Wise men meet jesus

How Old was Jesus when the Wise Men Came?

wise men meet jesus

The chief point of controversy is respecting the time of the visit of the Magi, or three wise men, to baby Jesus. If this can be determined, the other. The visit of the Wise Men; journeys, political intrigue and not a stable in sight! After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi . But this is wrong since the wise men did not visit the Christ on the day He was born. The wise men arrived long after Jesus' birth. Here is a portion of the.

What the Bible says is that they were of plural number "wise men"which means that they were certainly more than one. How many more, we cannot know since the Bible does not say. However, it can very well be that they were more than two or three since such long journeys were usually organized in large caravans for security reasons.

About the identity of the wise men, the alternative word "Magi" seems to be more appropriate since it is a transliteration of the plural of the Greek word that is used in Matthew 2: Concerning the meaning of this word, it is first used for the characterization of a member of a caste of priests and wise men among the Medes, Persians and Babylonians, whose learning was chiefly astronomy astrology and enchantment 1.

So, when for example Daniel 5: Apart from this meaning, the word "magos" is also used with the meaning of a sorcerer Acts In our case, it is clear that the wise men Magi that came to visit Jesus belonged to the first category i. We have all seen during Christmas images of the wise men Magi worshiping together with the shepherds the baby Jesus in the manger.

As customary as this tradition may be it is not what really happened.

About the wise men

We first read about the visit of the wise men in Matthew 2: Therefore, since they stayed there able time for the events of Matthew 2: From this, it can be concluded that after the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary settled in Bethlehem in a house.

Furthermore, as Matthew 2: Paidion is used of John the Baptist when he was eight days old Luke 1: It is used of Jesus when he was born Luke 2: In fact, paidion is used of Jesus when the shepherds were there on the night of Jesus' birth Luke 2: So just because Jesus is called a young child paidion in the wise men account Matthew does not mean that he was older than a baby.

An Inn was a Room in a House In the Bible times when people traveled, they stayed in homes as non-paying guests because hotels were very rare. There were no Holiday Inns or Motel 6s. The law commanded the Jews to treat strangers as themselves and not take advantage of them Leviticus It was wrong for them to charge money for travelers to spend the night. Because of this, it is highly unlikely that there was an inn in Bethlehem. The term, inn, in the Bible can also refer to the guest room in a house.

The Greek word for inn kataluma is only translated as inn in Luke 2: The other two times it appears Mark In those verses, it is obvious that it is a room in a house, not an inn.

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Many people built guest rooms in their homes usually as a second floor over their existing house with an external door and stairway so that they could have a place for visitors to sleep, especially around Jerusalem. During Israel's three national holidays, Jews traveled from all over the country and lived in houses as non-paying guests in and around Jerusalem.

Two of the holidays were a week long and so it required that the people with houses in Jerusalem and the surrounding cities be hospitable. What is referred to as an inn in Bethlehem most likely was a guest room in someone's house. The guest room was full and so Mary and Joseph slept in the barn. When the people in the guest room saw that Mary had given birth to Jesus, it is likely that someone offered to sleep in the barn so Mary and Jesus could sleep in the house.

So the wise men could have come the day Jesus was born and found him in a house.

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The mention of a house does not require or hint that Jesus was not a baby. But for argument's sake, let's say that everything in this section is wrong. There was an inn in Bethlehem and there was no room in the inn for Jesus. What form would this inn be in? A thirty story building able to sleep thousands with a big lighted sign on top that says, "Bethlehem Inn"?

wise men meet jesus

It was not in New York City in the twenty-first century. It was in Israel at the end of the BC era.


They did not have skyscrapers. If there had been an inn in Bethlehem, it would have been in a house, a house that the wise men came to. Again, the mention of a house does not require or hint that Jesus was not a baby. They did not come a year later.

Where and when did the wise-men meet Jesus?

They came when he was born. It can be translated as "when Jesus was born", "after Jesus was born", or "Jesus was born and. With an aorist participle, the action of the participle Jesus was born is closely followed by the action of the main verb wise men came to Jerusalem. There was not a year or two or even a week or two between the time Jesus was born and when the wise men came into Jerusalem.

It did not take the wise men long to get to Bethlehem after they arrived in Jerusalem when Jesus was born.

wise men meet jesus

It only happened once and both the wise men account Matthew and the shepherd account Luke record it. In the shepherd account Luke it is very clear that they returned to Nazareth Luke 2: The wise men account Matthew tells us that they returned to Nazareth after their return from Egypt Matthew 2: So the wise men's visit, Joseph and Mary's trip to Egypt, and their trip back, all of it had to have happened within 40 days of Jesus' birth. The Christmas Timeline How did these events fit together?

Here is a narrative that combines the two accounts in chronological order. Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem to be taxed.