Willie williams track meet 2016 nascar

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willie williams track meet 2016 nascar

TRACK & FIELD SCHEDULE. INDOOR SEASON. Date. Meet .. Credits: The UCLA track and field information guide was written, designed Williams, Mullins, Edwards, Sanford, USC, - James Owens, HH ( ); Mike Tully, PV (); Willie Kersee Racing (NASCAR). Willie is a brave woman who is fighting cancer but still has a lot of spunk. .. The at-track schedule details when the NASCAR Foundation will be coming . the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award," said Terrance Williams, chief. The original meet was to be run at international distances, meaning that Jim Those present have seen one of the great moments in the history of US track and field. Our guess is that this was Willie's last attempt at this event. It was sort of like watching NASCAR, the last lap, except NASCAR allows.

Ten days ago in an all comers meet he jumped half an inch higher. He clears easily on his first jump and embraces the ex-record holder, his supportive roommate. Happy as he may be, one has to wonder what thoughts are running through Seagren's mind. This is his eighth. Ron Clarke is always ready to run. Today he runs meters in Tracy Smith continues his progression towards the top rung of the US distance world, finishing second in In addition to Seagren and Pennel, there is another pair of roommates in the spotlight.

Bill Toomey and Russ Hodge broke the decathlon world record last month.

willie williams track meet 2016 nascar

Today they are at it again. They are pretty much equal in the The day ends with Hodge leading by 89 points. Willie Davenport is having a tough couple weeks.

Last week he arrived too late to warm up properly and Don Shy and Tom White ran Those two run the same times this week but Willie false starts twice and can only watch.

Willie Williams Classic - Meet Results

Apparently there is no open lane in tomorrow's intermediates because Willie's name doesn't appear in the results. The next day it is rumored that Jim Ryun is set on breaking his own records of 1: While all other races are in meters, this will be in yards and timed at both distances.

Why set one record when you can get two? The competition is certainly there: He attempts to break away on the backstretch but this time he opens no ground. The is passed in 1: Welcome to the world of everybody else, Jim. Doubell, Nelson, Boulter and Farrell are right there. Although Farrell is gaining in the final yards, Ryun hangs on to win in 1: After winning the yesterday, Ron Clarke finds himself with nothing to fill the lonely hours today so he runs the 10, easily outdistancing yesterday's runner up, Tracy Smith, Consistency, thy name is Oerter-Babka.

Not only do they place in that order in today's discus competition, but they come within four inches of replicating the exact marks they threw last week. Oerter's is one inch beyond his Berkeley mark, Babka's falls three inches short of last week's effort. Otis Burrell's clearance in the high jump equals his best and gives him the victory over Aussie Laurie Peckman. The is a tactical affair decided by Jim Grelle's Richard Romo impresses with a Jim Hines runs a great curve and hangs on until the final strides before the powerful finish of Tommie Smith wins the day The fact that the Australians aren't here to just fill out the fields is evident in the intermediates where Aussies Gary Knoke and Ken Roche hurdle Let's return to Berkeley where our cream of the crop mile relay team ran 3: Today they are running the international distance of meters.

The record is 3: The Berkeley four, significantly rearranged, are determined not to fail this time. Then the crowd is treated to a demonstration of the special talent that is Tommie Smith. The San Jose State star wraps up the record and puts a bow on it with an stunning Unless an act of God intervenes, anchor Theron Lewis will come home with the record, but could there be something more, something never done before, a sub three minute clocking?

In a word, yes siree, Bob. The clock reads 2: While all this is going on, the battle in the decathlon is playing out, event by event.

Willie Williams (cornerback, born 1941)

Toomey gains 54 points by outhurdling Hodge, Hodge more than counters in the discus, to to stretch his advantage to points. With three events remaining, time is running out for the recent world record holder.

willie williams track meet 2016 nascar

As they start theToomey needs to beat Hodge by 21 seconds. Toomey is much the better runner, but this may be asking too much. In addition, the world record is on the line for both of them. Toomey needs to run 4: It is possible for Toomey to break his own record but lose it seconds later.

This is as dramatic as a decathlon can be. There may be some late dinners, but no one is going home until this is settled. As expected, Toomey goes out hard. With a lap to go he is up 22 seconds on his buddy, but the bear jumps on his back in the home straight and he misses his record.

Hodge has more in the tank and is coming hard before that same home straight becomes uphill. He gives it his all only to miss the record by Though Russ is four count 'em, four points short of Bill's WR withhe wins by 11 points. If this isn't dramatic enough for you, there are rumors that there may have been a wind aided mark in the Salina competition which would negate Toomey's record and make Hodge the world record holder on today's performance.

