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His son is named Glen and will appear in Kingdom Under Fire II. Early on in his years In Crusaders and Heroes he serves with Ellen his future wife, and his best friend Rupert. Towards the end of the battle he learns that Regnier is nearby. Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is a game developed by the Korean studio for the Xbox. This area is ruled by Regnier, a human with mysterious power. . This marked the end of the First War of Heroes, and the surviving members were the last war is revealed, little-by-little, as are the relationships between heroes. Regnier is a playable character in Kingdom Under Fire Crusaders and Circle of The first thing it did was force Nibel into a coma, thus ending the Age of Light.

Remove Traps no cost. Orders sappers to remove enemy traps from a spot on the ground. Removed traps often generate a small amount of SP for your forces. Open Watergate no cost. Orders sappers to open a watergate or dam. This will usually be an objective in a mission. This is one of the few abilities you want to use while on the main screen, since the watergate usually does not appear on the mini-map. Set Fire SP. Orders sappers to spawn a fire at a location. Usually done in forest terrain, although it may be set on clear terrain as evidenced in Lucretia's campaign.

This may be why the SP cost is higher. Suicide Attack 5 SP. A ghoul is spawned much like a Scout and is sent to a designated target, where it will explode for some damage. Cast Spell usually SP. Casts one of the spells linked to the various magic skills holy, earth, fire, ice, lightning, curse. Each spell is a major chunk of SP, so cast it only on units that are weak against that particular element.

Spells range from Meteor to Blizzard and have a wide variety of effects. Curio is one of the few human spells that will heal Hironeiden and Ecclessian units. Elemental Boost SP. Imbues troop with "elemental boost" which is a mix of all the elements in one bag. It does less damage than "pure" elemental damage as from your equipment but the damage stacks with your weapon's element, making the elves do more damage than they can take. Tree of Illusion SP. Some menus have it as the "Tree of Healing", but they are the same spell.

Basically creates a holographic tree whereby all Dark Elf and Orc units may regenerate life. Mandatory in dedsert or wasteland missions where no natural forest is available. Note that the longer the units stay near the tree, the more healing they recieve.

Basically the same as curio except for the higher cost and the nasty fact that it cannot "area heal" a unit. However, recipients of this spell will be able to do slightly more melee damage.

The spell must be cast directly on a unit the unit name must be in 'big mode' or it will have no effect. Best thing to cast this out of melee and bring the unit up to full strength than squander it on an enemy unit. You can do some eavesdropping in the Pub to find out the morale of your troops. Unfortunately, many of them are not suited, and realize they're just small pawns in a large war.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Go to Training, so you can get use to the game. You'll have three different settings to train through. The first is typical battle. Charge the Dark Troops straight ahead, and slash away. This is quite easy, and you'll be done in only a few minutes. The next part involves using special moves. It's actually somewhat powerful, ranging from powerful spinning sword moves, to valiant charges. Try focusing your attacks on the enemy leader. She looks like she has a black encrusted shield with insignias on it.

The third phase involves troop formations. Try pressing the Control Pad, and up to use the Scout ability. This is great for spying on enemy formations to discover their levels and types of troops involved.

You should be completed with the Basics. You'll actually gain some experience in this minute training mode.

Simply head to the Main Gate, as we're ready for Mission 2. On the World Map, head to the lower right destination known as Raven Meadow. They will have several border guards on patrol, so keep alert. Hugh wants your Sappers and Catapults to concentrate on destroying their barricades.

The rear force will attack the main defense, and provide cover for the support units. Hugh will give some orders to arm the Archers, and ensure that the Infantry get out front to provide cover.

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The first rain of arrows will do very little. By the time the Catapults are readied, it's too late. The Orcs have charged. Your infantry units counter-charge, and it's time to kick some green butt. Look for the Orc who is in shroud black armor on top of a horse. This is the enemy leader.

Your fellow troops will actually do quite good in this battle, so keep your attacks focused on him. Fend off any Orcs who try to nail you from behind. Once the leader is dead, this unit should collapse. Unfortunately, your fellow units are being flanked. Look to where the objective arrow is pointing, and press A by guiding the column out there. You should see a huge mass of troops. Now, start to engage the other squad of Ogres. This battle will be much tougher, as there are actually TWO leaders.

