Relationship between dna and proteins in your body

The DNA, RNA and Proteins

relationship between dna and proteins in your body

The relationship between DNA and proteins is one that is vital to perhaps have not thought about the role that proteins play inside your body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and be described according to their large range of functions in the body, listed in the formation of new molecules by reading the genetic information stored in DNA. About · Selection Criteria for Links · Data Files & API · Site Map · Subscribe. Ever wondered the relationship between genes and proteins? living organism that normally resides in long strands of DNA called chromosomes. excess amounts of amino acid phenylalanine are metabolised by the body.

relationship between dna and proteins in your body

These chromosomes are further broken down into smaller pieces of code called Genes. The 23 pairs of chromosomes consist of about 70, genes and every gene has its own function. As I have mentioned earlier, DNA is made up of four nucleotide bases, finding out the arrangement of the bases is called DNA sequencing, there are various methods for sequencing a DNA, it is usually carried out by a machine or by running the DNA sample over a gel otherwise called gel electrophoresis.

Sample genetic code with complementary strands. Determining the gene's functionality and position of the gene in the chromosome is called gene mapping.

relationship between dna and proteins in your body

Recent developments show that scientists are mapping every gene in the human body. They named their project Human Genome Project HGPwhich involves careful study of all the 70, genes in human body.

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That's some thing unimaginable. Modern technology has provided us with the complete sequence of a couple of different organisms already.

So we know the sequence of all the DNA in all the chromosomes of this organism! This complete sequence is called a genome and this genome is freely accessible through this website: But, we can learn a lot from the genome that is available online.

This is because the most important parts of the genome vary considerably less than the less important parts.

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Take for example eye color, it is not important for survival whether you have blue or brown eyes, so this is a less important character. The red blood cells that are able to transport oxygen on the other hand are very important; people with red blood cells that are unable to transport oxygen will not survive.

I will later write more about selection. RNA is important for a lot of different functions but I will only talk about messenger RNA here, which is used to synthesize protein from.

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This continues until the complete sequence of RNA is synthesized. Because the red strand serves as template, the sequence of RNA will be identical to the blue strand of DNA, only with the base U instead of the base T.

relationship between dna and proteins in your body

So now we have an RNA strand. A protein is made from amino acids, these form a strand. If these variations change the protein structure, they could also change its function.

relationship between dna and proteins in your body

For example, a single, specific mutation in hemoglobin -- the oxygen-carrying protein abundant in your red blood cells -- affects oxygen transport and is enough to cause sickle-cell anemia. Traits Variations in a gene can affect traits in several ways. Variations in proteins involved in growth and development, for example, can give rise to differences in physical features like height. Pigments of skin and hair color are produced by enzymes, proteins that catalyze chemical reactions.

relationship between dna and proteins in your body

Variations in both the structure and quantity of the proteins produced give rise to different amounts of skin and hair pigment and therefore different colors of hair and skin.