Relationship between law and ethical behaviour

Difference Between Law and Ethics (with Comparison Chart) - Key Differences

relationship between law and ethical behaviour

The problem with giving law an ethical system to it, is that there are so many The answer to your question then is that the relationship between ethics and the law is . Laws start life seeking to promote ethical behaviour but end up needing . ethical decision-making models for business behavior. KEY WORDS: business relationship between law and ethics (but see Dunfee,. ), but interest in. Laws are, by and large, fair and moral. But it is not easy to accept that laws can be the foundations of ethics, or even that laws can ensure ethical behaviour.

Why ethics and law are not the same thing

Although these rules were part of company policy, there is nothing illegal about any one of these items. However, in the Marriott Corporate culture, each was considered unethical. Another example is the manufacturing practices of Nike, one of the largest manufacturers of athletics sportswear in the world.

relationship between law and ethical behaviour

Nike produces the majority of its goods in South East Asia. Despite the profits of the Nike organization, its foreign workers are paid substandard wages and work long hours in appalling conditions.

Difference Between Law and Ethics

Jordan's compensation alone is more than the annual income of 20, workers who make Nike shoes. There is nothing that says a company cannot take its manufacturing operations outside the United States. And as long as the company is meeting the minimum wage standards of the host country, there is nothing illegal about paying low wages.

relationship between law and ethical behaviour

However, most Americans would look at these practices as unethical, especially considering the profits of Nike and their spending on celebrity promoters. On the other hand, there are some behaviors which are illegal, but widely perceived as ethical.

One example is taking office supplies from the company supply cabinet for personal use. Legally, this is considered theft, but many people see no moral or ethical problem and do it anyway. Another example is buying a copyrighted software program and installing it on multiple computers. Technically, this violates Federal copyright laws. Yet, the piracy of software is widespread, even in corporations that consider themselves ethical. Federal copyright law protects software from the moment of its creation.

The Act gives the owner of the copyright "the exclusive rights" to "reproduce the copyrighted work" and "to distribute copies It also states that "anyone who violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner Those who purchase a license for a copy of software do not have the right to make additional copies without the permission of the copyright owner, except to: Violation Violation of law is not permissible which may result in punishment like imprisonment or fine or both.

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There is no punishment for violation of ethics. Objective Law is created with an intent to maintain social order and peace in the society and provide protection to all the citizens.

Ethics are made to help people to decide what is right or wrong and how to act. Binding Law has a legal binding. Ethics do not have a binding nature. Definition of Law The law is described as the set of rules and regulation, created by the government to govern the whole society. The law is universally accepted, recognized and enforced.

Legal vs Ethic (with examples)

It is created with the purpose of maintaining social order, peace, justice in the society and to provide protection to the general public and safeguard their interest. It is made after considering ethical principles and moral values.

relationship between law and ethical behaviour

The law is made by the judicial system of the country. Every person in the country is bound to follow the law.

relationship between law and ethical behaviour

However, there are many distinctions between ethics and laws. To some extent, ethics is not well defined but laws are defined and precise. Ethics can also be distinguished by looking at whether people are being punished after they violate the rules.

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Nobody will be punished when they violate ethics; but whoever violates laws is going to receive punishment carried out by relevant authorities. Besides, an action can be illegal, but morally right.

relationship between law and ethical behaviour

For example, in ancient China, some people rob properties from rich people, and give it to poor people, and it is considered to be morally right but be illegal. Similarly, an action that is legal can be morally wrong.