Behavioral relationship between autism and fragile syndrome

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behavioral relationship between autism and fragile syndrome

The link between fragile X syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is is typically characterised by difficulties in social behaviour and communication. neurobiological substrates of the behavioral impairments, including those reflecting Keywords: fragile X syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, comorbid . this relationship is largely accounted for by the influence of fragile. Previous researchers have reported autistic features in children with fragile X syndrome. We compared 21 children with pervasive.

Overall, it has been argued that while there are some similarities between fragile X syndrome and autism spectrum disorder, other aspects of fragile X syndrome are qualitatively different. These differences are important to consider when developing interventions to support people with fragile X syndrome.

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Are some people with fragile X syndrome more likely to show characteristics of ASD? Research has shown that people with lower adaptive daily living skills, verbal ability and IQ are more likely to develop these behaviours than those who are more able in these areas.

behavioral relationship between autism and fragile syndrome

However, research is still ongoing to look at all the possible factors that may be related to the presence of ASD characteristics in fragile X syndrome. It is important to remember that if an individual has characteristics that are related to an increased chance of ASD behaviours, they still may not show ASD behaviours.

Equally, if an individual with fragile X syndrome shows ASD behaviour they may not show the associated factors mentioned here.

The main areas where improvements were reported were gestures and social skills.

behavioral relationship between autism and fragile syndrome

Despite this, other studies have found a different pattern with increased severity of social-emotional difficulties with age. Much more research into changes with age needs to be conducted. To read more about changes with age in fragile X click here.

Behavioral relationship between autism and fragile x syndrome.

Aggressive behaviors and autism severity were examined in 48 male children diagnosed with FXS range years. Parenting stress was examined in 27 of their mothers and 21 of their fathers. Increased severity of autistic behavior was associated with elevated parental stress.

behavioral relationship between autism and fragile syndrome

Greater levels of parental stress were also associated with increased presentation of aggressive behaviors. These findings are important for the families of children with a FXS diagnosis because externalizing behaviors and parenting stress are likely to negatively impact family relationships.

Biobehavioral Profiles in Infants with Fragile X Syndrome: Autism & Anxiety in FX Syndrome

FXS is a single gene disorder known as the most common cause for intellectual disabilities and as the leading genetic cause of autism spectrum disorders ASD. Individuals with FXS who also are diagnosed with ASD display social communication impairments and a set of restricted and repetitive behaviors which could be associated with the presence of externalizing behaviors e.

These externalizing behaviors in children with FXS may be exacerbated by parental psychopathology which could be independent or associated with child problem behavior Hessl et al. Parents who struggle to cope with the unique demands of their children are likely to have trouble interacting with their children Hessl et al.

behavioral relationship between autism and fragile syndrome

While children with FXS typically have a moderate intellectual disability, it is the presence of challenging behaviors that is the primary source of stress and challenge for parents and other caregivers. Examples of autistic behaviors associated with FXS are hand flapping, poor eye contact and tactile defensiveness Tranfaglia, It is highly important to investigate problematic behaviors and their possible indicators because behavioral problems in individuals with FXS can indicate the influence of negative environmental factors Bailey et al.

For example, poor relational functioning within the family as a whole increases the likelihood that the individual with FXS will communicate by means of externalizing behaviors Hessl et al.

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These aggressive behaviors may be related to delays in language skills and frustration, consequences due to the inability to communicate Tranfaglia, Individuals with FXS may exhibit aggressive behaviors aligned with their autistic behaviors in that they may be reacting to heightened sensory input or to persons making unrealistic demands on them, which makes them frustrated and potentially aggressive. Parenting stress refers to how parents cope with the demands of raising a child.

Raising a child with a developmental disorder includes the time constraints of specialized care, the worry that their child is not reaching their developmental milestones, and the fear that their child will never be fully independent Wolf et al.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

How parental stress relates to child problem behaviors has been a complex relationship investigators have been invested in understanding. The present study was conducted to examine how fragile X syndrome and aggressive behaviors in male children relate to parenting stress. The current study hypothesized that the higher the autism rating scores, the higher the scores of parenting stress would be.