Relationship between american culture and art in switzerland

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relationship between american culture and art in switzerland

All members of the TASIS community (students, faculty, staff, parents, friends of the School) are welcome to attend cultural events that take place on campus. If you're looking for some of America's best bourbon, denim and burgers, go to Japan, where designers are re-engineering our culture in loving detail. “It's true in traditional arts, it's true of young people who dress up in Harajuku, it's true of . Scotland, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges to strengthen links between Swiss and South American cultural institutions and actors visual arts curators were able to discover the cultural institutions of the cities of Berne.

I was told to get in touch with the then economics minister, Joseph Deiss — someone whom the media always underestimated, by the way! It was to do with this agreement with Iran. He asked me whether he should sign it. There was internal resistance to signing it. But because of sanctions against Iran the agreement was mothballed.

After the sanctions were lifted init was finally ratified.

relationship between american culture and art in switzerland

Iran is interested in doing business with Switzerland. What does that mean? The decision forbids and punishes doing business with Iran. It applies to the whole world — but above all the European signatories of the deal: Britain, France, Germany and the EU. The aim of his sanctions is to isolate Iran economically. Trump claims Iran is building a nuclear bomb on the sly.

The international nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran has frozen its [nuclear] programme.

relationship between american culture and art in switzerland

You were Swiss ambassador to Iran from to What are your memories of your time there? I lived in Tehran in a beautiful residence, which unfortunately no longer exists. Unlike North Koreans, Iranians knew the world. He knew that was possible only without sanctions. And these would only be lifted with concessions regarding the nuclear situation.

relationship between american culture and art in switzerland

That was the deal. Did you work on the historic nuclear agreement? Because of American interests — not nuclear ones!

Switzerland and the United States of America

But the Americans wanted conflict. They wanted more and more sanctions. Until the arrival of Barack Obama and the nuclear deal and easing of sanctions.

Yes, but that was after my time! How did the deal change the country? It certainly made the situation more relaxed. In street scenes, for example. Women had greater choice over what they could wear.

Many of my friends said things were just easier. Philippe Welti Philippe Welti was born in Zurich in and joined the diplomatic service in From he was Swiss ambassador to Iran and until ambassador to India.

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His daughter is singer-songwriter Sophie Hunger. Why are you working for a country whose mullah regime jails critics and suppresses any form of freedom online?

Iranians are an Indo-European people in a non-Indo-European environment. You can see that just by looking at their language, Farsi. You recognise the Indo-European stems and endings. Iranians love Europe and think in a European way. Raymond Patrick Bourbon When I headed to Osaka a few months ago, my friend Nick Coldicott, who lives in Tokyo, urged me to visit what he contends is the best bourbon bar in the world: Inside it is dim, with a long wooden bar backed by hundreds of bottles.

American jazz comes from an ancient-looking jukebox in the rear. Nearly every bottle is bourbon, though there is a smattering of rye and sour mash.

relationship between american culture and art in switzerland

He tenderly unscrews the top and pours a shot for me and another for himself. I take a sip. It is highly alcoholic but silky smooth. Unlike wine or vintage port, bourbon is not supposed to change much in the bottle over time. And so I think of this as a chance to taste the past and experience, almost exactly, what drinkers were sipping a hundred years ago. I sent letters to Kentucky and Tennessee trying to set up visits to the distilleries.

I even asked for help at the American consulate. And then I finally got to visit in I fell in love with America then.

relationship between american culture and art in switzerland

I ask the clerk to comb the cellar and check the storeroom for anything old. This is the bar of the bourbon master from whom Tatsumi originally learned. The bartender makes a big show of pouring this cultish favorite, laying the snifter down horizontally and swirling the bourbon inside it before presenting it to the man who ordered it, obviously the boss of the group.

Then he comes over and we talk about his old bottles, and I see a glint in his eye.