Where tangents meet mangatown tokyo

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where tangents meet mangatown tokyo

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Where Tangents Meet Ost 1 Night of Stars

However, the story has one major stumbling block that leaves a gaping hole in the premise. In the second episode, Izuku manages to impress All Might with his courage, and the hero offers to train him to make him strong enough to inherit his power, the quirk One For All.

Inheriting a quirk is something that no one in universe has ever heard of because it's a closely guarded secret, and of course Izuku accepts.

where tangents meet mangatown tokyo

Now the kid has an extremely powerful quirk, but one he can only barely control and that shattered every bone in his right arm and both his legs the first time he used it. While this may sound like a cop-out on the premise it is and worth dropping the show entirely, once I got deeper into the series and had perused a few fanfics for context I understood why it happened: The author probably couldn't think of any way for Izuku to achieve his dream without the quirk, a pattern that continues into the fanfiction.

This is completely wrong.

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The author's original pitch was for a quirkless protagonist, and One For All was added at the suggestion of an editor. That explains why it seems so out of place and jars the early tone so badly. Even the story I read where he doesn't get a quirk gave him unrealistically good sword skills that acted as a substitute, effectively changing nothing.

This is where rationality comes in. Rational training, especially at such a young age, with Izuku's anime protagonist levels of determination and a ten month time skip between the first time we meet him and the entry into Hero training program, would allow the story to walk the fine line between the main character not being strong enough to succeed and abandoning the premise that makes it so compelling.

On top of that, the canon Izuku already spends his spare time studying quirks and how people use them, then demonstrated that he can turn that knowledge against his opponents on the fly. This is in addition to his highly creative problem solving, both traits that Rationalism would make far stronger.

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Rational thought being different enough from normal thought to almost be a quirk in its own right is just a bonus.

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where tangents meet mangatown tokyo

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