefront. InZulu's route took them to St. Charles and Canal Streets for the first time in the modern era. Heretofore, to see the Zulu parade, you had to travel the so-called "back streets" of the black neighborhoods.

when does rex meet zulu

The segregation laws of the period contributed to this, and Zulu tradition also played a part. In those days, neighborhood bars sponsored certain floats and, consequently, the floats were obligated to pass those bars.

Passing meant stopping, as the bard advertised that the "Zulus will stop here. Of all the throws to rain down from the many floats in the parades during Carnival, the Zulu coconut or "golden nugget" is the most sought after.

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The earliest reference to the coconut appears to be about when the coconuts were given from the floats in their natural "hairy" state.

Some years later there is a reference to Lucas, "the sign painter," scraping and painting the coconuts.

when does rex meet zulu

This, in all likelihood was the forerunner to the beautifully decorated coconuts we see today. Just as everything else in Zulu history, the coconut is not without controversy.

With the proliferation of law suits from people alleging injury from thrown coconuts, the organization was unable to get insurance coverage in So that year, the time honored tradition was suspended.

After much lobbying, the Louisiana Legislature passed B, aptly dubbed the "coconut bill," which excluded the coconut from liability for alleged injuries arising from the coconuts handed from the floats. On July 8,then governor Edwards signed the bill into law. Through the adversity, the Zulu organization has persevered.

It has risen to the point of being not only the premier black social organization, but is known internationally as one of the major Carnival organizations. Zulu also integrates itself into the community, from adopting public schools and providing scholarships for Southern University to providing food baskets to needy families during the holiday seasons.