You can finally meet my mom lyrics deutsch

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you can finally meet my mom lyrics deutsch

You Belong Songtext von Rachel Platten mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf I wanna meet you so much I could cry There won't be a star in the sky you can't reach I hope you like music as much as your mom Safe in my arms where you're finally calm. Juli German translation of lyrics for Million Questions by Patrick Jørgensen. kinda thing's have been botherin' me It's been one long ride and I finally when I meet my platoon But it's all too soon for you to moon I love you mom. Songtexte von Train mit deutschen Übersetzungen, Lyrics, Liedtexte und Musik- Videos You Can Finally Meet My Mom · Sing Together · Mermaid · Deutsche.

Mooney returned to America soon afterwards on the advice of a psychiatrist, having been told that getting away from the chaotic music of Can would be better for his mental health. Though he only knew a handful of guitar chords and improvised the majority of his lyrics as opposed to committing them to paperSuzuki was asked to perform with the band that same night.

The band's first record with Suzuki was Soundtracksreleased ina compilation of music made for films that also contained two earlier tracks recorded with Mooney. While their earlier recordings tended to be at least loosely based on traditional song structures, on their mid-career albums the band reverted to an extremely fluid improvisational style.

The double album Tago Mago is often seen as a groundbreaking, influential and deeply unconventional record, based on intensely rhythmic jazz-inspired drumming, improvised guitar and keyboard soloing frequently intertwining each othertape edits as composition, and Suzuki's idiosyncratic vocalisms.

you can finally meet my mom lyrics deutsch

Tago Mago was followed in by Ege Bamyasia more accessible but still avant-garde record which featured the catchy " Vitamin C " and the Top 10 German hit "Spoon". Shortly after the appearance Schmidt suffered a broken leg which led to cancellation of the band's UK tour. The later albums Landed and Flow Motion saw Can moving towards a somewhat more conventional style as their recording technology improved. Co-written by their live sound mixer Peter Gilmour, it reached No 26 in the UK charts in Octoberwhich prompted an appearance on Top of the Popswhere Czukay performed with a double bass.

During this period Holger Czukay was pushed to the fringes of the group's activity; in fact he just made sounds using shortwave radiosMorse code keystape recorders and other sundry objects.

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He left Can in late and did not appear on the albums Out of Reach or Can, although he was involved with production work for the latter album. The band seemed to be in a hiatus shortly afterwards, but reunions have taken place on several occasions since. After the split and reunion[ edit ] Since the split, all the former members have been involved in musical projects, often as session musicians for other artists.

In they briefly reformed, with original vocalist Mooney, to record Rite Time released in Michael Karoli died of cancer on November 17, Can have since been the subject of numerous compilations, live albums and samples.

you can finally meet my mom lyrics deutsch

Inthe band began a series of Super Audio CD remasters of its back catalog, which were finished in Jaki Liebezeit died of pneumonia on January 22,and Holger Czukay died of unknown causes on September 5,thus leaving Irmin Schmidt as the sole surviving consistent member of the group. Solo works[ edit ] Holger Czukay has recorded several ambient albums and collaborated with David Sylvian among others. Jaki Liebezeit has played extensively with bassists Jah Wobble and Bill Laswellwith a drum ensemble called Drums of Chaos and in with Datenverarbeiter on the online album Givt.

Karoli also performed on numerous occasions with Damo Suzuki's Network. Damo Suzuki returned to music in and since then he has been playing live improvisational shows around the world with local musicians and members of touring bands at various points, sometimes issuing live albums. Malcolm Mooney recorded an album as singer for the band Tenth Planet in A million pounds to sing at your birthday party? It draws you in. But after a while I just refused to accept a life that was not real.

Or — no — expecting things to be done for you. And it frightened me. I think it was something simple like running out of clean clothes.

Can (band)

And me not having the initiative to wash my own clothes. Around the time of 21, when I was on top of the mountain. And go and do my fucking laundry. But I refused to accept a life that was not real.

California 37 Studio Session #2 - "You Can Finally Meet My Mom"

Occasionally, on the tracks I hear from her new album, Adele sounds as if she pines for her pre days. I miss it when life was a party to be thrown But actually I love it. One particular lyric, from a song called Million Years Ago, seems to point to an explicit malaise. What does that feel like? It makes you lonely. I mean, I can usually break the ice.