Barbie in the nutcracker ending relationship

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barbie in the nutcracker ending relationship

The official Barbie in the Nutcracker website. Towards the end of the film Clara transforms the nutcracker into Price/King Eric, he wears similar attire to the. Barbie in the Nutcracker was the first movie in the franchise and it was probably made on the I also really love how relationships in this movie are written. Is The Nutcracker and the Four Realms a new Disney classic. that I might still occasionally watch Barbie in the Nutcracker at Christmastime. about, and while I don't dislike her, I didn't much like her by the film's end either. and generic, their relationships – and, ultimately, the movie – are the same way.

The Nutcracker explains that he needs to find the Sugarplum Princess who is the only person who can stop the Mouse King from taking over his world.

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The wise owl of the grandfather clock advises Clara to follow the Nutcracker, since the Sugarplum Princess is the only one who can make Clara her original size again. The owl also gives Clara a locket that has the power to send Clara home after they find the Sugarplum Princess. The two journey into the Land of Parthenia in the Gingerbread Village, where the children tells them that the rightful heir to the throne, Prince Eric, has gone missing.

Clara realizes that her Nutcracker is the missing prince and he reveals that his previous careless attitude lead the king to pronouncing the Mouse as acting king until Eric accepted his responsibilities.

barbie in the nutcracker ending relationship

The Mouse decided he wanted to be king for good and put a spell on Eric, turning him into a Nutcracker. Eric hopes to redeem himself by finding the Sugarplum Princess and make things right again. Clara is separated from the group, who are all captured by the Mouse King's bats, and she ventures alone to the Mouse King's palace to free her friends.

After being rescued, the Nutcracker fights a final battle with the Mouse King, during which the Mouse King is hit with his own spell resulting in his scepter to disintegrate and shrunk into the size of a real mouse. He flees into the sewers. The Nutcracker was injured in the battle and Clara kisses him, whereupon he is restored to his true form as Prince Eric.

Clara, because she was able to break the spell, is revealed as the Sugarplum Princess.

barbie in the nutcracker ending relationship

Eric is crowned king and the couple, who have fallen in love, dance as the citizens of the Land of Parthenia celebrate their victory. At this time the shrunken Mouse King makes one more attempt to defeat Clara, stealing her heart-shaped locket and opening it. The Mouse King is knocked to the ground by a snowball and apparently dies, but Clara disappears, having been magically returned home. Clara wakes up in the living room where she fell asleep.

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One of the best sequences in the movie is the ballet performance when Clara first arrives in the realms, and I wish there could have been more of this. The practical effects and makeup are also amazing, and even the CGI mice and soldiers looked decent.

barbie in the nutcracker ending relationship

They should definitely receive a nomination for one of the technical awards at the Oscars. I want to say, though, that the music got to me because it brought back memories of Clara and the Prince dancing to this lovely piece in other versions. Therein lies the problem with The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

It also makes sense because that character was presented as a loser who had no skills and no self-esteem.

Why does she so desperately need to hear this?

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The other characters fare even worse: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms runs an hour and 39 minutes, but it actually feels even shorter than that because it floats between characters and plot points weightlessly.

Because all of the characters are one-dimensional and generic, their relationships — and, ultimately, the movie — are the same way. Clara feeling betrayed by someone she trusted, her final moments with Philip, and the resolution with her father at the end should all be big, emotional moments.

barbie in the nutcracker ending relationship

THIS is when people should be crying. But the film fails to develop lovable characters and meaningful relationships, so the strongest emotion I felt during the movie was completely incidental, in that it reminded me of another adaptation of the Nutcracker story by accident. Her role is a tad ridiculous, and she just runs with it; she ends up being one of the more entertaining, memorable aspects of the movie.

Helen Mirren tries and does a decent job, but they give this poor lady nothing to work with.

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