When you first meet someone what should talk about

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when you first meet someone what should talk about

Knowing what to say when you're meeting someone for the first time isn't You don't need to skip the small talk, but leave some room for deep. What's the first question most people ask you when you meet? struggle to answer, not even sure if the asker cares in the first place, or if it's just small talk. And why do we care so much about what someone does, anyway?. How to Talk to Someone You've Never Met Talking to strangers doesn't have to be like pulling What should I ask/talk about with my crush the first time we talk?.

What do they do there? Is it hard to learn? If they are childhood friends with someone, I might ask where they grew up. Asking how the person is liking the social event expresses that you care whether they are enjoying themselves. Even though you may have just met the person, expressing an appropriate amount of care and concern is a great way to bond with someone and pave the way for future conversations and rapport-building.

There are several different types of responses you may receive when you ask this question. This is easier for you to respond to, as the door is now open for you to share the things you are enjoying at the event.

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These types of events always make me nervous. Good thing we met, huh? We can stick together! If the person is from the same town as me, I ask them what area they live in and how they like it there. The whole building is Memphis Tiger-themed! It was one of my favorite spots in college.

You can also ask what their favorite things to do in that area are in case you ever visit. When discussing hometowns, you can also ask if they have family there. Some follow-up questions include: This can quickly and easily create bonding experiences that may lead to deeper conversation. It sucks to get stuck in job talk.

when you first meet someone what should talk about

But it can be helpful to know what someone is working with, as it will help you find mutual interests. Not everyone may find your job as interesting as you do, and no matter what the topic is, if you talk about the same thing for too long it will inevitably become boring.

To avoid this, just change the subject by asking: This is my favorite question! No matter what they reply, you can now begin sharing your own passions and dreams. In my opinion, passions and dreams are the most rewarding subjects you can bring up with someone. These questions should help you to avoid any awkward silences that may otherwise come up, but make sure to also read this chapter on how to avoid awkward silence.

when you first meet someone what should talk about

These seven questions have helped me start great conversations with so many people. If you want a flying start, memorize them and practice them whenever you get the chance.

when you first meet someone what should talk about

Ask them in the way that feels most natural to you, and keep them in mind for use when your conversations begin to lull. Then you can begin using the 7 universal questions for making conversation.

Who are you talking to? What are their interests, hobbies, career aspirations, hometowns, etc.? What is the current situation? Is it the cake-cutting ceremony at a wedding, or is it a business meeting?

What time is the social interaction taking place? Is it after morning rush hour, or is it ate at night? Use the location of your social interaction to fuel your small talk.

when you first meet someone what should talk about

In other words, there are times when it would be perfectly acceptable for you to remain silent and not socialize with the people around you as opposed to events where it would not be acceptable for you to remain silent. Instead, you first need to say something related to the situation. My advice here is to not try to fake questions about the situation.

Do you like the food here? There are many things people do in conversation that unknowingly sabotage their conversational success. Learning what these mistakes are and how to avoid them will go a long way towards improving your conversation skills. Being too linear in the conversation. Or, you can relate to a new subject. How often do you visit? This balance helps me quickly connect with anyone I meet.

when you first meet someone what should talk about

Not being genuine when asking something. Trying to follow the rules of conversation and being afraid to do something wrong Break the rules! What do you do? Knowing the signs of a dying conversation is the first step in preventing awkwardness and ending the discussion before things become uncomfortable.

Here are some closing comments you can make to end the conversation: They described in great detail how and why they had come to take a picture of the harbor, and I can remember everything about them, right down to their shoes.

I once took a cruise, and the only person I remember on that whole cruise is a man who talked about his past cruise vacations and what he and his wife normally do during them.

Work it into the conversation or you can even start the conversation off by talking about how you just got back from vacation, how wonderful it was, and how you are trying to get a hold on daily life again.

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For instance, I have been interested in reflexology since I was young. I was at a local store buying something when the clerk mentioned that she had a stomach ache. I briefly talked about how long I had been practicing reflexology and then showed her where on her hand she could massage to help with her stomach problems. She has remembered me ever since then. Then talk about what motivates you in life. We are all motivated to do what we do on some level, which means this is one of the topics to talk about anywhere.

For instance, if you are at a dog park and you meet someone new, you can talk about why you bring your dog to the dog park or what motivated you to get a dog in the first place.

If you are on a date, talk about what motivated you to choose the restaurant or come out on the date. If you are at work, talk about what motivated you to take the job or what motivates you to do your best at work. But, in actuality, we are all vulnerable in some respect, and talking about it on some level will help you become more relatable to new people you meet and help them to remember you.

For instance, if you meet someone new in a class you are taking, you can talk about a fear you are having towards that class. Remember, this is someone new and your deepest and darkest fears may scare them away from you. We all want to stay committed to our daily goals, and hearing about how other people do it can benefit us in a big way. Therefore, if you see a way to benefit someone, then take the opportunity.

For instance, if you are at work, and someone new comes in, you can talk about your duties and how you manage to finish off everything during your day using a planner or goal tracking software.

Give them some specifics, such as time allocation or not taking on more than you need to. This will help them get insight into their workload and remember you for giving them that insight. It will give them insight into why being in a relationship with you is a nice place to be, which could spark a friendship or, if the circumstances are right, a romantic relationship.

Talking about your grandmother or grandfather is always a nice way to bring up someone from your past. Most people can connect to the image of having a grandparent in their life who teaches them something or helps them through something, so it is a great way to paint a picture that gets them emotional, which will help build a connection with you.

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There is not one person who will not engage in a conversation about food, and talking about things like favorite foods will help you stand out in their mind when they are deciding what to eat for supper or what they want to make for tomorrow. For example, one of my friends is a vegetarian, and she has been since she was very young. Therefore, that comes up in a lot of conversations, and people remember her because of it.

She talks about how she eats the same foods they do, just without meat, which sparks a lot of interest and questions from people who need to eat meat at every single meal! I remember people used to comment that she must live on a liquid diet, even though she ate quite well. She really stuck out in their minds.