The first Orc is the same as before, armed on a horse with black armor. Focus your attacks on him. Now, focus on the other leader. Trust me, you'll be able to notice this behemoth. Try to slowly nail his life bar down with quick jabs. He has a powerful swipe fist attack that can knock you away. If you get knocked down during the battle, rotate the left joystick back and forth to catch your breath.

Keep focusing till he dies. However, your fellow Sappers are under attack! Rush ahead, and you'll notice that another formation splits away from the Archers. Rather than chasing them, take out the Archers first.

The group is small, and try going to Close formation when you're close to them. Once they're finished, you should note that the Paladins are still having trouble. Follow the next green directional location on your map. Make sure you're in Open formation to get there quicker. Suddenly, a group of Dark Elves will approach from the right.

Engage this formation first, and make sure you're in closed formation. One of the leaders will introduce himself. He's outfitted in a black uniform with a Sabre. Focus your attacks on him, but be careful, as he's very block-prone. When he charges with a red swirl, be prepared to block on each telewarp-swipe he performs.

Again, use special moves and counter-attack him afterwards. Once he's dead, rush back, and engage the troops near your Archers. Your Paladins may be getting nailed, but the Archers are defenseless. Unfortunately, BOTH are well-disguised, meaning you're going to have a crapload of trouble focusing on reducing losses. I tried my best in taking out the masses and hoping for the best. You're majorly overwhelmed though, so don't feel deprived if you take heavy HP losses.

Make sure you get Ellen to help when surrounded. Fortunately you still have the Archers and Catapults. When you reach the opening, all has been lost. The Catapults are burning, and the north side has been breached. Suddenly, a group of Dark Cavalary Archers rush your position.

They will start to circle you. It's futile to chase them down on foot. Thankfully, switch to the Archers unit by pressing L or R. Now, aim steady, and get the reticle on them in the distance to attack the Dark Cavalry. After a few circles, the horsemen should be knocked down.

Make sure you enter Closed formation while on defense. Now, you'll have to rescue the captured Catapults.

Rush to the next area with all troops. When you're close, have your Archers stop outside the perimeter, and have them attack separately from the distance.

Meanwhile, Gerald's unit should charge in. Focus on the horsed Orc with black armor, as he is the opposing leader. Again, a few swipes here and there, plus a special move ought to put him down for good.

Once defeated, you should have recaptured the Catapults. Move all troops towards the wall perimeter. The exterior wall is breached. Rupert says to give em' hell! You'll eventually reach a wide open field, along with up to 7 Vell units. This is going to get rough. First of all, get your Archers in the open so they can attack approaching units. Enter Open formation with all troops, and charge.

Unfortunately, all of the Dark Legion troops are retreating, so it's going to be extremely difficult to get any kills whatsoever.

In my case, ALL units retreated and made it out alive. After a night in the camp, rumors pass around that you've been promoted for your actions on the battlefield. You're now "General" Gerald, how fitting. You meet up with an old time friend, better known as Walden. After some chit chat, you have to report with Hugh to find out what's going on.

One of the interrogated Darks barked up that Regnier's troops are headed this way. Apparently, the leader who fled from before is holding the plans to the attack on your units, and he's hiding in Greywood Forest.

One of your scouts has verified the intel, and Hugh wants the plans urgently. He will lend you a Spearmen troop to get there safely during the morning. Walden exchanges a few wise-crack words to you, and it ticks you off greatly. First of all, note that the Archers unit from before has now joined your "control.

You can now modify the soldiers, leaders, and troops inside your two units with better equipment, teach them new skills by spending EXP, and what not. Start off by purchasing the Lv. Some of them may learn a new skill. You can spend the rest of the gold on either armor upgrades, or what not.

Right now, the changes are not important. Equipment will change at the Barracks from time to time. Don't assume the same item will be in place each time you visit. Apparently, it uses a random item generator. We're then debriefed with a small overview map of Greywood Forest. Apparently, they want the unit to circle around clockwise to clear out the opposing enemies. Note that they believe Cavalry are in the area, so use the spearmen to your advantage!

