Difference between supervisor and supervisee relationship

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difference between supervisor and supervisee relationship

supervisee is rooted in the supervisory relationship (Storm ). .. collusion, or the experience of too few differences between the supervisor and supervisee. ² It involves a relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee where the and the Counselling Relationship: Similarities, Parallels and Differences. The influence of individual and developmental differences. Processes and The relationship between the supervisor and supervisee is the foundation for the.

It may be helpful to recognize and discuss cultural differences if you notice they are causing problems when communicating with your supervisors—for more information, refer to Adapting to cultural differences.

Supervisor-supervisee role differences and consistency of behavior in supervisory conferences.

Below are some common examples. Some non-Western cultures do not encourage speaking freely and expressing personal points of view to authority figures. If your supervisors appears uncomfortable with your manner of speaking, it might be wise to address the issue, consider your cultural differences, and attempt to solve the problem. While you may be hesitant to ask for clarification, it is better to clear up the issue before it leads to a bigger problem.


The appropriate distance between individuals when communicating varies from culture to culture and may be dependent on gender. If you find this to be a problem with your supervisor, try to reposition yourself to a distance that makes you more comfortable.

If the issue persists, consider mentioning it your supervisor or asking for advice from other people you trust who know your supervisor.

Body language is a significant aspect of all cultures but the meanings associated with various gestures vary from culture to culture. Misunderstandings can occur as issues such as variations in speech, facial expressions and other non-verbal cues e. Try to recognize when this might be happening and adjust as necessary.

The supervisor-supervisee relationship

At other times, the supervisor and student might have closely related cultural backgrounds with even subtler differences, such as those between rural or urban, and American or Canadian, backgrounds. The associated political views, for example, should neither be taken for granted nor ignored as possibilities.

difference between supervisor and supervisee relationship

How can supervisors and supervisees coordinate their personalities and navigate differences? Navigating differences in age, gender, culture, experiences, opinions, theoretical orientation, and work styles can take time and effort, but they can lead to a more enriched supervisor-supervisee relationship. Consider what you can learn from your supervisor, within and beyond academic counsel.

What do you think the supervisor-supervisee relationship looks like? Considering what you think is typical in a supervisor-supervisee relationship will help you establish a relationship that you are happy and comfortable with. What do you want and need from your relationship with your supervisor?

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Is it important to you that you can trust your supervisor to be: Is it important that your supervisor demonstrate respect in a particular manner such as how they greet you, how they address you, and how they provide criticism? What you will do for your supervisor? How can you demonstrate your respect for your supervisor? Status change means a supervisor can hire, train, evaluate, promote, instruct, direct, discipline or terminate an employee.

difference between supervisor and supervisee relationship

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission relies on a slightly different version of the term "supervisor" to describe the supervisor-employee relationship. It says a supervisor can give directives to employees or who can make material changes to the employee's status.

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Organizational Structure A lattice organizational structure doesn't have the typical hierarchy, which means that employees are self-directed and depended on to produce in what's called a "results-oriented work environment. Supervisor-Employee Relationship The quality and tenor of the relationship between a supervisor and employee depends on several factors.

Factors include the relationship that may have existed before the supervisor was promoted; the company size and structure; the physical location of supervisors and employees; and even quality of the employee's work.

For example, if two employees are peers before one of them gets a promotion, there could be significant changes to their once-friendly relationship. If their pre-promotion relationship was mutually respectful and supportive, chances are the supervisor-employee relationship won't become one wherein one is envious of the other.

difference between supervisor and supervisee relationship

Remote reporting relationships work beautifully, provided the supervisor doesn't feel the need to micromanage and the employees value their ability to work independently without an overseer checking every move. Personal Relationships Many employers frown upon personal relationships between supervisors and their employees.