Where tangents meet kiss

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where tangents meet kiss

Explore Metallic Rainbowz's board "Where Tangents Meet" on Pinterest. Read the lastest release of Where Tangents Meet in LINE Webtoon Official Site she would be so disappointed but with a nose bleed ^^ kiss him not me reference. Read Where Tangents Meet manga online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Where Tangents Meet Falling in-love, Ito gets frustrated over the fact that they only get to rendezvous on the white line and suddenly kisses Nishi. From high.

where tangents meet kiss

My Boo aka Transparent Cohabitation When you have an invisible roommate. No longer a pushover, he starts standing up for himself but then meets Woojin, an old friend from the past.

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What happened between these two in the past and how will it affect their future? He rejects everything about his new royal life, but is intrigued by the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, a catamite of the King. As Wolfgang slowly opens up and learns the ways of the palace, Soohyuk begins to see something special about the wild, unkempt, and stubborn young prince.

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He might just be the one Soohyuk has been waiting for… the one who could light the flame of rebellion. Where Tangents Meet As Landon and Rachelle venture into falling in love with one another, they hit ruptures in the road. The more they learn about each other, the more they discover about themselves in the midst of encountering jealousy, scandals, accidents, and misunderstandings. Despite the losses and hurt they face together, they reconcile and create an unbreakable bond that guides them not only into a stronger relationship, but also to self-acceptance.

My Beautiful World aka My Shiny World Every person in this world changes, it could be anything like their desires or personalities. What if behind a person smiles hides a dark malice or depression?

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How will someone react to it if that person have the ability to see their hidden facade? This is the story of a girl who can see the ever changing form of humanity as she dives into the mysterious realms of the unknown and real life 8.

I Love Yoo Dogged by pain and misfortune from the very beginning, Shin-Ae decides she wants nothing to do with people nor anything to do with romance. Falling in-love, Ito gets frustrated over the fact that they only get to rendezvous on the white line and suddenly kisses Nishi.

From high school, college and then to adulthood… A deeply moving work depicting the lives of two men who are madly in love with unchanging feelings within changing realities. Lumine A runaway werewolf, Lumine, meets a witch boy named Kody and is being hired to work as his bodyguard.

Lumine, being determined to befriend Kody, tries everything to get Kody to trust him, while Kody tries to keep Lumine away from him.

where tangents meet kiss

Their life gets even more complicated after an unfortunate event that leaves them to try to survive on their own. Sweet Home A reclusive high school student is suddenly forced to leave his home due to an unexpected turn of events.

Where Tangents Meet

It then proceeds to his thoughts about how people change themselves for the sake of being accepted by others. It then it explains part of these thoughts were due to people disliking his big fascination with astronomy. Later in class, he blurts out "aliens" which he covers up by saying he didn't sleep much and excuses himself to the infirmary. On his way there, he bumps into Rachelle again, this time revealing that she is a Student Council member and asks to accompany Landon to the infirmary after he interrogates her on her intent with his at-the-time mindset.

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After some time at the infirmary, Rachelle's stomach rumbles loudly, causing Landon bring her outside of school to get some curry. On the way home, he accidentally lets his fascination with astronomy to slip a little, but before much happens, a cat is heard nearby in a tree.

where tangents meet kiss

They bring the cat out of the tree and Landon decides to bring it to his dorm. The next day, Rachelle is standing in the middle of the busy hallway, causing some students to make fun of her and push her. She doesn't get discouraged though, as she says "It's too nice of day to not be smiling Taiga, a childhood friend, comes and asks why Landon "Donny" left the school the other day.

He figures out that it's because of a girl so Landon reveals that he suddenly can't stop thinking about Rachelle. Taiga, notes to Donny that while he's hateful of people's quick judgement, he is the same.