Engage the Dark Elves with your main force and Gerald. Their enemy leader is well-disguised amongst the regular troops, so don't get too flustered.

Kingdom under Fire: The Crusaders

Make sure you target them by clicking with the red-highlighted cursor. The Cavalry Archers need not fear the Spearmen like regular Cavalries just circle and fire all enemies and cast Healing Tree as needed, also use them to herd the Patriarch back to the South. Regnier should chase the Pope back to the South with continuous harassment. The idea is to run past units protecting him and cutting him off from the side unopposed.

Once the chase South is on both your Archer units provide continual Range support. The Patriarch is likely to flee so far South you will get time to beat some of his protection and raise EXP. Do this whenever possible. If you get your troops in the right position the Pope will cower in the far South corner and Regnier will be set upon by all the original Patriarchal supports and more.

There is plenty of forest here for the Elf support units to self heal as well and you will soon realise their value, particularly if the dark Archers are casting some choice spells like meteor upon thy enemies from afar! Once these main group of Papal defenders are beaten Mortars will attack you and there may be enemy Archers remaining to be cleaned up.

Ignore his Holiness for a while and attack the Mortars with Regnier. If your Dark Archers stand in the forest and charge their elemental boost then their advantage is substantial. Soon after the Mortars are killed and the Patriarch is weakened enough the storyline progresses and you will in fact fight your own support officer, the giant Ogre Urukubarr.

You will not have additional unit support here so fire up Regniers sword and slay away. Once Urukubarr is beaten, the mission is over. At this point you will see that you can bypass the other Bronze Wood mission but this would not be recommended. After all, there is more EXP to be taken there! There are lots of enemy ground troops such as Paladins and Infantry. Send Regnier through a central gap in the frontline and attack their supporting Archers.

Have your Ghouls follow closely behind. The Cavalry Archers should pierce deep into enemy territory and make an anti-clockwise swoop to build up SP. Time all of this correctly and the Archers die quickly! Have the Ghouls engage in melee also and more Infantry may attack this group.

After beating the Archers perhaps drift West. The enemy seems attracted to Regnier and use him to kill and build up SP with clever use of his Fiery sword and backup from Ghouls and Cavalry Archers. You should create opportunities for both healing and Dark Mist and heck, sometimes self destructing Ghouls can be fun as well, provided they are holding up well.

A small tip is that sometimes the Cavalry Archers should aim at Paladins outside the main melee as this weakens them and may prevent them from casting spells or approaching. The Cavalry Archers may be able to be positioned in the forest also so as to self heal. When you get on top of the enemy assist NPC units to the South and make your way back East then finally a strong Infantry to the North and it's all over, you win easily again.

Use the mini-map and scan and you will soon see an enemy Mortar near the centre. Attack it immediately with Regnier and the Mammoth with Dark Archers and Ghouls supporting from behind. The Mortars, despite their high level, will die quickly with this concentrated attack. You may now see another enemy Mortar to the South beyond enemy Infantry. Run round them then wash, rinse, repeat! They are far apart so concentrate on one lot of enemies first, perhaps the lone Mortar.

Kill the leader if possible because more explosive power is coming at you from various Western locations. Some of your troop can get tangled up with enemy Infantry also and the Mammoth should support them when this occurs. Don't neglect Ghouls or Dark Archers for long if caught because if the Infantry don't get them, the Mortars and Archers surely will.

Heal, support and concentrate as this section is tough. Always remember to take out Range enemies whenever possible as priority, before they take out you! Generally speaking, Regnier can hold his own alone when controlled directly so a good strategy is to melee separately with Ghouls and support those with Dark Archers standing in the forest to self-heal and the Mammoth.

Regnier should be eliminating the enemies chances of Range attacking your other units. If the Dark Archers can position between the Ghouls and Regnier then they can cast Healing Trees to either as required.

