Knight of cups the devil relationship outcome

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knight of cups the devil relationship outcome

Devil Tarot Card Meaning. This is normally not a healthy relationship, but one that is fictionalized as romantic in many love stories . Devil and Knight of Cups. Discover the Tarot card meanings and interpretations used in all card readings from Trusted Tarot! The Devil Meaning · The Tower Knight of Cups Meaning. Holistic Tarot card meanings and correspondences for The Devil. How the Devil applies to love and relationships, work and wellbeing questions. Look for proximity to the Knight of Wands, Ace of Wands or 3 of Cups for confirmation on this.

Back in the 90s when I was first learning tarot, I was living in a small three-bedroom apartment with my sister. Towards the end of the year we took in a third roommate, an exchange student from Hungary.

Red would represent passion, or green could be used to invoke fertility if a family was desired. Our new roommate said that in Hungary the bride wore white, but always changed into a red dress for the reception. The Hierophant also represents things institutional—including not only churches, but government and large corporations—the types of institutions that impose rules and regulations on their populations. Consequently this card can mean following the rules. For lovers, that might mean legalizing their partnership, usually for reasons such as tax benefits, getting health care, or other benefits the law offers.

In readings on love and marriage, the Hierophant can represent a church wedding, following family customs or societal traditions, or formalizing a commitment according to, or to reap the benefits of, the rules of legal institutions. You might be completely surprised to see the Justice card in a list of cards for marriage.

The tropical sign of Libra begins with the Fall Equinox, when day and night are equal. In terms of relationships, the balance is through partnership, two parties equally invested, equally committed, offering equal value to each other.

Although not addressing the emotional needs of the relationship, this card tells us that the partnership is strong and balanced.

The Justice card can be associated with the legal system, so like the Hierophant, this card can indicate legally formalizing a relationship. Qabalistically, Justice is the Path of Lamed.

But what is relevant to our discussion at least I hope the ox-goad is not relevant to our discussion!

knight of cups the devil relationship outcome

If we think of the symbolism of Temperance, which included the idea of climbing upwards towards a higher, more spiritual connection, then Justice brings us from the height of that love back down to earth where the practical details of forging a relationship come into play.

When the Justice card makes an appearance in love readings, it can indicate marriage, balanced and equal partnerships, legally formalizing a relationship, or bringing a spiritual love connection down into the physical world of reality. The Queen of Swords, like Justice, is associated with the astrological sign of Libra, so many of the meanings listed above apply.

The Queen of Swords emphasizes fairness, equality, and partnership. She would rather be with a partner than alone and values cooperation. The Queen of Swords in a relationship spread shows up as someone who welcomes a partner. The Queen of Swords is ready to share equally in all aspects of a relationship. She is ready for consensus decisions and joint checking accounts!

If you weigh it up and the gains outweigh the risks, just go for it.

knight of cups the devil relationship outcome

You only live once. What have you always wanted to do with your friends? It might be up to you to motivate everybody, but once you start working together, things will be easy. Things are not as bad as you think, and there will also be a beneficiary somewhere to help you out.

There are so many doors open and shut every hour of every day. Look for ways that life is telling you to move in a certain direction, and follow it.

Knight of Cups Reversed Tarot Card

Emotions can plague all of us, and the Knight of Cups reversed can emphasise the times when your emotions are getting the better of you. You may have just been rejected, and whether this is something romantic or not it is something that has hurt your feelings. Your mental health could be on a low right now, so look to see what things you can simply let go of. Basic Energies Surrounding the Card When upright, this court card usually indicates a younger fair-haired man who could be a teen or young adult.

Some interpretations have the Knight of Cups as a child or an older man who seems or acts younger. The card can also represent a female in some interpretations, though it's usually treated as a man; pages or princesses more often represent women.

As a person, the interpretation of the Knight of Cups can go a few ways.

knight of cups the devil relationship outcome

Upright, he can be a chivalrous, polite, sensitive man -- the young knight on the gentle horse -- or he can be a good friend, someone who is supportive, nice, and friendly. The meaning of the card can also be a concept, rather than a physical person. In this case, cups are emotions, and knights tend to be a source of action or inaction.

So, the Knight of Cups indicates action or inaction regarding feelings, love, and support. The action or inaction can be good or bad depending on surrounding cards. Upside Down and Seeing a Frown A few interpretations make the person side of the card's interpretation rather fickle when upright.

However, that can also be a reversed interpretation.

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When a Cups court card is reversed, you could be looking at action or inaction on feelings in the wrong way. Maybe Person A likes Person B but is too chicken to say anything, thus missing an opportunity inaction.

Or, Person A likes Person B and says something at the wrong time or in a tasteless way action. You could also encounter blocked feelings, like someone emotionally closed off, or a lack of support from people, especially men. What this card really tells you is that some sort of support or emotional bonding is not going to be as it seems or as you expect it to be.

For example, if you have a reading done about what your new neighbor will be like, a reversed knight of cups could indicate someone not very friendly.