Relationship between boss and staff

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relationship between boss and staff

The situation is strangely analogous to one of the most important aspects of working life: the employee-boss relationship. If you substitute "the. So, here are 10 reasons why a boss/employee relationship is not a good ide. Can a boss really be friends with his or her employee?. Productive, respectful relationships between a boss and his or her employees is key to any company's success. While the boss' top priority is likely to have.

Recognizing motivation will help you regard your employees as individuals who want to come to work, and not as mere task doers who come to work simply to fill out a time card.

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Setting Goals It may be tempting to set wildly optimistic goals that your employees will never meet, in the hopes that they will somehow rise to the occasion. This could leave your team frustrated, and ultimately, your team might hold this viewpoint against you for making them jump through impossibly high hoops.

By setting achievable goals for your employees, they might not only achieve their goals but also surpass them by leaps and bounds. The latter is a great morale booster, and in turn, isalso a great way to retain employees. Delegating Delegating tasks serves as a teaching opportunity and as an empowerment tool.

Laws About Relationships Between Employees & Supervisors

If a young reporter wants to try her hand at editing when the assistant editor is out, let her go for it. When an inexperienced but talented new architect asks to help with a senior architect's account, tell him that it's fine with you if the other architect agrees. Regardless of what happens, you and your employee will be able to acknowledge and understand his strengths and weaknesses, which is helpful for both sides.

Communicating Keeping an open-door policy is an effective way to maintain humanity in stressful industries. Remind your employees that you always have a ready ear. Not only will this help build rapport, it also will give you a heads-up so that you can work together to resolve current issues.

relationship between boss and staff

Open, honest communication between boss and employee builds a working relationship and helps foster mutual respect. Socializing Go ahead and hit that happy hour or bowling night arranged by the company.

relationship between boss and staff

If the rest of the staff finds out about the relationship, then the manager can be accused of favoritism and morale will suffer. In small, family-owned businesses, however, the boss and employee relationship can offer a different dynamic. Regardless, any boss and employee duo should be discouraged from getting involved in a romantic relationship while employed with the company.

relationship between boss and staff

Mentoring A boss can become an employee's mentor, which can be a help to both the company and the employee. When a boss mentors an employee, she offers daily advice and career training that the company may not normally be able to provide.

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This insures that future company managers will adhere to the same vision and maintain the same company culture that currently exists. The employee gets the benefit of personalized manager training and receives important career development guidance.

Cronysim When a manager hires friends or family members who are not qualified for the positions they are filling, that is known as cronyism. Business growth relies on unbiased performance evaluations.

It can be even more difficult to fire a friend. Imagine having to terminate a close friend, let alone the impact on the rest of the team. Some managers and employees strike up friendships with one another as a means to an end. True friendship that lasts is unconditional and based on creating career wins for one another.

The gap between a boss and an employee will always be there in the eyes of management and subordinates. Unlike friendship, this is not a relationship between equals. Managers are responsible for the productivity of their employees and are paid to monitor their performance as it affects the company's bottom line. Friends encourage but never monitor one another, so this creates a conflict of interest.

Why Bosses and Employees Shouldn't Be Friends

In professional relationships such as those with a therapist, accountant, or doctor, the chances of a confidence you shared are far less likely to come back to haunt you as in a corporate environment. When it comes time for promotions, an employee may have expectations that as a friend, the boss will promote them.

A boss needs to go beyond personal feelings and promote the best person for the job, not a friend. This could create tension both in and out of the workplace.