More Archers and Mortars emerge from the South. Lead with Regnier into the Archers and send the Ghouls towards the Mortars.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders - Walkthrough

Your Dark Archers provide healing support to both and Range support to the Ghouls. The Mammoth should attack the closest of the 2 range enemies. Regnier should win first and he then goes to support the Ghouls who by now will be set upon by more infantry. As soon as Regnier engages withdraw the Ghouls and cast Dark mist then rejoin the fray.

The Mammoth and Dark Archers provide tremendous support. Regain control of Regnier and the SP builds quickly. Clean up any enemy stragglers to the South and you may suddenly see Enemy Archers hiding in the far corner of the North East of the map. Attack them with Regnier first, then turn the Mammoth as it is slow, allowing it to support friendly NPC still engaged with enemy Infantry. Then turn the Ghouls and follow Regnier with them.

When these enemies are destroyed it may not be over. Start walking the slow Mammoth Westward again and send the other 3 across close together. You may find a strong enemy Infantry.

Clever use of all previous tactics sees it quickly taken care of. Here is where you save Gerald to ally against a greater threat. I used exactly the same troops and Levels as per Norwart above.

To begin with realise the Swamp Mammoth is almost invincible against Encablossa Units, use this to your advantage. Also be aware that your Healing Tree will also heal Gerald in this mission.

Send Regnier into battle with Gerald immediately. Enemy Encablossa Units will get in your way as you charge North. You must break free of them and continue. This is vital to success. Let the Swamp Mammoth trample any that stand in it's way and have it too, support Gerald directly. Your Ghouls and Dark Archers should try to get North of Gerald if able, even if it means by running through his skirmish to get there.

This area is a little freer of Encablossa enemies and as an added bonus the Dark Archers can self heal in the Forest. Ghouls need to cast Dark Mist whenever able and they and Dark Archers must support each other.

The Dark Archers need to be able to support Regnier as well if able so position them well. Regnier should reach his destination first and all units will get to where they need to be sooner if they fade in different directions to get there as opposed to just making a beeline together.

Regnier must fight and drift Southward with protection of the Swamp Mammoth and his objective is to bring Gerald with him, alive! If you see any enemy Leaders take them out asap. Regnier and Gerald will seem to drift Southward very gradually unaided but regardless don't make a full-blown Southern retreat too early.

You need to stand and fight for a time. If Gerald does retreat alone do go with him however, always keep him close to Regnier.

The Ghouls should purely stand back and cast Dark Mist. The Dark Archers should heal as needed and provide Range support. The Mammoth causes great damage in your favour. The enemy will gradually thin and spread out a little as you slowly fallback South.

When given the option always attack Enca Spitters first. Gerald should follow Regnier at this time. Be aware that the Ghouls may be fired upon from behind and heal them if necessary. I thought that on previous plays there was conversation between Gerald and Regnier and then you are prompted to go to the South Orange highlighted area. As soon as Gerald crosses the line, the mission is over. Some of your units may have to stand aside to get Gerald to cross into the area.

I was able to complete this stage without even receiving damage at all after healingnot even to Gerald. Here you will search for the 10 Dragon Tombs to awaken the Bone Dragon! You need a fast unit here. Fight from there and never advance until the end of the mission when prompted.

The Cavalry Archers will help you complete this mission quickly.

  • Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders - Walkthrough

Use Waypoints to get around every section of the cliffs. Start by going up the hills to the North East first and then proceed around the map, carefully combing each section and moving in an anti-clockwise direction around it.

If an Encablossa Unit gets past Regnier and attacks the Dark Archers then have Regnier fall back and pull the Dark Archers away to a safe position and continue. Eventually a large number of regular Encablossa Units will be killed and then Regnier should advance Northward slightly, attacking an Enca Spitter, stopping it from Spitting at Regnier and the Dark Archers.

Whenever you have enough SP don't forget to cast a Magic spell in support of Regnier, in my case Meteors. Continuously retreat with Regnier and the Dark Archers. Perhaps the Cavalry Archers can support and lure enemies away from the other 2 slower units for a while to help them along. Fail and you will need to restart so be careful. Once all units make it to the North West corner then the mission is over.

There is a distinctive circle drawn on the Ground seen when the mini-map is brought up. A tomb is almost on top of it, slightly North. This is the final mission and plays similarly to Kendall's final mission.