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The story of Meera Bai can't be unheard of if you are an Indian. Marriage. As she came of age, she got married to the ruler of Chittor, Bhoj Raj. The famous warrior Rana Sanga (grandfather of Maharana Pratap) was her. This means Meerabai was Maharana Pratap's Taiji (Aunt) and his father Uday Singh's What is the relationship between Maharana Prathap and Shivaji?. Bhojraj Singh (c. 14??–) was the eldest son of Rana Sanga, ruler of Mewar in western India. He is best known as the husband of the reputed bhakti poet- saint Meerabai. By many accounts, Bhojraj and Meerabai enjoyed a relationship of friendship and Other portrayals of Bhojraj are found in Indian films.

The interaction with Ghaus brought Sufi influences on Tansen.

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He received the honorific title Mian there, and the name Mian Tansen. Compositions Tansen's musical compositions covered many themes, and employed Dhrupad. Most of these were derived from the Hindu Puranascomposed in Braj Bhashaand written in praise of gods and goddesses such as GaneshaSarasvatiSuryaShivaVishnu Narayana and Krishna avatar. Buildings Fatehpur Sikri audience chambers, with Anup Talao on the left.

The fort at Fatehpur Sikri is strongly associated with Tansen's tenure at Akbar's court. Near the emperor's chambers, a pond was built on a small island in the middle, where musical performances were given. Today, this tank, called Anup Talao, can be seen near the public audience hall Diwan-i-Aam — a central platform reachable via four footbridges. It is said that Tansen would perform different ragas at different times of day, and the emperor and his select audience would honour him with coins.

Tansen's supposed residence is also nearby. Miracles and legends The bulk of Tansen's biography as found in the Akbar court historian accounts and gharana literature consists of inconsistent and miraculous legends.

It is not clear which, if any, corresponds to the Deepak of Tansen's time. Other legends tell of his ability to bring wild animals to listen with attention or to talk their language.

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Once, a wild white elephant was captured, but it was fierce and could not be tamed. Finally, Tansen sang to the elephant who calmed down and the emperor was able to ride him. Tansen's tomb in Gwaliornear the tomb of his Sufi master Muhammad Ghaus Death The year of death of Tansen, like much of his biography, is unclear. According to one version, written by Islamic historians, Tansen died in in Delhiand that Akbar and much of his court attended the funeral procession which was completed according to Muslim customs.

Every year in December, an annual festival, the Tansen Samarohis held in Gwalior to celebrate Tansen. The film has established that film industry and creativity can take a beating if the mob is against it.

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Prahlada abandoned his father; Vibhishana left his brother Ravana; Bharata deserted his stepmother; Bali forsook even his Guru; the Gopasthrees, the women of Vraja, disowned their husbands to get to their Krishna.

Their lives were all the happier for having done so. The relation with God and the love of God are the only elements that are true and eternal; all other relationships are unreal and temporary". Meera met up once again with her Guru and mentor Raidas, who is said to have lived to a ripe age of years. She went into the slums often to be in the satsang of this great teacher. This was the impetus and inspiration behind the many queries and controversies that she raised about Kulam in her songs.

The turning point in Meerabai's life occurred when once Akbar and his court musician Tansen came in disguise to Chittor to hear Meera's devotional and inspiring songs.

Both entered the temple and listened to Meera's soul - stirring songs to their heart's content. Before he departed, he touched the holy feet of Meera and placed a necklace of priceless gems in front of the idol as a present.

Somehow the news reached the KumbhaRana that Akbar had entered the sacred temple in disguise, touched the feet of Meerabai and even presented her a necklace. The Rana became furious. He told Meerabai, "Drown yourself in the river and never show your face to the world in future.

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You have brought great disgrace on my family". Meerabai obeyed the words of King. She proceeded to the river to drown herself. The names of the Lord "Govinda, Giridhari, Gopala" were always on her lips. She sang and danced in ecstasy on her way to the river.

When she raised her feet from the ground, a hand from behind grasped her and embraced her. She turned behind and saw her beloved Giridhari. She fainted on him. After a few minutes she opened her eyes. Lord Krishna smiled and gently whispered: You are absolutely free. You are and have always been mine. On her way, many ladies, children and devotees received her with great hospitality.

She reached Brindavan or Vrindaban. It was at Brindavan that she again met and was inspired by Sant Raidas. She went about Brindavan doing Oonchavritti and worshipped in the Govinda Mandir which has since become famous and is now a great place of pilgrimage for devotees from all over the world. A repentant Kumbha came to Vrindavan to see Meera and prayed that he may be forgiven for all his previous wrongs and cruel deeds.

He begged that Meera return to the kingdom and was assume her role as the queen once more. Meera said to Rana that Krishna is only one King and my life belongs to him. The KumbhaRana, for the first time, truly understood Meera's exalted state of mind and prostrated before her in reverence. He then promptly left Vrindavan a changed soul. Jiva Gosain was the head of the Vaishnavites in Brindavan. Meera wanted to have Darshan of Jiva Gosain. He declined to see her.

He sent word to Meera that he would not allow any woman in his presence. Only Giridhar Gopala is Purusha. Today only I have come to know that there is another Purusha besides Krishna in Brindavan". Jiva Gosain was put to shame. He at once went to see Meera and paid her due respects. Meera's fame spread far and wide.

She was immersed in satsang day in and out. At the request of KumbhaRana, Meera returned to Mewar and Kumbha agreed to her request that she would reside in the temple of Krishna but would not restrict her movements and wanderings.