Why a wind reading has not been determined in seven weeks is not explained. When Bill and Russ go out for their post meet beer the world record holder should buy but neither is sure who should be reaching for his wallet.

The significance of this particular meet is the emergence of Kenyan distance runners on the world scene. Kip Keino is well known but this meet is the coming out party for the nation that is to rule distance running for the next fifty years.

Ron Clarke has set 17 world records. His match with Keino in the three mile is much anticipated but first he must complete the formality of winning the six mile. Clarke is the WR holder at No one else has broken 27 minutes.

All he has to do is run his race and no one will stay with him. Apparently Naftali Temu of Kenya hasn't gotten the word. That is all Temu needs. He clips off a His last mile is covered in 4: Two evenings later Clarke is up against the superbly fit Keino at three miles. In past meetings Keino has followed and outkicked Clarke. Surprisingly Clarke doesn't lead. With five laps to go Keino leads with Clarke and McCaffrey following closely.

Blackwood and O'Brien have fallen away, but Temu is 20 yards back and closing. The two mile mark is reached in 8: Clarke takes over on the tenth lap but can't shake Keino. The inevitable happens at the start of the backstretch on the last lap. Keino goes by and Clarke has no response. Clarke has to settle for Surprising Allan Rushmer of Great Britain finishes brilliantly to snatch the bronze medal from Temu Five days later Keino displays his dominance in the mile.

After a sizzling 3: Britain's Alan Simpson runs 3: Other Kenyans in the dawning of a new era are Wilson Kiprugut, second in the at 1: Other items we have learned: The purity of the NCAA has been upheld.

willie williams track meet 2016 nascar

Although Paul Wilson vaulted and Jim Ryun ran 1: Those youngsters are only freshmen and, as such, not eligible to hold NCAA records. The nerve of those young whippersnappers He has taken most of the members of that team and formed a new club, the Santa Monica Track Club.

willie williams track meet 2016 nascar

San Diego State's Houston Ridge has some creditable weight marks. The oddity is that he puts the shot right handed and throws the discus left handed. Try that some morning before breakfast Hayden Cantoni, Wahconah, 2: Tristan Alston, Monument Mt. Jaryd Massaro, Wahconah, Matt Walsh, Monument Mt.

Chris Campos, Wahconah, Wahconah A3: Greylock A3: Matt Donnelly, Wahconah, ; 2. Thomas Gonzales, Wahconah, ; 3. Sam Henderson, Wahconah, ; 4.

Jordan Piepho, Monument Mt. Kyle Noyes, Wahconah, Kosta Cami, Monument Mt.

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Mike Hruby, Wahconah, ; 5. Domenic Annand, Monument Mt. Max McIlquham, Wahconah, ; 4. Sam Henderson, Wahconah, ; 5. Mike Hruby, Wahconah, ; 3T. Matt Donnelly, Wahconah, ; 6. Devon Mikaniewicz, Wahconah, ; 2. Dan Newey, Monument Mt. Devon Mikaniewicz, Wahconah, Evan Peretti, Monument Mt.

Isaac Voltoline, Wahconah, Wahconah A Gianna Moncecchi, Wahconah, Delanie Rybacki, Monument Mt. Samantha Lee, Wahconah, Paige Gray, Monument Mt. Allison Kinne, Monument Mt. Isabelle Viner, Wahconah, Anna Lane, Monument Mt. Kiley Subklew, Monument Mt. Jasmin Johannsdottier, Monument Mt. Asi Graham, Wahconah, Victoria Gamberoni, Wahconah, 5: Aubrey Blanchard, Monument Mt. Kayla Dillon, Monument Mt.

Gabby Orlando, Wahconah, 5: Wahconah B1: Meri Powell, Monument Mt. Allison Washburn, Wahconah, 1: Shayla Grogan, Wahconah, 1: Gianna Moncecchi, Wahconah, 1: Zufan Bazzano, Monument Mt. Emily Hart, Wahconah, 1: Hannah Flynn, Monument Mt. Katerina Bruce, Wahconah, 2: Danni Orlando, Wahconah, 2: Lily Cormier, Monument Mt.

Payton Wojtkowski, Monument Mt. Victoria Gamberoni, Wahconah, Greylock A4: Wahconah A4: Wahconah B5: Samie Mitchell, Monument Mt. Eliza Abrams, Monument Mt. Samantha Keyes, Monument Mt.